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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
48Baby Teeth(WSI), Constructivist Block (P22), (A&L, CLickArt), Garret (Swfte) Garret, BufordOpti (Opti/Castcraft), Bebit (Typemarket/Paratype), Heavy Weight (Bay Animation), Fatti Patti (Fluent Laser-Cassady+Greene), Metro (Silver Graphics), PacMania (Neale Davidson which is a toothless version). Visual Communications also released a commercial Corel WFN formatYes
8Bacardi CondensedNo
31100Backhand ScriptSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
10031Backhand ScriptSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
191BadgerRed Rooster offers 5 variants of this design by this name.Yes
132Baker DanmarkDanmark T(URW), Oktave (Brendel), Danton (Novel), Danley (Opti), Danville (Primafonts)Yes
122191Baker Signet(Corel / Bitstream). Barrett (Bay Animation/ComputerSupport) Keeple (Novel), Persuasion (SoftKey), Keene (Opti), CgSignature (Agfa/Compugraphics)Yes
191122Baker Signet(Corel / Bitstream). Barrett (Bay Animation/ComputerSupport) Keeple (Novel), Persuasion (SoftKey), Keene (Opti), CgSignature (Agfa/Compugraphics)Yes
30Balderdash(Solo), Tuscan MF Narrow (Rick Mueller - upper case only), Gullywasher WBW (Nick Curtis - upper case only)YesCIR
30Balderdash No. 2, No. 4No
30Balderdash TabletBandiera Del Legno NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
43Baldur(Solo, Steffmann, GeorgeWilliams)YesANV
114Ballé InitialsFA143 (Pape, from Pepin Press)Yes
94Balloonaka Lasso. Many look-alikes. Bay Anim Bassett from A&L & ClickArt; Balloon fr. Corel / Bits; orig. Agfa in Print Artist bundle; Fontbank Barmoon Bold; Opti Balloon; Softkey SSi Howzat Display Caps; SoftMaker Balloon; Swfte Hot Air; WSI Balogna. Bandit (Silver Graphics)Yes
89Balloon Drop Shadow(URW)Yes
170Ballot BoxNo
101BalzacSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack. Also Brendel Balzac and Novel Balthazar, SoftMaker B650 Deco, and Scriptorium Bilitis.YesBOS
32BambergSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
72Bamboo(Solofonts), Bart (Arts & Letters), Bard (Corel), Asian (BayAnimation) , Sapporo (Bright Ideas), Freak (HIH Retrofonts)Yes
43Bambus GroteskEl Paso Bold (Red Rooster)YesListed as "Bambus" in the Solo Art Nouveau alphabet book
117Banco StencilNoNon-stencil versions of Banco are widely available, as Banco (Adobe, ICG, others), Etappe (Brendel), Java (Multiline), Bandit (Softmaker), Baccarat (WSI), Jamaica (SilverGraphics), and other equivalents.
900BandstandSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
96Bank ScriptAgfa orig in Print Artist bundle; Novel Banken Script; Brendel Romance; Opti Bank Script; Prima Bangroft Gothic; SoftMaker Bay Script.Yes
117Bank StencilDespite the word "Bank" in the Solocat name, this is practically identical to the face just called "Stencil" by Adobe, Agfa/CG, Bitstream, Brendel, and SoftMaker. There are also look-alikes: Brendel Geogia; A&L G.I. Stencil; Novel Steamship; SoftKey Template; Swfte Cargo; and WSI Nesbitt.YesA Solid version of this font is available as Nick Curtis' Ysleta NF.
