Zelek Shadline based on Zelek Shadline by Mecanorma
Font:Zelek Shadline
Author:Dick Pape
Post Date:December 12, 2012
Comments:Zelek Shadline, a dry transfer font from Mecanorma, was renamed to Zelda when it was included in Dan X. Solo's Moderne Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts.

From: "dp" <dp@yugo.com> Date: 12 Dec 2012 22:13:30 +0100 Subject: Re: Mecanorma Zelek Newsgroups: alt.binaries.fonts "Toto" <toto@to.to> wrote: > >"Character" <Char@cters.bold.italic> wrote in message >news:2P0ys.569692$iq1.530906@en-nntp-12.dc1.easynews.com... >> On 12/12/2012 1:09 AM, Toto wrote: >>> "Character" <Char@cters.bold.italic> wrote in message >>> news:GCWxs.642078$eR7.283748@en-nntp-16.dc1.easynews.com... >>>> Does anyone (including you, Dick!) have Dick Pape's digitization of the >>>> Mecanorma font "Zelek"? >>>> >>>> Would be appreciated. >>>> >>>> Thank you. >>>> >>>> - Character >>> >>> Is that the same as Zelda? >>> I heard DP did Zelda from Solo's Moderne Alphabets, plus some variations. >> >> Toto >> >> Yes, I guess it is, thank you. I've attached it in case anybody else is >> interested. (I think YOU posted it here a couple of years ago) >> >> = Character >> > >I did? Forgot about it. > > Are you guys done talking? Mine was called Zelek and was copied from someone else... D Attachment: Zelek.rar
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