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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
91MacbethFilmotype Macbeth (Font Diner)Yes
74MaccabeeNeuportMonogram (MonogramFontsCompany)YesSolid version requires support for stylistic alterntes.
168MachinePlenty of look-alikes. Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's; Corel's Machine, ITC; Brendel's Yes
199Madison AntiquaDigital versions include Corel/Bitstream's Century 725; Brendel's Valencia; Opti's Madison; Prima's Mad Reg; SoftMaker's Madeira, Magazine,and Valencia. aka Volcano per Opti catalog.Yes
98MadisonianMadisonian Light (Presence Typo) YesBold and Engraved also avail. from Presence Typo
8MaharajaSultan of Swat (HFF). FE also suggests that Apply Design's Merz Irregular might serve as a work-alike, but more because of the width and spacing than the distinct appearance of many glyphs.Yes
29MahoneyGothic Tuscan 8 (JordanDavies Woodfonts), Gotico Dotted (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott), ITC Letraset Floralinda.(?)Yes
900MaidstoneScript(Sam Wang), PoodlePusherNF (Nick Curtis) YesMaidstone Script alphabet is in 100 Brushstroke And Free-Style Alphabets.
91MajorMajor (Filmotype/FontDiner), MajerIrregular (American Greetings/BlueMountain, Opti)Yes
60MalibuSolofonts version @ MyFonts. Rick Mueller has a free version called Ocean View Initials. Dieter Steffmann has a free version called Cardiff.Yes
900MalvernIncl. in Dover/Solo Celtic Medieval book + CD pack.YesCEL
72Mandarin(Agfa, URW, E&F, LT) ; Macau (SoftMaker), Shanghai (Mauerkirchner/Grunert), ChowMein and Shanghai (WSI), Deng Thick (Media Graphics), Yes
72Mandarin OutlineDroopy (Enstep)Yes
185Mandarin OutlineNo
72Mandarin ShadedPagodaSCaps(SSK), Shanghai (anon-Metamorphosis-1992)Yes
100MandateA&L & ClickArt Jott and Corel/Bitstream Freehand 521. Also a Dover/Solo version in BOS pack. Dieter Steffmann calls his free version Marketing Script, and offers regular, inline, and shadowed variants.Yes
31Mandy (Wood)NoKelly 320. CF Snowbird, 18.
49Manhattan, ITCITC, URW, and SoftMaker Harlem Nights.Yes
48Mania #1Mama (Rick Mueller, free.' Psychedelic (maybe?).Yes
48Mania #2Photolettering Obese (prev. distr. by Tiger/Expressiv).Yes
48Mania #3Psychedelic (anon)Yes
48Mania #4Mania4 (Character), Mania-4 (Free, anonymous)Yes
900Manifesto BoldSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
73ManilaBrendel Pittores; Swfte Paint Brush; and WSI Painter (a little lighter version). aka Oriental. Taiwan (Silver Graphics)Yes
8MannequinLSC Condensed (Image Club Graphics, from the original design by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase)YesFE likes Brendel Lydiane, E&F Arsis, and Opti Onyx (and other vendors' Onyx) as look-alikes or work-alikes.
24MansardMansard-Normal (Photolettering/Novel - no internal attribution)Yes57Rodeo (Baseline Fonts) is similar but lacks the very curved serifs.