63Bankers Roman (6 variants)Expressiv Photolettering Collection "Barclay Expanded" by Fontbank is a very close work-alike, to all intents and purposes a look-alike, for Bankers Roman Expanded. (Agfa may also have a version.) Barclays Expanded differs only in the tiniest details.Yes
63Bankers Roman Open ExtendedFlame (Enstep)Yes
1762Banknote ItalicThere exists an unattributed freeware font creaded from a scan. The website no longer exists.YesA full image appears in Solo's 100 3D and Shaded Alphabets
6217Banknote ItalicThere exists an unattributed freeware font creaded from a scan. The website no longer exists.YesA full image appears in Solo's 100 3D and Shaded Alphabets
63Banknote Roman (2 vars)BarclayExpandedExtraBold (Novel/Photolettering)Yes
75Banner StarsBannerStar (ClaudeSerieux)Yes
13BanquetSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
900Baraboo Banner NormalSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
59BarbHarold Lohner's Barbecue.Yes
900Barbary CoastSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
89Barber PolesNo
194BarcelonaNovel BarstonYes
900BarebackSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
86Barker Script (2 wts)No
900BarkhamSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
118BarnNoAppears to be a stencilized version of Barndance (P.16)
16BarndanceHoedown (Silver Graphics, Dieter Steffmann)YesA copy of Silver Graphics' Hoedown was renamed by Aldus to 'Barndance'
1621Barndance WideHoedown Wide (Silver Graphics, Steffmann)Yes
2116Barndance WideHoedown Wide (Silver Graphics, Steffmann)Yes
25Barnum Condensed CapsNoFrom the Solocat: Call it French Clarendon (the Americans did), or Italienne (the French did), or American (the Italians did) -- it will always be Barnum to the rest of us.
25Barnum SquareNo
25Barnum variantsAs a category, this Solocat page lists a number of faces Dan X. Solo categorized as "Barnums" or Barnum-like. They're individually listed in the database and about a third have digital equivalents known.No
900Barnum, FloSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
25Barnum, P.T.PT Barnum BT ( Bitstream), PT Barnum (ICG, Opti), Amarillo (Brendel) , PT Boat (Novel!), PTBoat (FontBank), Circus (Bay Animation - with ClickArt and A&L products, SWFTE).Yes
131Baskerville (5 variants)(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, Monotype, many more). YesSoftmaker has a large family of variants.
187Baskerville OutNo
131Baskerville SwashJohnBaskerville (StormType)Yes
52Basso (2 var)No
184Basso OutlineNo
11BatteryPatent Reclame (HiH)YesPetzendorfer 64
136Bauer Bodoni (5 variants)Digital versions include Corel/Bitstream's Bauer Bodoni-9; Opti's Bauer Bodoni; SoftKey SSi's Bodoni Recut-14; SoftMaker's Bodoni 16 MF included Bodoni Display; and Swfte's Sweez.
Note the footed downstroke on LC p,q.
194Bauer Text (multiple weights)StempelSchneidler (Adobe, Linotype, Monotype, URW), BauerText (OPTI - may have been copies of StempelSchneidler)Yes
162BauhausMany genuine versions & Look-alikes. Adobe & Corel / Bits & MS Home Publ use origname. A&L & Clickart have Bimini (BA); Opti Bello; SoftKey Dyname; SoftMaker Dessau; Swfte Unique; WSI Bordeaux.Yes
100Bazaar CasualCanada Type Boondock.Yes
90Beaver Sixpack (Panache)Yes
90Beaver ExtendedNo
109Becker(Solotype, Dieter Steffmann), Becker-Medium (Atech). Cambridge Fontworks Warlock1 is a cloned version of th Atech font.YesGOT
52Bee's Knee'sMS Home Publisher includes an ITC orig; also A&L Wampum; Brendel Idomene; Clickart Cartoon (ML); Novel Beetlejuice; Swfte Fatso; & WSI Beetlejuice.Yes
28BegoniaAdobe Mesquite; Brendel Michigan; SoftKey SSi Plug; Micrologic Saloon @ ClickArt).Yes
900Behrens AntiquaSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
109Behrens Schrift(Solo, URW, Steffmann, Ingo Zimmermann)Yes
118BeijingThis appears to be the same as "Hong Kong" on page 72. See there for matches.YesThis is a different Beijing from the Solo font named Beijing that's available at Myfonts and included here on the pseudo-page 900.
900Beijing (not same as pg 118)Solofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
17Belgian(Font Mesa), Bear Gulch (Walden -a highly distressed version), Bruce Belgina NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
194Bell RomanMonotype Bell. Origs fr. Adobe, Monotype, et al. Also B694 Roman & Baltimore from SoftMaker.Yes
114Bella InitialsGuinevere Caps (House of Lime) and Amadeus (Classic Font Co.) are both extremely similar, but have major differences in the details.No
190Bellery CondensedNo
6Bellery ElongatedLatino Elongated (Letraset/Esselte, ITC, Linotype))Yes
194BelliniRed Rooster offers ten variants of this face by this name.Yes
15BelmontBeltane Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
96Belvedere LightNo
124BelweAdobe has an orig; so does Corel / Bits. A&L & ClickArt offer Blew (BA); Novel Belton; Fontbank Bellavera; Opti Anchor & Belwe; Softkey Barrister; and SoftMaker Benson.YesElizabethan (pp. 196-197) represents other weights of Belwe.
