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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
196Eagle (Serif) (4 weights)No
166Eagle Ace ItalicNo
169Eagle Bold(Solo, in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book/cd), Resolute NF (Nick Curtis / NicksFonts)YesADCaka Bureau Eagle. Designed by Morris Fuller Benton as "Eagle" in 1934. Heavily used in depression era WPA posters.
166Earl Ace ItalicNo
159169EarthEarth Normal (Elfring) is very similarPartiallyElfring's Earth1 and Earth2 are based on the same source, but neither is exactly the same as the Catalog sample.
60EarthquakeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack. Rick Mueller drew a free same-named version.YesCIR
52East SideNo
167Easter GothicNo
900EastlakeSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
43Ebony(Claude and Character)Yes
86101Ebor Script(Panache), Philly Script (FontCompany/URW), Sweden (BayAnimation), YesSame as Fulton Sign Script, page 101
2050Eccentric(Agfa/Miles, Linotype, Solo), Eccentrical (?) Artist Modern (Gophmann)YesLetraset Galadriel [1975]=Eccentric Bold
180EchoUnattributed freeware, user scan of 1956 font by Peter Bell.Yes
166Echo Ace ItalicNo
46Eckmann SchriftEckmann Schrift and Rudelsberg (Dieter Steffmann), Eckmann (Linotyupe, URW), Freeform 710 (Bitstream), Freedom (Bay Animation), Etienne (Softmaker), Lushlife (SWFTE), YesFor some reason, the bold and italic versions of some of these, such as (Lushlife), are really Auriol (q.v.)
55EclairZebraesq (Manfred Klein)Yes
49EclipseEclipseCaps(Tim Ryan, re-drawn for Agfa's Type Revivals.), CGEclipse, ZekeLipschitz(SoftHorizons)Yes
167Eclipse GothicTried WhatTheFontNo
118Edda(DavidBerlow/Font Bureau),EdithDay (SoftHorizons). Edda Text (FontBureau). EddaMF (Mueller). Edda Caps (Sam Wang, but internally unattributed.)YesSolo's Edda Black, renamed to Edda AltStyleA can be found in circulation.
900Edda BlackSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack.YesANV
118Edda StencilNo
167Eddy GothicTried WhatTheFontNo
138Eden (Regular, Bold, and Light)(Solo, CastleType,RedRooster)YesADCRed Rooster also has Medium and Extra Bold
166Eden Ace ItalicSolofont digital version listed as included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack. However, not found in pack examined. Only regular and light upright sqarish serif designs, not sans italic as illustrated in Solocat.NoADC
138Eden Bold TitlingNo
37EdnaClarendon Extended (Wooden Type Fonts)No
196Edwardian (Serif Text)(Elsner + Flake), Edwallian (Opti) - Light, Light Italic, Medium, Bold, and Extra Bold)Yes
10Edwardian ClarendonNo
29EgizianoEgiziano aka Egiziano Wood. Digital look-alikes include Brendel Bergamo; Novel Eglentine; Opti Egiziano Normal; and Prima Elgin.Yes
29Egiziano WoodNo
152EgizioSoftMaker E710 Roman.Yes
137EgmontBrendel Xenon; Opti ElsenYes
152Egyptian 505Digital versions include A&L's Eggo (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Egyptian 505; ClickArt's Eggo (BA); Image Club's Egyptian 505; Opti's Egyptian; and SoftMaker's Egyptian Text.Yes
187Egyptian 505 OutlineNoCaould be created from Egyptian 505
187Egyptian Bd Cd OutNo
150Egyptian Bold (4 variants)(Alphabets Inc), (Elsner & Flake), others.Yes
151Egyptian Expanded (2 vars)No
900Egyptian OldstyleSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
128Ehmke (Carleton)Ehmcke (HoeflerTypeFoundry), Carlton Std (ITC)YesSolo catalog has Ehmcke misspelled as Ehmke
196EhrhardtDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name and SoftMaker's E720 Roman.Yes
139Eightball Dirigent (Brendel), Egbert (Novel), Barracon Display (SSI/SSK - someone [aldus?] posted a copy renamed to Eighth Ball). Orotund (Canada Type)Yes
139182, 183Eightball OutlineNo
54Electra ClaraNo
167Electro GothicNo
70Electronic (rg & it)No
44ElefantaElefantasia NF (Nic Curtis / NicksFonts)YesKarl Brendler & S”hne, Vienna, late 1800's
45Elefante (Marshall)Marshall (Solo)YesBrilliant (RMU) is similar, but wider and with some letters such as 'W' mirrored horizontally.
