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Rustic Types

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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
80AgitatorProtest Sign MF (Rick Mueller), Merc (Canada Type)Yes
AsturBuster (Brendel), Homeboy Display (SoftKey SSi), Treehouse (SWFTE), Lower East Side/Woodplank (Rakowski). CampFire (Dieter Steffmann, Atech, Page Technology)Yes
Cartoon Bold CCartoon Bold (ICG, Opti), Cancun (Bitstream/Corel), Candide (Bay Animation), Caricature (FontBank),Gizmo (SSI/SSK), Firestorm (Brendel), CacReg (Prima)YesCancun has been renamed to Cartoon Bold and can also be found that way.
Cartoon Bold Shaded CNo
Cartoon C NoBy Howard Allen Trafton, 1936. Only the bold version is known to be digitized.
Dry Brush GothicNo
Kartoon Bold KA&L (Elizabeth); Brendel (Marchese), Castcraft (OPTIKartoonBold).Yes
Kartoon K (2 wts)Castcraft OPTI (OPTIKartoon)Yes
Layout GothicSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
Pen Print BoldPen Mark Bold (Rick Mueller)Yes
ProjectProjectile (Silver Graphics)Yes
ProtestSolofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack.YesSPFX
Provocative Ransom NoteAdvertised as "Provocative Ransom Note," but not incl. in one version of this book+CD set, only the reversed YesGRU
Quaker InlineNo
Quarry Shaded (2 vars)No
Queen CasualNo
Quest ShadedNo
Ransom NoteWhile no exact match found, there are numerous very similar faces for work-alike use. The cYes
Ransom Note ReversedSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
SchooldazeBrendel Paranoid. aka Eraser Dust(Rakowski, NicksFonts/Intecsas).Yes
Studio (and bold)A&L Parson (12 wts); Brendel Danton & Studio Bold; Stunning (Novel/Fontbank); Opti Studio; Beauregard Display (SSI/SSK is Studio Bold) , SoftMaker S850 Script. Also Adams (Canada Type)Yes
Tumbleweed(Rick Mueller), Paint (Arts & Letters), Getaway (Brendel),Wet Paint (Jonathan Smith). Yes
81Annie OakleyNo
Buffalo GirlNo
Calamity JaneNo
Daniel BooneNo
Distressed StencilDue Date (Dieter Steffmann)YesClose, but not exact
French KateNo
Lola MontezNo
Lotta CrabtreeNo
Lyons EgyptianNo
Pony BoyNo
Rocky RoadNo
Rubber Stamp Bold CondNo
Rubber Stamp DeVinneNo
Skeleton AntiqueSkeleton Antique Light (Wooden Type / Davies), Antiochia Skeleton (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
TombstoneNoOriginal name English Egyptian (1819); named Madison by Typositor in 1967 - inlcuded cleaned up characters.
Wood Grotesk #21No
WormwoodBillyTheKid (Enstep) - the weathering differs slightly, as it does in the catalog within the same face.YesClarendonHeavy (Wooden Type Fonts) has the same letterforms, with no lower case, but doesn't have the weathered effect as seen here.. Note that the Bitstream font of the same name is completely different.
82Chalkboard BlockChalkboard (Traitor Vic)YesTraitor Vic's fonts have no internal attribution. They appear to be anonymous.
Flintstone(Peter Bryant, Anon), Other look-alikes include Jenufa (Brendel); and Glyphics (WSI). Jim Dandy 2 (Cambridge Fontworks) is a clone of the Peter Bryant font. Also see Flintstone Wannabe record for more work-alikes.Yes
Flintstone (wannabe)SoftKey SSi Tribal Display Caps; Swfte Prehistoric. Swfte has Small Caps as LC; Solocat orig. very similar. See main Flintstone record for better matches.Yes
Gotham CityNew Yorker (Allen Walden), New Yorker Type (Wiescher), NYIrvin (Irvin)YesMany other simulations of the New Yorker magazine's type style
Grab BagHFF Eye Sore (HFF)Yes
Origami ContourNo
Parable (2 vars)No
Sarah ElizabethFajita Mild (Image Club Graphics), Burrito (Olena and Anon).YesICG's Fajita Picante is also similar. Hot Tamale (WSI) combines the two Fajitas into its upper and lower case.