186Belwe Bold ShadedNoCreate text art with solid fonts in Vector Graphic Illustration programs.
133BemboMany genuine & look-alikes. Adobe has it by orig name. Corel / Bits Aldine 401; Brendel Bamberg; ClickArt Nadine; Fontbank Bemsario; Opti Bilko; Prima BAO; SoftKey SSi Kuriakos; SoftMaker Bamberg.Yes
84184Ben FranklinDieter Steffmann has a free version of the solid face named Benjamin Franklin (illus. pg. 84). Dan Solo prepared a Ben Franklin Open Solofont distributed with the Dover Outlines book + CD pack (illus. pg. 184).YesOUT
114Ben Franklin Initials(Linotype) renamed version of Agfa Pi & Symbols Special Alphabets P05. Appears in FontShop 1993 FontBook, page &31.Yes
18484Ben Franklin OpenDieter Steffmann has a free version of the solid face named Benjamin Franklin (illus. pg. 84). Dan Solo prepared a Ben Franklin Open Solofont distributed with the Dover Outlines book + CD pack (illus. pg. 184).YesOUT
127Benedictine (3 wts)No
125BenguiatDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Bangle Yes
163Benguiat Gothic (Four weights)(Bitstream, Adobe, Berthold, ITC, E&F)Yes
900BenjaminSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
900Benjamin (Caps) : not a match to Solo face (?)Swfte's Marlowe; and WSI's Croate Display Caps. There's also the Rakowski version called Benjamin Caps. These do NOT matchthe Solo NIC face. See record: Benjamin. See sample of that at MyFonts.No
57Berliner GroteskOpti's Berliner (resembles); SoftMaker's B693 Deco and Belfort. It's a match! Tiny-tailed descenders.Yes
133BerlingDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Revive (Yes
132Bernase RomanImage Club released as an ITC face; then it was withdrawn. ITC claims no record of it! Never could find out what happened. There is a freeware Bernase which matches the design.Yes
57Bernhard Bold Condensed(Bitstream, Opti)YesThe Bitstream version is slightly heavier than Opti's
857Bernhard Bold Extra CondensedNo
578Bernhard Bold Extra CondensedNo
98Bernhard CursiveBernhard Schoenschrift (E&F, Scangraphic)) , Liberty (Bitstream), Bernhard Script (Softmaker), Bernhard Bold Cursive (Opti)Yes
153Bernhard DecoNo
153Bernhard Gothic (3 wts)Berthold, URW++ and Spiece Graphics offer a variety of wts. They may not have some of the alternate characters shown in the Dover/Solo Extra Bold alphabet book.Yes
137Bernhard Modern(Adobe, Agfa, Berthold, Bitstream, DTC, URW, more), Bernhart (Bay Animation), Metro (MicroLogic) Yes
98Bernhard TangoDigital versions include A&L's Tango (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Bernhard Tango; Brendel's Felicita; Agfa's Carmine Tango in Discovery Pak & PrtA; SoftKey SSi's Petticoat Script; and SoftMaker's Bernhard Elegant.Yes
98Bernhard Tango Swash CapsBernhard Tango Swash (Image Club)Yes
41Berolina (2 wts)Solofonts version @ MyFonts. Berolina (Peter Wiegel)YesNot in index
55Bertie(Letraset)YesA previous comment said that Bertie (Letraset) was identical except that it is a bit more elaborate. However, a close inspection of the catalog, with a magnifying glass, indicates that it is just as 'elaborate' as the Letraset font. The poor print quality of the catalog hides most of the tiny details.