18445Elefante Outline (Domingo)No
5383Elefont (Display)SoftMaker Elmshorn. Also URW, E+F under original name.Yes
96EleganceIncluded in Dover/Solo Scripts pack. Other digital versions: Canada Type Sincerely and Opti Elegance.YesSCR
119Elephant StencilNo
102EliteDover/Solo version in Bold Scripts pack. Digital versions include Canada Type Fontella; also an earlier revival by Gary Elfring.YesBOS
196197ElizabethanSee Belwe (Page 124)YesThese are additional weights of Belwe (p. 124
167Elm GothicNo
18Elmo OutlineNo
18Elmo SolidNo
197ElmontOPTI has an extra bold wt.Yes
178Elongated Roman ShadedNo
103Elvira Bold Italic(Solo in Dover book/CD), SienaBlack (Monotype Imaging/Creative Alliance)YesBOSOriginal design name was Siena Black
197EmbrionicEmbrionic85 (Claude Pellettier)YesCressida NF (NicksFonts) is a tri-line version.
42EmperorEmperorAN (Character), Emperor ST (Anon.), Cipango (Scriptorium - Caps only)YesThis is NOT the same Emperor as the Solotype font with the same name. Original name was Fette Mikado (Pfetzendorfer).
900EmperorSolofonts version @ MyFonts. This is not a match for the same-named font on pg. 42 of the Solocat nor any of the Oriental-style faces on pg. 72.Yes
7Empire (Bureau Empire)Opti's Empire Pro and Galaxy; Font Bureau Bureau Empire. Also Ortiz-Lopez's Sharon Stone Gothic. Agfa/Monotype EmpireYesThis entry and the two following are very confusing and need to be reevaluated.
7Empire (Bureau Empire) WannabeThe following match Empire, only not so well as those in the main record. Bay Animation Gorgio (1 free dl at A&L); A&L's Slim Jim; Brendel's Enterprise; Prima's Galaxy and Glendale; SoftKey SSi's Suva; and WSI's Empress.Yes
7Empire (workalike)aka Iris. NOT the same as Bureau Empire, Solocat 7. But the following match this Empire: A&L's Expel (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Empire; Brendel's Commonwealth; ClickArt's Expel (BA); or Opti's Empire Pro.Yes
7Empire Bold CapsEmpire Bold (Font Bureau)Yes
7Empire CapsEmpire BT (Bitstream)Yes
7Empire Medium CapsNo
7Empire with lowercaseEmpire (Font Bureau)Yes
6Emporia GothicTitling Gothic-Skyline (FontBureau).Yes
139Encore (Rg & CD)No
167Encore GothicLeague Black Italic (Letterbox)Yes
168Energy InlineNo
167Enge WotanNo
110Engraver's Old English(Monotype, Solotype, Bitstream/Corel, OPTI), Engraver (BA) at A&L & Clickart; Blackletter (SoftMaker). Cambridge Fontworks Inferno 11 is a copy of Monotype's font.YesGOT
62Engravers Bold Shaded(Opti)YesOpti font not yet found. Maurice Stripes (Softmaker) is similar, with fewer, darker, horizontal shading stripes.
