HFF Young Wanna Plain by Have Fun with Fonts
Font:HFF Young Wanna Plain
Author:Have Fun with Fonts
Post Date:September 2, 2012
Comments:HFF Young Wanna Plain is Juanita Plain on page 37 of The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces.

From: HFF <have@fun.fonts> Date: 2 Sep 2012 08:37:51 +0200 Subject: Introducing Young Wanna Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fonts HFF Young Wanna is based on Juanita from page 50 of Condensed Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts by Dan X. Solo. Juanita is also seen on page 35 of The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces. HFF Young Wanna Plain was derived from HFF Young Wanna to match Juanita Plain as shown on page 37 of . HFF Young Wanna and HFF Young Wanna Plain were created to decrease the number of empty spaces in the Solopedia. Use freely, share freely and, most of all, enjoy the font. Have fun! HFF Attachment: juanita.rar
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