150Beton (4 varieties)Opti's Beton XBI; SoftMaker's Boston. Linotype sells the E&F digitization.Yes
187Beton Bold OutlineNo
54Beverly HillsSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack. Agfa same-named version in FontShop 1993 FontBook, p. B-24.YesADC
54BifurSee Matra, this pageYes
17Big CatFlatrock (Font Mesa)Yes
116BigelowThis is a stencilized version of Blackoak (Adobe) and the clone WantedPoster (SSI/SSK)No
12BijouBangle (Novel!/FontBank), Riccio Display Script(Softkey SSI), Grebe (Anonymous - may be the original of Riccio), Bireme Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesOriginal design by Ihlenberg
120BiltmoreNoBarcelonaITCStd (ITC, others) is very close
167Binderstile BoldBindlestiff NF (Nicksfonts)Yes
167Binderstile HeavyNo
167Binderstile Medium(Opti), Binghamtom (Prima), Report (Brendel) Yes
31Bindweed(Solo), PilotPoint WBW (Nick's Fonts)Yes
6Binner GothicOpti , Type Revivals, and Monotype versions under original name. Yes
102Bison(Berthold, B&PGraphics), Brush 738 (Bitstream), Blizzard (URW)Yes
83Black CasualEgyptAxt (Manfred Klein)YesSome minor stylistic differences
108Black OrnamentedBruce532 (Intellecta - lower case only)YesBlack Rose (Font Mesa) , Portcullion (Paul Lloyd), and BlackLetter Extra Bold (Dieter Steffmann) are plain versions, without the elaborate ornamentation shown in the catalog.
159BlackjackNoFeliciano's Bs Looper Black Stencil is a stencil version. No solid version is known.
54BlacklineLinea Nera NF (NicksFonts), DXS Blackline (DP/TTD), LivelyDisplayCaps (WSI)YesAll listed fonts lack some of the alternate characters.
114Blackstone InitialsImageline Drop Caps.Yes
83Blade DisplayMaynard (PatrickBroderick of Rotodesign). Though it is not an exact match, Jean Evans's Hatmaker and alternate glyphs from Agfa's Creative Alliance can serve as a work-alike.Yes
124Blado (Poliphus Italic)(Monotype)Yes
85BlanchardRuffian (Scriptorium), Lachesis (Scriptorium)Yes
85Blanchard Bold ItalicNo
162185BlippoCorel/Bitstream's Blippo; ClickArt's Hippo ML; Agfa's Blippo Black & OUTL /PrtA; SoftKey SSi's Celesti, Mumbo; SoftMaker's Bilbao Poster Black; Swfte's Bongo; and WSI's BLIMPO. AKA Bubble, Poppo, MN Blippo Black, Bebop (Silver Graphics).Yes
185162BlippoCorel/Bitstream's Blippo; ClickArt's Hippo ML; Agfa's Blippo Black & OUTL /PrtA; SoftKey SSi's Celesti, Mumbo; SoftMaker's Bilbao Poster Black; Swfte's Bongo; and WSI's BLIMPO. AKA Bubble, Poppo, MN Blippo Black, Bebop (Silver Graphics).Yes
185Blippo OutlineNo
182BlocDigital versions include C orel / Bitstream's Geometric 885; Brendel's Domino; Novel's Blocky; SoftKey SSi's Kena Open Face Display; and WSI's BLEUCHER.Yes
57Block CondensedBlack Condensed (Scangraphic), Block Ext Cond (URW), BlockBertholdBQExtCon (Berthold), Black Block Condensed (Hallmark - internal use only),Yes
178Block DimensionNo
184Block Outl ShadowNo
57Block Outline ShadowNo
57Block Schwer (Heavy)Black SB Heavy (Scangraphic), Block Heavy (URW), BlockBertholdBQ Heavy (Berthold), BlackBlock (Hallmark - internal use only) Yes
900Blotter RomanSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
900Blue PointSolofonts version @ MyFonts. Not an exact match, but many similarities to all-caps Solar, Solocat page 20.Yes
48Blunt HighlightNo
144Bluto SwashGoudy Fancy by Three Steps Ahead is a free DL at MyFonts as of June, 2008. Aka Goudy Black Elongated Swash in version from Nick Curtis. Used on Solocat displays on pages 56, 65, 79, 87, 107, 144, and 188.Yes
48Bobo Bold(Agfa Type Revivals, by Tim Ryan), DXS Bobo Bold (DickPape), Totem (Elfring Soft Fonts). YesThe free Espheres is not a look-alike, but the effect is enough to serve as a work-alike.
