The idea of having this web page came from a remark by Character regarding Claude's Moncure font not having any credits. Those who do not drop by alt.binaries.fonts will not have any idea on who created the font.
This web page will try to assemble the free fonts posted in the newsgroup alt.binaries.fonts by the person who created the font, or, possibly, in behalf of that person. The web page will also include the message that accompanies the posting, even if blank, to document the font and its creator. Any other relevant newsgroup messages will also be included.
The fonts on this web site are presented in a manner different to what you might be accustomed to in a fonts site. To help sort the confusion, we prepared a list of all fonts on the site that are arranged alphabetically, by font authors, and font formats. We also notice that a good number of visitors come here looking for football fonts, so we prepared a list of all football fonts to make them easier to find. The Extra tab has other things that might interest you.
Consider all fonts downloaded from abfonts as free for personal, non-commercial use only unless otherwise specified in the newsgroup message, in an accompanying file and/or in the font itself. Get in touch directly with font authors to inquire about the use of a font for commercial purposes.
This web site apologizes for not using traditional links in the font menu. Javascript links were used to make it a bit harder for programs to leech the site, which defeats the purpose of this site. If someone wants to get the fonts, that someone has to personally go to the site and click on each link, and, hopefully, learn something about the person who created the font and/or the background of the font.
We appreciate your linking to this site. However, we request that the link should be made to the home page, Direct linking to other web pages on this site is not allowed. Direct access to the site's inner pages is redirected to the home page.
Please post a message at alt.binaries.fonts for your comments or suggestions, and/or if you have problems with the site, or send an email.

• April 28, 2016 • Added Optical Disc Symbols by Robert Baker
• May 14, 2015 • Added Whitin Condensed Black by Claude
• February 14, 2015 • Added Louisa CP by Claude
• February 10, 2015 • Updated version of RedEar's Font Renamer, now on version 3.0.7
• February 3, 2015 • Added Bolina by Claude and updated Grandee CP by Claude
• December 11, 2014 • Added Grandee CP by Claude
• May 14, 2014 • Added HFF Code Deco by Have Fun with Fonts
• May 11, 2014 • Added Threshold CP by Claude

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