24186Mansard OutlineNo
18624Mansard OutlineNo
24Mansard RimmedNo
900ManuscriptDan Solo re-drew this Bauer & Berthold script design from 1890. Solofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack., MissBrooks, Penstyle(WSI),YesSCR
64Map RomanNo
18Marble HeartMarmorherz NF (Nick's Fonts), Margarethe Double Shade (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesMcGrew 210
160Marcos FaceNo
99Mardis GrasSolofonts version "Mardis Gras Improved" @ MyFonts.Yes
900MargieSolofonts version @ MyFonts.YesMarggraff Bold Script by Gerhard Marggraff
53Margit(Romanov), Johnny (Canada Type), Harem (Font Company)YesOriginal design by Phil Martin (1969)
8MariaCould this be the Marlboro font?? FE suggests two by Dennis Ortiz-Lopez which might match or substitute as work-alikes: Grecian Classic BXCD, and Marla Bold Text Roman.Yes
163Marianna BlackNo
190Marla(Ortiz-Lopez - has SC, a lower case, and othr varieties); Marlboro (Dieter Steffmann - thicker than Marla, has LC)Yes
33MarquetteSan Marcos WBW (Nick Curtis)Yes
92Mars BounceHFF Fourth Rock (HFF)Yes
1764Martini ShadedNo
169MarvinMarbolo (unattributed Freeware), Marbold (Thomas Harvey)Yes
900Master ScriptSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
155Matador (2 variants)No
183Matador OutlineNo
54Matra (Bifur)(Solo, Agfa/Compugraphic,), CassandreEF (Elsner & Flake), Bifur (Harold Lohner - multiple weights and multi-part), P22Bifur (P22 - multiple weights and multi-part),, Very rough effect in Pepin Press Caps-FA288 (DickPape) and Pepin-FA288 (Character)YesADC
900Matrix TextSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
157MatthewsMateus Bold (Intellecta)Yes
102Maxime(Type Revivals), Maxim (Profonts, GroupType, Red Rooster), Martin Maxxie (Soft Horizons), Schneidler Maxim (Peter Wiegel)Yes
85Mayflower (Naudin) (Rg & It)Opti May Flower. Ditter Steffmann's Mayflower Antique.Yes
7MechanoMekanik (Letraset)Yes
900Medici TextSolofont included in Dover Celtic book + CD pack. Dieter Steffmann offers a free same-named version.YesCEL
900MeistersingerSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.YesVIC
138Melior and Melior Bold(Adobe, Berthold, Linotype, more). Marseille (Brendel, B&P) , Broccus and Broccus Display (SSI/SSK)Yes
138Melior BoldSee main record; also Brendel Marseille and SoftKey SSi Broccus Display.Yes
187Melior Bold OutMarseilles (Softmaker) is close.Yes
91MelodyFilmotype Melody (Filmotype)Yes
900MemorialSolofonts version @ MyFonts. Not a match to same-named font on page 108 of the Solocat.Yes
108Memorial DeepshadowNo
108Memorial OpenNo
148Memphis Medium CdOpti Memphis Medium Condensed is a same-named matching member of this typeface family, but it's a lighter weight than the Solocat sample. Yes
138Menlo and Menlo OutlineNo
187138Menlo OutlineNo
146Meola BookmanNo
64MercantileMercantile Regular HPLHS (Andrew Leman/, Mercantile Display NF (Nicksfonts - with lower case)YesLeman's font is based on the 1923 ATF specimen book.
103MercuriusAdobe sells an original version. Also available from other major vendors. Rick Mueller also offers a free same-named version.Yes
124MeridienDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel/Bitstream's Latin 725; SoftKey SSi's Coherent; SoftMaker's Metaphor and M690 Rom.Yes
93Metric (It & XIt)No
128Metropolis (Bold)(Agfa, Spiece Graphics, Opti. Brendel, SoftMaker); Megaton (Novel)l Tatio (Softkey/SSI), M691Deco (SoftMaker)Yes
53Metropolitan(Solo, Agfa), Metropolitaines (Corel) YesANV
129Michaelangelo TitlingBrendel Monalisa; Novel Micheline; Opti Michael Angelo; Prima Milesburg. Also a Font Bureau version.Yes
129Michaelangelo BoldAs this design is quite square, you may be able to make the regular weight artificially bolder (let word processor overstrike) without quite as gruesome a result as that method can and often does produce.Yes
159Microgramma (5 variants)Digital versions include Corel's Microgramma; Agfa's Microstyle; Novel's Microlla; Fontbank's Micado; Image Club's Micro Technic; Opti's Microgramma; Prima's Michigan; SoftKey SSi's Minima; SoftMaker's Micro 2 and Micro Square.Yes
185Microgramma OutCreate text art with solid fonts in Vector Graphic Illustration programs.Yes
900MiddlesexSolofont included in Dover Celtic book + CD pack.YesCEL