45Bocklin (Bocklin, Arnold)Solofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack. Widely available. Digital vesions include Aidan & Nouveau (ML) at both Arts & Letters & ClickArt, one included free download; Corel Arnold Bocklin; Brendel HYesANV
78Bodie Bounce Cartoon Party Time (TypeRevivals), Peanut Gallery (Nick Curtis/Nicksfonts), Chartreuse Parsons (SoftHorizons) For both of these, the lowercase matches.Yes
78Bodie Bounce OpenNoSee Cartoon Holly Leaves (P 61) for a decorated version
136Bodoni (7 variants)Some form readily available. Most major vendors have some form of Bodoni on offer; some have many. Check Bitstream, URW++, etc.Yes
141Bodoni Bold Condensed(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype), SoftmakerYes
141Bodoni CampanileBodoni Campanile Five (Opti), Modern 735 (Bitstream)Yes
900Bodoni Old FaceSoftMaker offers a version under Giambattista.Yes
136Bodoni, BauerSee Bauer BodoniYes
28BohemiaPhanitalian (Intellecta), Terlingua (Nicks Fonts)Yes
900Bold Sans OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
101Bold Script #332Script MT BoldYes
100Bolide ScriptBolideScript (Panache) , Bolide-Regular (Rick Mueller)Yes
97Bolina Script CondensedBolina (Claude Pelletier)Yes
159Bolt / Bolt BoldCorel/Bitstream's Bolt Bold; Brendel's Lansing; ClickArt's Mechanical ML; Novel's Bolster Bold; Opti's Billy Bold 5; SoftKey SSi's Bravura-1; SoftMaker's B790 Deco; Swfte's Nuts; and WSI's BOLSTER.Yes
101BonaireMaize (Rick Mueller)YesOriginal design name was Flamme; Alan Meeks redesigned for Letraset. Mueller says "my version of an old typeface named Bonaire".
28BonanzaAdobe Ironwood; BA Ironwork (free download at A&L); Corel Ireland; Brendel Alhambra; Softkey SSi Cantina; and Swfte Slayer. Tuscan Pointed Narrow (Jordan Davies Woodfonts)Yes
6364Bond (9 variants)Agfa's Barclay Open can be a work-alike for Bond Open. With a little help from a Vector Illustration program, the same face could be stretched or compressed to serve as a base for text art matching the Compressed and Extended variantYes
6463Bond (9 variants)Agfa's Barclay Open can be a work-alike for Bond Open. With a little help from a Vector Illustration program, the same face could be stretched or compressed to serve as a base for text art matching the Compressed and Extended variants YesCopperplate Headline by Archive Type is a distressed version of Bond Bold
55BoogieMoteefe (Bright Ideas - has true lower case). Decollection (created with Typesmith Amiga, has small caps and other differences),, Big Lou (Lime)YesSource is Marcia Loeb's "New Art Deco Alphabets" (1972), NADA 8 (Boogie) and NADA 37 (Big Lou).
152Book Jenson BoldNo
134Book, ITC (4 variants)The Roman looks rather like ITC Bookman, though that may not qualify as a real "match."Yes
146Bookman (14 variants, all kinds)No
187Bookman Bold Outline No
187Bookman Bold Outline SwashBookman Outline Swash (Image Club Graphics), Camilla (Brendel)Yes
146Bookman, ITCDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Textbook (ML); Corel/Bitstream's Bookman, ITC; ClickArt's Textbook (ML); Fontbank's Brougstey; Prima's BOO; SoftMaker's B791 Roman 7 MF.Yes
46Boomerang (Hansa)(Harold Lohner, Bulldog, Lazy Dog), BoomerangTR (Tim Ryan/TypeRevivals), Hansa. (Dieter Steffmann, FontShop), Favorit (Gophmann), Regina Kursiv (Gophmann)YesGerman Names HansaRegina per Petzendorfer 56. Gophmann also did a backward-leaning version named Favorit Grotesk.
46Boomerang Bold (Regina Cursive)(Lohner), Toffee Script (Suomi), ReginaKursiv (Gophmann)Yes
46Boomerang Italic (Hansa Cursive)(Harold Lohner)Yes
900BordeauxSolofonts version @ MyFonts.YesThis is a display font unrelated to the Bordeaux on page 8
8Bordeaux (Misnamed?)YesThe image in the catalog appears NOT to be Bordeaux, but Rainbow Roman (p.143).
8Bordeaux (Not Shaded)Bordeaux (Letraset)YesThis face does not appear in the catalog, but is included here because it's the base of Bordeaux Shaded.