114Engravers Initials No. 2Engraver's Initials #2 matches Scriptorium's Apollyon.Yes
114Engravers Initials No. 3Avalon (SSK - is missing somedetails), Magdelena (Scriptorium - missing the same details, has a lower case)Yes
64Engravers Roman (3 widths)(Monotype/Microsoft, Corel/Bitstream, OPTI), and GG821 Deco (SoftMaker), Great Western (Font Mesa). Cambridge Fontworks "Walk This Way 2" is a direct copy of the Monotype font.Yes
108Engravers TextGravure Text (Silver Graphics)Yes
97Engrossing ScriptSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack.YesSCR
900Enigma(?!) This apparently isn't a Solo related font; but it does match Fontbank Enliven and SoftKey SSi Partite Display.No
167Entry GothicNo
167Envoy GothicTried WhatTheFontNo
15Epitaph(Font Bureau - drawn by Tobias Frere-Jones), Akimbo (Bright Ideas), Tombstone (LazyDog), Eulogy (Spork Thug, wavy letters), YesOriginal in Boston Type Foundry catalog, 188C
15186Epitaph OpenGlifik (John Smith/Rhode Island Press), Tombstone-Outline (Lazy Dog), Gyptienne (AARRGGHH!! Graphic Software - poorer outlines than catalog)Yes
173ErasWidely available. Digital versions incluYes
185Eras OutlineNo
197Erasmus Extra Bold(Red Rooster) - full family Yes
192Erbar (5 weights)(Agfa/Monotype, Linotype, FontCompany, URW)Yes
23Erbar Initials(Dave Fabik) Akropolis (Brendel-UC Only), Ermine (Novel-UC only), E820Deco (Softmaker), Brandegoris (Scriptorium), DeRoos (Dave Fabik). Erbar (Font Company, URW), ErbarDeco(Brendel), KudosKapsFiveNF (NicksFonts-UpperCaseOnly)YesWith some exceptions, an inline version of Damsel (p.22)
900Erbar Sans CDSoftMaker E821 Sans.Yes
109Eros Text(Solo, in Dover Calligraphic/CD pack)YesCAL
43Erratick (3 variants)No
186Erratick OutlineMorganOptiSeventyFourYes
900EspaniaSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
900Esquire OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
120EstienneSolofonts version @ MyFonts. YesInspired by an 1898 French face; many fonts have carried this name.
83Estro(Mecanorma, Profonts-bold), Expo (Corel), Expose (Bay Animation)Yes
2734EurekaYuriKay (Soft Horizons), Cowboy Serenade (FontMesa)YesSolo Circus Alphabets page 36
900Eureka AntiqueSolofonts version @ MyFonts (not the same-named face as shown on Solocat pages 27, 34).Yes
192Eurocrat(Monotype Imaging, ClubType)Yes
900Europa OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
117Europa Stencil (Charette)Jeanneret NF (NickCurtis/NicksFonts)Yes
900Europa TextSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
159185Eurostile (9 variants)Widely available. Digital versions include A&L's Eurasia (BA); Corel/BiYes
186Eurostile Bd ShadeCreate text art with solid fonts in Vector Graphic Illustration programs.Yes
185Eurostile OutlineNo
167Evans GothicNo
67Eve Initials(Paleale/David Koehne), SSi Fleur Display Caps(SSI/SSK) Garden Display Caps (WSI). Koch Initialen (Dieter steffmann, probably to honor the late original artist, Rudolf Koch), Lilith Initials (Rakowski), FloraDecora (Hallmark).Yes
123Eve Light and Eve BoldKoch Antiqua (Monotype), Eva SG and Eva Antiqua (Spiece Graphics - Multiple variants), Eve Light and Heavy (Opti), Evangel (Novel). Locarno (Letraset), Kuenstler 165 (Bitstream)YesIncluded as Eva in "100 Classic Roman Alphabets". Eve/Eva and Rivoli are both based on Rudolph Koch's originals.
167Event GothicNo
900EvergladesSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
44133Excelsior (Display Serif)Solofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack. Records suggest it may've previously been known as Excellent.YesANV
96Excelsior Scriptaka Kuenstler Script, Palace Script. Quite a few versions. Digital YesANV
96Excelsior Script WannabeThere's a Dan Solo version of Artist's Script. Also very similar to Excelsior in Solocat, pg. 96, with a different LC b.Yes
29Excelsis(Solo); Farquharson (David Vereschagin) has Excelsis in the lower case and a stencil version in the upper case; The stencil portion also matches "Wooky Hole" on Solocat pg. 118. There are also fonts named Excelsis and Farquharson that are unattributed and are probably just clones of Vereschagin's Farquaharson.Yes
29Excelsis ShadowSolo face at MyFonts, derived from a solid version in Solocat, pg. 29.Yes
128ExeterNoCatalog Index shows Exeter on page 197 as well. It isn't there. There is n Opti font named Exeter, but it is like Expressa from E&F and Brendel.
197ExeterTried WhatTheFontNo
60ExplosionRakowski's Shrapnel.Yes
36ExpressNoThere are three completely different typefaces all named express in the catalog - on pages 36, 102, and 192.
102Express(Type Revivals, Dieter Steffmann, Paratype)Yes
192Express (4 weights)Tried w/ what the fontNoShown as "Express No. 2" in catalog index
190Extra Condensed Title No.12Appears to be equivalent to Barnhart Bros-Spindler 1900 catalog "Gothic Compressed Title No. 8". No digitized version yet found.No
900ExtravaganzaSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes

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