24Midway OrnateTried WhatTheFOntNo
8Miehle CondensedMiehle (Ortiz-Lopez); ATMiehle Condensed (Agfa/Monotype)YesSee American Narrow, page 6
142MilanMilano Roman (Image Club Graphic is a bit ighter than the catalog sample)YesDesign by Tom Carnase (1970)
93Milan Ace (hvy It disp sans)No
27MilepostMadrone (Adobe, Linotype< Monotype)Yes
48Mindy HighlightInk Highlight by R.W. MuellerYes
91Mink (handletter)No
900Mink GothicSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
119Mink StencilNo
31Minnesota(Solo), Gothic Tuscan Concave (Jordan Davies/Wooden Tyhpe Fonts)Yes
24MinskySolofonts version @ MyFonts. Another version is called Frontier Plain.Yes
24Minsky Shaded #1Unattributed freeware Minsky Shaded Black, aka Verplaatst.Yes
24Minsky Shaded #2Minsky Shaded White (anon), Frontier.(anon). These are renamed versions of each otherYes
199MinsterMinister (Agfa, Adobe, URW), Cleric (Softkey). Administer (Agfa, Opti, RedRooster) have differences, but are similar, as are Ammonite (Novel) and Pilgrim (SWFTE).Yes
103Minstrel ManNoFilmotype original was simply named Minstral
44Mira(Sam Wang), Madeira (Brendel); VanBeen (SWFTE); Grouse (WSI), Bistro (SSK).Yes
179Mirabeau (2 vars)No
16Miss KittyWild West Wind (West Wind Fonts)NoSee Novarese's Fonanesi, 22
114Missal InitialsMissal Unciale Master (Mannfred Klein), Uncials One (Beatty - in the LC set). Initials ATF Missal Caxton (Alta Littera) has Missal Initials in the lower case, Caxton initials in the upper case.Yes
111Mission Text (3 variants)Cranach (Profonts) - Regular width onlyYes
100MistralAbundant look-alikes. Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Mystic( BA) and Stucco (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Staccato 222; Brendel's KalahYes
900Mitzi DecoSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
83Mod CasualModTR (Tim Ryan re/Type Revivals), Carlisle (WSI), Carric Groovy (Rakowski), Maude Meade (Soft Horizons). Note: Many of the Vertisoft/Soft Horizons fonts were copies (not necessarily clones) of Tim Ryan's Type Revivals.Yes
171Model Sans Serif OpenNo
171Model Square Serif OpenNo
137Modern # 20 (Rg & It)(Bitstream), Modern No. 2 (Opti)Yes
91Modern BounceModern (FIlmotype)Yes
182Modern Outline CdNo
7ModernaHFF Iconic IonicYes
49ModerniqueSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack. Digital version by standard name also available from Typographer's Edition.YesADC
55Modernistic(Monotype, Miles), Modernistic Cg (Agfa) . These are all variations of the same fonts, since Agfa is Monotype is Miles.Yes
159Modula BoldOPTIOgden-Bold (OPTI), KasseFLF-Bold (Software Compliment)Yes
159Modula ExtraboldKasseUltraFLF (Software Compliment)Yes
159Modula LightKasseFLF (Software Compliment)Yes
159Modula MediumNo
22Molle FoliateFreeware Mole Foliated is unattributed except for "created by Typesmith Amiga"Yes
2429MonaSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack. Rockwall Expanded (Nick's Fonts)YesCIRRockwall Expanded NF by Nick's Fonts is very similar and matches better than Solo's 'Mona'
2924MonaSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
181Mona Lisa RecutDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel's Mona Lisa Recut, ITC; Prima's NEO ENG; and SoftMaker's New Orleans Engraved. Also versions from ITC, Image Club, and L&M.Yes
112Monastery TextNo
13MonasticK22 Monastic (Toto), Huruvida (Lars Tornqvist)Yes
20Monastic CondensedNo
121MoncureMoncure (Claude).YesThere's an 'enhanced' version by Character with some additional glyphs.
199Monkton (5 weights/styles)(ClubType, published by Monotype)Yes
115Monmouth No. 1Stanza (URW, TheFontCompany) Stanza's lower case generally matches. There are some differences; e.g., the 't' is different)Yes
115Monmouth No. 2Stanza (URW, TheFontCompany) - Stanza's upper case generally matches Monmouth No. 2's lower case, wiith some exceptions - the 'e' is different), Cavil Regular (Imageline, with small caps in the lower case, has some other differences as well), YesCavil (Enstep) is a wide version of Cavil (Imageline)
52MonogramMCM Monogram (Victory Type)YesDXS Monogram Stencil (Dick Pape) is a stencil version. Some letters vary among samples and implementations.