8Bordeaux ShadedBordeaux Display (Letraset)Yes
90Border BounceOliver (Panache)Yes
49Boul Mich(Solotype, Wordshape)YesADC
22Boulder OrnateNo
22Boulder SolidRutin Tutin (Nick Curtis), ITC Buckaroo (Mueller)YesMueller's original name for Buckaroo was Boulder, and is truer to the catalog.. Curtis' font has vertical serifs on letters like the 'C' and thicker stems.
98BoulevardDigital versions include Brendel's Boulevard and Koepenick; ClickArt's Regency (ML); Opti's Brandenburg; Prima's Brandenburg; and SoftMaker's B820 Script. Also Lanston's Francis.Yes
102BoutiqueBoutique (Brendel, B&P), Dorset (Opti), Karolla (Paratype). This looks like a narrowed version of another face.Yes
55BoxleyKerosene Boxley (Alex Sheldon/Match & Kerosene) - cited by Luc DeVroye, but not found anywhereYesNo means of finding an image or purchasing or downloading has been found
26BraceletBracelet Victorian (Douglas Day - scanned from Tschichold), Main Strike (Font Mesa - adds lower case), Romantiques (Dieter Steffmann), EgyptienneZierinitialen(Steffman - may be earlier version of Romantiques They are quite different internally); Dusty Circus (Baseline) has the same outline but different internal design. It is layered)YesRomantiques No. 5 (Lettraset, Pouchez).
Bracelet is missing from the index in the Catalog.
109Bradley(Solo), Bradley Gratis (Justin Callaghan)YesGOTThis is the basis of the "Ketel One" vodka font.
114Bradley InitialsNoThe Bradley Initials in "Initials Bradley and Caxton Normal" font in the Dover/Solo Gothic book/CD are similar, but narrower and with an all-black background.
184Bradley OutlineNo
49Braggadocio(Monotype/Microsoft) included in Home Publisher; Bravado (WSI), LaGrange1 (Cambridge Fontworks) is a clone of Braggadocio.Yes
195Bramley LightNovel Barber, Opti Bari, and SoftMaker Bravo. E&F offers a 4-weight same-named family.Yes
44BranchwaterRichard (Brendel); Edifice (Novel); Edwards (Opti, Primafont); Edgware (Softmaker); Yes
50BrandingHFF Clip Hanger Yes
101Brandy ScriptRick Mueller's Brandy.; Swfte Haight; and Photolettering Gonzales Jeanette (Expressive PLC by Fontbank).Yes
100Bravo(AR Type, Rick Mueller)Yes
133Bravour BoldBravado NF (Nicks Fonts)Yes
58Bravour Kayo (3 wts)No
2128BrendaPompano SC (Softkey/SSi), Ardor/RibbonArt(Enstep), Ribbon (ImageLine), Chipper (WSI)Yes
2821BrendaPompano SC (Softkey/SSi), Ardor/RibbonArt(Enstep), Ribbon (ImageLine), Chipper (WSI)Yes
12BrevetSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
195Bridger(Red Rooster). Briggs (Opti)YesNot sure where this info came from Can't find a Bridger by RR. Briggs was shown in the printed catalog "OptiFont - The Encyclopedia of Postscript Typefaces Vol. 2"
195BrightonLinotype sells 3 weights of the ITC Birghton family.Yes
900BrinkmanSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
195BritanniaNo digital version located yet.No
154Britannic (plus italic, bold, and outline)Many sources. (E&F, URW,LT,Berthold,DTC, OPTI, and more). Grenoble (TypeShop) , Bristol (Softmaker) Yes
183Britannic OutlineNo
195British (Bold, Demibold, Extrabold)NoLife (Linotype) is similar, but not the same.
195British LightArgentineOpti-One (OPTI)YesOriginal design "Argentina" by Baker
195British MediumArgentineOpti-Two (OPTI), Life (Linotype)Yes
119British StencilNo
191Brittany (multiple weights)Brittany (Font Company), Burghley (Panache), BBevis (Opti-only bold versions)Yes
17BroadcastLettres Ombres (Solo, Klein/Aldus), Shady Characters (West Wind), Broadcast (Steffmann),Yes
18Broadgauge OrnamentedBroadgauge Ornate (FontMesa), Circus Ornate (Dieter Steffmann).YesNamed Broadgauge Ornate in the Circus Alphabets book.
16BroadsideNoCircusTime (Solo) is almost the same typeface without the 3D or shadow effect.
