K22 Didoni
Font:K22 Didoni
Post Date:October 10, 2011
Comments:K22 Didoni is based on Didoni from page 33 of Swash Letter Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts by Dan X. Solo and also on page 140 of The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces.

From: "Toto" <toto@to.to> Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 00:57:42 +0800 Subject: Did Donis wash? Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fonts,alt.binaries.mac.fonts K22 Didoni and K22 Didoni Swash are mostly based on Didoni from page 33 of Solo's Swash Letter Alphabets. The Didoni page has a mix of Swash and Regular characters. I split them into 2 fonts. All that are on the Didoni page are on the two fonts, and many are in the Private Use Area of the swash font. You can say that the two fonts are "best effort" fonts because these are based on a *best effort* quality scan that Google Books made available. There were a lot of guessing that went into this one. The swash font is unkerned. Only the f is kerned in the regular font, maybe a few more. The 2 fonts are in OTF, TTF and Win T1. I made a few changes to the font. The Didoni numerals are smaller compared to the caps. I did the numerals the same size as the caps. There are no swash characters for J, Q, Z, b, c, j, o and z. Not a problem, made up one for them. :) I also did my own version of N, X and Y, shown in letter positions. I would have done some more but I might ruin the font. My swash N is based on an image of the character set of Didoni but I am not sure if the image was created using a digital font since the person who did that image said that he/she has a custom Didoni Swash font. .I changed it a bit. The font barely has extra characters. The Solo book only have a dollar sign and two ampersands (regular and swash). I also found an exclamation and question mark from the same source as the swash N. And then I created the period, and that's all the extras in the font. The letters in the Private Use Area are swash caps T, M, N, P, R, X and Y; lowercase a, d, f, h, i, j, l, m, n, p, q, s, t, u, v, w and y; and, terminals e and s. All frm the Didoni page. BTW the Didoni on page 33 of Swash Letter seems to match Didoni Bold on page 140 of the . I hope you will enjoy this font. If I find a good quality source image, I might redo this font and merged the two fonts into one OTF. - Toto http://abfonts.freehostia.com http://www.fontspace.com/toto http://freefonts.fateback.com/toto http://www.dafont.com/toto.d3205 Attachment: 22ddoni.rar [See font download link below] Attachment: k22didoniswash.jpg K22 Didoni and K22 Didoni Swash preview
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