Program:RedEar's Orphan Finder
Author:RedEar (Philip L. Engel)
Post Date:September 17, 2010

From: redear <> Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 23:39:27 -0500 Subject: Update RedEar's Orphan Finder - (0/1) Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fonts Existing Users: This is the periodic release of the latest version of OrphanFinder. It contains the following updates: - The product name was changed to "RedEar's Orphan Finder" to be consistent with the rebranding of "RedEar's Font Renamer" - A suggested action was added for the case in which only a PFB and AFM file exist (thanks to Character) As always, please post suggestions and bug reports to alt.binaries.fonts. New Users: Please read the "Getting Started" sections in the help file before using the program! Orphan Finder is a program that examines the external name of all files in a folder (optionally including its subfolders) and identifies any Type 1 font files that lack a matching PFB and/or PFM file. Such files, called "orphans", are displayed in a list. The list can be saved to a file or to the clipboard; files in the list can also be selected--individually, in groups, or in total--and deleted directly using the program's keyboard or mouse interface. The list includes with each orphan file name a reason for the identification as an orphan as well as a suggested action. You can sort on columns in the list by clicking on the column heading. An "AutoSearch" option can be set so that the program will immediately begin searching for orphans as soon as a folder is opened. An "Include Subfolders" option can also be set if needed. There are several features intended to facilitate the program's use in a batch program. When OrphanFinder is called on the command line from a batch program, the desired folder name can be passed as a parameter. The AutoSearch option, which must be previously set, will cause the search to start automatically. And, there is an automatic close option, set by the command line switch "/x", that causes the program to close automatically if no orphans are found in the first search. These features allow the program to run without intervention unless orphans are actually found. NOTE: Since Orphan Finder uses external file names to identify orphans, I strongly recommend that before using it you rename your Type 1 font files in a consistent manner. Note that you must have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (the necessary run-time files) installed. (See the "Before You Begin" section in the help file for information on obtaining the Framework if you have not yet installed it.) redear
RedEar's Orphan Finder
Version 1.0.4
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