49Broadwayaka Moderne. Digital versions include A&L's Ritz; Corel/Bitstream's Broadway; Brendel's Broadway; ClickArt's Brando (BA) and Showtime (ML);originals included in Agfa's Discovery Pack and Print Artist bundle; Novel's or Imageline's BYes
49Broadway EngravedDigital veYes
103BrodyLinotype sells original-named Elsner & Flake digitized version. Agfa, Ascender Corp., and Bitstream all have original versions. Look-alikes include Bay Animation Brisk; Brendel Louisville; old Corel Briquet; SoftMaker Bryce; and WSI Brandyscript.Yes
83Broken BowTomahawk (Rick Mueller)Yes
102Bronstein BoldSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack.YesBOSLazybones (E&F) is quite similar except for the u.c. swashes.
86Bronx ScriptBronx (Corel/Bitstream, OptiBrinx, Letraset, Linotype). Brown (URW ++ , several variants)Yes
180Bronze3D square style. Free "Pop Ups" font by Harold Lohner.Yes
94Brooklyn CasualBrooklyn (Filmotype), Tally Text (Solofont, with a bold version, too) , Noteworthy (only with Mac OSX and iOSYes
57Brooklyn Face (3 variants)No
18Bruce Mikita(Harold Lohner), Force (Angst/Chris Dunfield)YesFor a solid version, see Lantern (page 20)
100BrushWidely available. Digital versions include Adobe's & Linotype's by the original name, A&L's Banty; Corel/Bitstream's Brush Script; Brendel's TROPICAL; ClickArt's Artisan (ML) and, BaYes
182Brush Sans (2 variants)No
900BrusselsSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
162Bubble DubbleDigital versions include Brendel's ROUNDABOUT and Puppet; Novel's Bubbly; Opti's Poppo Mod Bold; Prima's Porcupine; and SoftKey SSi's Evia Display.Yes
162Bubble LightNo
186Bubble ShadowNo
59BubblesNoThe font is 'Bulle' by Jean Larcher Published in printed form in "Fantastic Alphabets" (Dover Pictorial Archives) 1976
900BuddhaSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
21Buffalo BillBuffalo BIll (Font Mesa), Buffaloo Bill (Aldus)Yes
81Buffalo GirlNo
127Bulfinch OldstyleNevada (Elsner & Flake, Typeshop, Softmaker)Yes
71Bulletin Typewriter (Mecanorma), Bulletin Typewriter 5 (Opti), Editor Condensed (Micrologic). These are all quite similar, but the glyphs aren't as smooth as shown in the catalog.Yes
71Bulletin Typewriter BoldNo
24BullfrogMantel Regular (Richard William Mueller).Yes
178Bullion ShadowBully Pulpit (Nick Curtis/Nicksfonts)Yes
133BulmerAdobe offers an original family, and Corel/Bitstream has 2 variants.Yes
88Bunny DemiboldNo
169Burko (2 variants)No
27Burlesque RimmedBusker Contour (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesShown in 100 Victorian Display fonts as "Burlesque"
181BurlingtonDigital versions include A&L's New England Engr; Brendel's Pascal; ClickArt's New Englad Engraved; Novel's Bursten; Image Club's New Yorker; Opti's Burley; and Prima's Burlington and Neo Eng.Yes
60BurstBurst (Dan Solo - Best, full character set), Starburst (Rakowski), Starburst (Steffman). Rakowski's is from a scan and Steffman's adds a few characters to Rakowski's font.YesSPFXNote that the Rakowski/Steffman 'Starburst' is Burst in the catalog, NOT the catalog font named Starburst!
900BushmanSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
169Busorama(Bitstream, AlanCarr, ImageClubGraphics, ITC, Mecanorma, URW), Omnibus (A. Carrr - more alternates), Bosanova (Arsenal, Corel). Brioche Display Caps (SSI/SSK), Isolat (SSI/SSK), Buffer (Opti), Matinee (Silver Graphics), Businko (WSI)YesDesign by Herb Lubalin, first digitized by Tom Carnase for ITC in 1970. There are many alternate letterforms.
51BustDXS Bust (DP)Yes
180Buxom(E&F, URW, Linotype, Bitstream/Corel, Agfa), Keep On Truckin NF (NicksFonts), Chocolate (A&L, Brendel-poor), Bustle(Novel), Parapa (SSK/SoftKey), LeeCaps (Rakowski).Yes

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