Outstanding by bobistheowl/Metaphase Brothel Graphics
Author:bobistheowl/Metaphase Brothel Graphics
Post Date:November 26, 2012

From: "Toto" <toto@to.to> Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 20:38:44 +0800 Subject: Introducing Outstanding Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fonts I am posting this on behalf of bob istheowl. An excerpt of the text file included in the attached zip: " Outstanding is based on Big Vintage Letters by bigletters.org. You can download the original source graphics used to make this font, (1000 x 800 pixel .jpg files), at: http://bigletters.org/big-decorative-vintage-letters.html The small caps lower case is based on the capitals with the shadows removed. Some letters are unaltered; most are significantly different from the capitals. I reduced the width of the wide stem on a number of letters, (B, D, E, F, H. I, J, K, L, M, P, R, T, and U), to 30 pixels in my source graphics, compared to 39-42 pixels width in the capitals. A smaller number of pixels was removed from the wide diagonal stem on the V and W - I was able to remove 4-6 pixels in the vertical section between the curvatures of upper and lower serifs. If I had tried to narrow the X or Y, it would have altered straight line slopes. They don't look overly big. The left and right sides of the O were made thinner by increasing the size of the white interior. Both sides of the Q were made equal in the small caps, but the left side is wider than the right in the capitals, by design. " Please see text file in the attached zip for more info. Attachment: Outstanding.zip
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