Version:3 - 20100630
Author:Keith Fenske (Identity Number Forty-Seven)
Post Date:September 30, 2010
Comments:This program requires the Java run-time environemnt (JRE), a free download at

From: Identity Number Forty-Seven <identity@number.47> Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 09:54:42 -0600 Subject: Java font programs Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fonts I wrote these Java programs to help manage my font collection. They run on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. They are free under the GNU General Public License. Please read the PDF documentation in each ZIP file. Windows users should run RedEar's Font Renamer, which is posted quarterly in alt.binaries.fonts. The same Java programs can be downloaded from any of these web sites:

From: Identity Number Forty-Seven <identity@number.47> Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 09:56:21 -0600 Subject: Re: Java font programs - Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fonts Attachment:     (Download hosted by another server)

Excerpts from program documentation FontRedate is a Java 1.4 application to read internal dates from OpenType, PostScript, or TrueType font files, and to change the file modification dates to match. The file contents are not changed, only the date in the system file directory. Internal font dates may or may not be accurate; many fonts are created and later edited without setting the date properly. Times may differ from what you expect depending upon your time zone, and will usually agree with what the Microsoft Font Properties Extension shows in its Version tab for OTF/TTC/TTF files, plus or minus daylight saving time. Dates can not and will not be changed for read-only files, which is a restriction imposed by the Java run-time, not the operating system. OpenType fonts (*.OTF), TrueType fonts (*.TTF), and TrueType collections (*.TTC) actually have very similar internal formats and are processed together. All three of these use a single file for each font. PostScript fonts can have multiple files (*.AFM, *.INF, *.PFB, *.PFM, etc). For PostScript, an attempt is made to extract the internal date from *.PFA or *.PFB files, and if that works, then the file directory dates are changed for all files with the same root name and one of the alternate file types. This naming convention does not apply to font files on an Apple Macintosh, so use caution with Mac fonts! For more information on the internal format of font files, start with the following on-line PostScript fonts have largely been replaced by OpenType fonts. This program makes a limited effort to extract the creation date from PostScript fonts, because the date is a text field with an arbitrary format. The expected format is the UNIX style of “Fri Mar 28 22:03:48 1997” as used by Adobe and most major font foundries. Other numeric styles will also be accepted.