SplitScarecrow Condensed (SWFTE),Splintered Dream (HFF)Yes
Split WideSwfte Scarecrow; Hay Stack (Rick Mueller); KlitschKOtiquea (Manfred Klein)Yes
Trading PostNo
Trading Post BoldSoftKey SSi Latex Display Caps; Swfte Log Cabin; WSI Planks Display Caps. Rick Mueller's free version is by Trading Post Bold, the original name. The free Dieter Steffmann version is called Rockmaker.Yes
Woodcut AlphabetWoodcut (Computer Support Corp, Arts & Letters), Houtsneeletter (Steffmann)YesOriginally Houtsneeletter (1923 by Andre van der Vossen for Enschede)
Woodcut FinelineNo
186Woodcut Shaded InitialsHoutsneeletter Shadow (Dieter Steffmann)Yes
YahooRick Mueller's free version is called Paint Peel.Yes
83Black CasualEgyptAxt (Manfred Klein)YesSome minor stylistic differences
Blade DisplayMaynard (PatrickBroderick of Rotodesign). Though it is not an exact match, Jean Evans's Hatmaker and alternate glyphs from Agfa's Creative Alliance can serve as a work-alike.Yes
Broken BowTomahawk (Rick Mueller)Yes
China BrushNo
53Elefont (Display)SoftMaker Elmshorn. Also URW, E+F under original name.Yes
Estro(Mecanorma, Profonts-bold), Expo (Corel), Expose (Bay Animation)Yes
185Hacker (solid & outline)No
JabberwockyHeeHaw (Rick Mueller)Yes
Lobby ArtPoster (Bay Animation); Orakel (B&P Graphics), Yankee (Brendel), Grauman (Da Nada)YesGrauman also appears in a renamed version as "Striped Brush"
Mod CasualModTR (Tim Ryan re/Type Revivals), Carlisle (WSI), Carric Groovy (Rakowski), Maude Meade (Soft Horizons). Note: Many of the Vertisoft/Soft Horizons fonts were copies (not necessarily clones) of Tim Ryan's Type Revivals.Yes
ScraffitoRick Mueller's free version is called Pollock.Yes
Stuntman Small CapsSwfte Wass.Yes
Stuntman w/ Upper & Lower CaseImage Club Improv. aka Kurt Russell.Yes
VladimirStonecut JNL (Jeff Levine)Yes
WhimseyNoIsland of Misfit Toys (Steve Ferrra/SuperCarGuy) is similar, with very different stroke widths.
84AiredaleXylo (Linotype, ITC, Fontek)YesBased on Letraset Xylo. Digitized fonts are somewhat smoother than the Airedale image in the Catalog.
Alhambra (reg & CD)aka Ohio Bold. Scriptorium Wolfram is a digital match.Yes
184Ben FranklinDieter Steffmann has a free version of the solid face named Benjamin Franklin (illus. pg. 84). Dan Solo prepared a Ben Franklin Open Solofont distributed with the Dover Outlines book + CD pack (illus. pg. 184).YesOUT
Greco AdornadoGraceAdonis(SoftHorizons),Circus (Brendel), Ramona(WSI). Greco Adornado (Anon), Greco-Adornado (DesignHaus?), Greco Deco Inline(LazyDog)Yes
Greco BoldGreco Deco Solid (LazyDog)Yes
Greco Bold ItalicGreco-BoldItalic (LazyDog)Yes
202JugenstilNoFontana found a match ... but the entry was deleted
Nicholas Cochin (Regular, Italic, and Bold)Not the same as Cochin, Solocat pg. 196.
Digital versions include Corel/Bitstream's Nicholas Cochin; Agfa's original included in the Print Artist bundle; Novel's Lindo; and SoftMaker's Nicholas Cochin DT amd; Nicolas.
Plymouth (Rg, Bd, & It)Rick Mueller's free Plymouth. (Reg only)Yes
Poor RichardRed Rooster, Expressiv Photolettering Collection and MS Home Publisher both contain a font from Projective Solutions / Type Solutions). Also SissyRomeo (SoftHorizons), Almanac (Silver Graphics)Yes
Post Oldstyle IT & CDSaturdayMorningToast NF (Nicksfonts)Yes
Post Oldstyle No.2 ITNo
Quaint Roman(Agfa/Miles/ICG, Rick Mueller), Bushwhacked NF (NicksFonts), Lounger (Swfte) Yes
RoycroftGorilla (Bitstream, ITC, OPTI)Yes
85194Artcraft BoldNovel Artista, Opti Artcraft Light, & SoftMaker Aspen. URW ++ has it by original name.Yes
BlanchardRuffian (Scriptorium), Lachesis (Scriptorium)Yes
Blanchard Bold ItalicNo
Caslon Antique(Font Company, Agfa, URW, Elsner&Flake, Mecanorma), CasablancaAntique (Bitstream/Corel).Yesdesigned by Berne Nadall 1894, first sold as Fourteenth Century[!], changed to Fifteenth Century in 1897, then Caslon Antique in 1918
Chalk RomanAppears in Dover/Solo Rustic Alphabets bookNo
Colonial DameMight be possible to create variants from Solofont included in Dover Special Effects Book + CD pack.YesSPFX
DominicanFree font by this name and design available from Harold Lohner.Yes
Freedom 200No
Hearst Italic(Solo), Ragged Write NF (Nick Curtis)Yes
Hearst Roman(Solo), Ragged Write NF Italic (Nick Curtis)Yes
Mayflower (Naudin) (Rg & It)Opti May Flower. Ditter Steffmann's Mayflower Antique.Yes
Nantucket ItalicNo
Naudin (Mayflower)(Rg & It)Opti May Flower. Ditter Steffmann's Mayflower Antique.Yes
Pabst Oldstyle(LanstonType, SusanTownsent/VIntageType)Yes
PowellBrendel Crawfod Old Style; Novel Powhatten; Opti Powell Old Style; Prima Pottsville. Dieter Steffmann has a free version called Powell Antique; but, unlike most of his work, the quality is not so great.Yes

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