115Monograms 1-5Ark Monograms by Spiece Graphics. Separate fonts provide the center, left, and right characters. Yet another provides the oval enclosure the three letters are designed to fit.Yes
115Monograms 12 and 14Scaffold (LazyDog) - without the bordersYes
115Monograms 13Pi & Symbols Special Alphabets 8 (Agfa).NoDiamond Dreams (Cybapee) and Vergennes (Scriptorium) are quite similar.
115Monograms 6-11No
23MonopolMonopol (George Williams). Uptown (Lazy Dog - Rakowski), Morton Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
92Monroe(Opti)YesOpti's Bold version has been found, but not the plain.
69MonsterRasant (Brendel)Yes
69Monster OutlineGremlin (Bay Animation), Alaska (Brendel), Meltdown (Richard Mueller- Free) Ghoully Caps (WSI). aka Frozen AlaskaYes
22Monterey MontereyCP (ClaudePelletier/Serieux)Yes
22Monterey Wide(ClaudePelletier)A-Z,0-9 onlyYes
192193MontrealBrendel and SoftMaker offer versions by this name. Opti has Montana. Not an exact match, but almost all glyphs very similar to MT Century Gothic. Either could readily sub for the other.Yes
193192MontrealBrendel and SoftMaker offer versions by this name. Opti has Montana. Not an exact match, but almost all glyphs very similar to MT Century Gothic. Either could readily sub for the other.Yes
181MonumentFree same-named version by Dieter SteffmannYes
900MonumentSolofonts version @ MyFonts. Not a match to same-named font on pg. 181 of Solocat.Yes
162Moon BlackNo
72Moon GateNo
162Moore ComboNo
70Moore ComputerK22 GKW Computer (Toto - all but a few letters are based on GKW); MyCalc (FontBank); Dali (URW++ is less of an exact matchYes
75Moore LibertyNo
35Morgan GothicPF Fusion Sans Pro Heavy (Parachute).YesMorgan-one (Opti) is a taller stretched version
900MoritzSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
9MorningsideCrosby Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
127Moroccan CondensedNo
93Morocco AceNo
111Morris Romanized Black(Solo, in Dover Gothic Book/CD), Morris Roman Black (Dieter Steffmann, and an alternate variant). Morris Gothic (HiHRetroFonts), Chaucer (SSI/SSK), Enchantment (SWFTE, with multiple weights).YesGOTDesign by William Morris, 1893. P22 Morris Troy is very similar.
119Morro Cond StencilNo
118Mosaic StencilNo
115MosaikAgfa Abbot Uncial,; also Solofont Mozart1 @ MyFonts.Yes
74Moses CondensedTanach (Steffmann), Shalom (A&L), Doolittle and Rasputin (Brendel), Kosher (Bay Animation), Mazurka (Novel), Hebrew (SWFTE), Maseltov (OPTI), Shalom Normal (ComputerSupport/A&L(Yes
169MossmanMossy, 2 wts by Elfring Soft Fonts.Yes
113MottoSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack. QueenEmpress (Paul Lloyd)YesCAL
900Moulin RougeSolofonts version @ MyFonts. There's a WSI font NAMED Moulin Rouge that matches Harquil (q.v.)Yes
900Muddy WaterSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack. All caps, but subtle diffs betw UC & LC glyphs.YesGRU
47Multiform No. 1No
47Multiform No. 1 BoldNo
47Multiform No. 4Multiform (Rakowski), Kaprole (Brendel) Cammy Caps Display (WSI). Possibly one by FantaziaYesOriginal by Central Type Foundry, St. Louis, MO
110Munich FrakturNo
20MuralSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
43MurilloDieter Steffmann's Tintoretto Regular is a match for what's shown on Solocat page 43 as Murillo. Solotype's variant substitutes some new glyphs.Yes
43Murillo (variant)Solofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack. YesANVThis is a Solo digital face but glyphs do not match " A, r, h, a, g, n" characters in sample on Solocat pg 43.
98Murray Hill (Regular and Bold)Murray Hill (Berthold, E&F, Bitstream, URW.ImageClub, Miles, OPTI), Yes
110Music Hall TextTondella (Intellecta), Music Hall (WSI)l, Rheingold (Scriptorium), Aridi29. All have minor differences and scanning flaws. Muralla Text Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesAeronaut (FaceType) is a finer font with a similar feel, but is different. Music Hall Text is based on Teuton Text (Cincinnati Type Foundery, 1877) and/or Favorit.
75Mystic FlagThe Wall (EnStep).Yes

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