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OPTI Iambic Heavy Italic
Original is Inverserif Heavy Italic
Iambic Heavy Italic
OPTI Ignite
Original is Impact
OPTI Improv NewWideNine
Original is ImprovenuWide9
Improv New Wide Nine
OPTI Ingram Five
Original is Indy Italic
Ingram Five
OPTI Isadora Medium
Original is ITC Italia Medium
Isadora Medium
OPTI Island Script
Island Script
OPTI Italian Oldstyle Bold
Original designed by Emery Walker for the English Monotype
Italian Oldstyle Bold
OPTI Iting
Iting Regular   Iting Bold   Iting Regular Condensed   Iting Bold Condensed
OPTI Itzach Heavy
Original is Isbell Heavy
Itzach Heavy
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