Getting in touch with us

If your reason for getting in touch with us is to inquire about commercial use of a font you downloaded from this web site, please do not ask us. We do not have the right to represent the font authors in any way. We also cannot contact the font authors on your behalf as we do not have the means to contact them other than those enumerated below.
    How to get in touch with the creator of a font?
Do you want your fonts on this web site?
Do not send us your fonts. We do not accept font submissions. There are other font archives that are more than willing to accept your fonts. There is only one easy way to have your font added to this web site - post the font in alt.binaries.fonts. If your font is a free font, we can assure you that it will be added to this web site in no time at all. However, PDF extracts are not acceptable even if the extracts are based on postecript outlines since these outlines might have been digital fonts converted to outlines.
Do you want to open a web page on a new tab or window?
We do not allow direct access to pages other than the home page. As such, the opening of a font page on a new tab or a new browser window is not allowed. if you attempt to do this, you will redirected to the home page where a menu will be presented to you. We appreciate and value your linking to our site but we request that the link should be to the home page -
We also request and strongly discourage you from directly linking to ZIP files and images hosted at This web site is hosted by a free web host, which considers hotlinking as a violation of its Terms of Service. We will move, delete or rename ZIPs and images that are being hotlinked rather than risk this site from being deleted.
How to contact us
If you have concerns other than those mentioned above, then you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. You can post a message to alt.binaries.fonts to bring your concerns to our attention. You can also email us at if it is your wish to convey your concerns privately.

* With the exception of bob istheowl whose font was posted on his behalf.