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OPTI Lago Caps
Original is Desdemona
Lago Caps
OPTI Lagoon
Original is Largo
Lagoon Light   Lagoon Bold   Lagoon Extra Bold   Lagoon Open
OPTI Lariat Script
Originally a phototype by Filmotype
Lariat Script
OPTI Latin
Latin Bold   Latin Bold Condensed   Latin Elongated   Latin Wide
OPTI Lawrence
Original is Arrow
OPTI Le Latin Noir Etroit
Le Latin Noir Etroit
OPTI Legende Uncial
Original is Legende
Legende Uncial
OPTI Lency
Original is Latino Elongated
Original is Locomotive
OPTI Leon Text
Original is London Text
Leon Text Solid   Leon Text C
OPTI Lester
Originally a phototype by Filmotype
OPTI Lester Condensed
Lester Condensed
OPTI Levi Script
Levi Script
OPTI Lexus
Original is Meta and Meta Plus
Lexus Roman Regular   Lexus Roman Regular Italic   Lexus Caps Medium
OPTI Liberty Foundry
Liberty Foundry
OPTI Lignier Caps
Original is Libra
Lignier Caps
OPTI Limited View
Limited View   Limited View Expanded   Limited View Open   Limited View Expanded Open
Original is Locarno
Locca Light   Locca Extra Bold
OPTI London
Original is Lectura
London Roman   London Italic   London Semi Bold   London Bold
OPTI Looking Glass
Original is Introspect
Looking Glass
OPTI Lord Swash
Original is Lys Calligraphic
Lord Swash
OPTI Lothario Medium
Lothario Medium
OPTI Lucius Ad
Original is Lynton
Lucius Ad Light   Lucius Ad Bold
OPTI Luna Gothic
Original is Lightline Gothic
Luna Gothic
OPTI Lydian Cursive
Lydian Cursive
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