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Theme and Topical

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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
58Adverscript (=Aegean, page 102)Advert (Rick Mueller - also appears renamed to Aegean), PT Karolla Black (Paratype), Hercules (Steffmann), BubbleSoft (SWFTE)YesDesigned by Bauer & Berthold, c. 1900
Bravour Kayo (3 wts)No
Chancel ModNo
Churchward BrushAgfa offers Churchward in Print Artist bundle; SoftMaker has Jospehs Brush. URW++ under original name.Yes
Gumball BoldNo
Horseshoe (3 wts)No
Lo-TypeSoftMaker Louis.Yes
Parkhurst (3 wts)Badger (Red Rooster)Yes
Time Script (3 vars)(Linotype-all 3 varieties), TimeScrD (URW - all 3 vars)Yes
5927ArcadianDouble D NF (Nick Curtis / Nicksfonts; outline and fill versions), Tejarachi (Rakowski), Bulldozer (Brendel)YesFrom a 1970's design by Dav Davison. Tejarachi (Rakowski) is upper case only, from a scan, unoptimized. Bulldozer (Brendel) is an even poorer version with artificial small caps, created from a scan of the alphabet book. It even reproduces inking errors from that book. Non-alphabetic characters are not in the same style.
Ascott LightsNo
BarbHarold Lohner's Barbecue.Yes
BubblesNoThe font is 'Bulle' by Jean Larcher Published in printed form in "Fantastic Alphabets" (Dover Pictorial Archives) 1976
Direction (Caps)(Steffmann, Solo, Type Revivals/TimRyan). DiReynolds (SoftHorizons)YesSPFX
Focus (aka Process)Dephunked BRK (Aenigma Fonts)Yes
Hollywood LightsSolofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. Though not a match, you could also substitute Image Club Pointille as a work-alike.YesSPFX
66Hollywood Starsaka Movie StarYes
IllusionDelusion, shareware by Jonathan PatersonYes
Necktie PlainNo
Necktie StripedStriped Neckties (Character)Yes
NeedlepointNoSPFXThere is a "Needlepoint" included in the Dover/Solo Special Effectc Book/CD, but it is not the same as this one.
PostureGymnastics (WSI), PhilSimmons (Soft Horizons)Yes
SamplerSolofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. Solo digital face Needlepoint doesn't match face in Solocat by the same name; it matches Sampler, another on the same page!YesSPFX
Shatter(Linotype), (Letraset); Freezer (Brendel); High Voltage (Swfte), Lower Westside (Rakowski), Blur (Computer Support Corp/Arts & Letters)YesBlur, from CSC/A&L, has 5 additional varieteis; condensed and expanded, with italic (oblique) versions of each.
67Showtime(Solo, in Dover Circus book/CD. Glyphs in LC only); Hollywood (Martin Holm - fewer and larger 5-pointed stars)YesCIR
SoulsbyArts & Letters Frantic (8) & Slasher (BA)(1); Brendel Curacao; Clickart Slasher (BA)(2); Prima Cun Med; SoftKey SSi Toothpix; Swfte Amplifier; WSI Stinger2.Yes
StartimeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
TonightSolofont Starburst included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. Tonight(Dieter Steffmann; Dan Solo); TonyWhite (SoftHorizons).YesSPFX
60BurstBurst (Dan Solo - Best, full character set), Starburst (Rakowski), Starburst (Steffman). Rakowski's is from a scan and Steffman's adds a few characters to Rakowski's font.YesSPFXNote that the Rakowski/Steffman 'Starburst' is Burst in the catalog, NOT the catalog font named Starburst!
EarthquakeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack. Rick Mueller drew a free same-named version.YesCIR
ExplosionRakowski's Shrapnel.Yes
FirebugSolofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. .Rakowski Crackling Fire. SoftKey SSi Firebug; Swfte Hellfire; WSI Flaming Display Caps; Attitude Fire; and Electric Alphabet Crackling.YesSPFX
FlamoDavid Rakowski's "Firecat" or Rick Mueller's "Flames.". Aldus renamed Flames to Flamo; HFF Fire Dancer.Yes
IcicleIcicle Regular (anon)YesWas anonymous and free. Is now (Nov. 2011) being sold at Eaglefonts.
Igloo OutlineNoSPFXProbably one that was created optically on-the-fly at Solotype.
Igloo Solid(Solo), Tone and Debs (Rakowski, Steffmann. Steffmann's is a copy of Rakowski's with additional characters). Matterhorn (Brendel), Snowtop Caps (WSI, Steffmann), Ice and Snow (AARRGGH).YesSPFXExcept for Solo's version, these are probably all clones of each other. Matterhorn has faux small caps. Ice and Snow has an un-snowy lower case. All others duplicate the upper case. SmallCaps version may be known as "Choclate Frosted' (can anyone confirm and give provenance?(
MalibuSolofonts version @ MyFonts. Rick Mueller has a free version called Ocean View Initials. Dieter Steffmann has a free version called Cardiff.Yes
SeasonNoIn Dover/Solo Art Nouveau alphabet book
SlipstreamSlipstream (Letraset, Corel, Elsner and Flake); Surface (Brendel), Speedstream (Opti).YesBreezedCaps (ManfredKlein) is a similar effect.
Sparkle Starburst (Solo) Note naming conflict: Rakowski's Starburst matches Solocat Burst, but does NOT match Solo Sparkle and Solofont Starburst. SMCHollywood (Software of the Month CLub) has identicallyh placed sparkles on a slightly different base font.YesSPFX
SparkleSolofont Starburst incl. in Dover Special Effects book + CD pack.YesSPFX
Splash OilNoThis was a special effect applied to another font,
Splash WaterNoThis was a special effect applied to another font.
Static (U/C glyphs only)Zap (A&L/ComputerSupport) Aarcover (Rakowski), Bizarr (Brendel) Also see record for Static (w/ Small Caps) for variants with small caps.Yes
Static (w/ Small Caps)Shock (Swfte); Jolt (WSI). See also record for Static Caps.Yes
TensionNoNervous, by Anke-Art (free) has a similar feel.
Cartoon Holly DaysBodie MF Holly (Rick Mueller), Amigo (Enstep)YesThis is a decorated version of Bodie Bounce Open (P. 78)
Cartoon MexicanaNo
Cartoon Party Time (Tim Ryan/Agfa Type Revivals - aka Cartoon Party Caps) ; Chartreuse Parsons (Soft Horizons); Jubilee (Bright Ideas); PartyByTom (TomBrown/AwesomeClipartForKids). YesJubilee has a lower case in the same style. PartyByTom duplicates the upper case in the lower case. The others have solid black caps in the lower case. Ryan's has some mixed solid and decorated punctuattion.
Cartoon Snowcap (4 vars)No
Cartoon TeepeeEaster Fun (TomBrown/AwesomeClipartForKids)Yes
Cartoon Teepee (condensed, open, open condensed)No
Fata MorganaNo
Hurdy GurdyNo
Newsbeat CondensedNo
Wood Relief(Susan Fleisch unattributed, GD Fonts) both freeYes
14ArgentArgentus (The Type Heritage Project - Roger Seganti)YesApothecary, aka Apothecary Open (Silver Graphcis) has a clear interior rather than a shaded one and matches Argent Open. Apothecary Solid is a back-formation from Apothecary.
17Banknote ItalicThere exists an unattributed freeware font creaded from a scan. The website no longer exists.YesA full image appears in Solo's 100 3D and Shaded Alphabets
Century Litho ShadeNo
Engravers Bold Shaded(Opti)YesOpti font not yet found. Maurice Stripes (Softmaker) is similar, with fewer, darker, horizontal shading stripes.
Kolibree No2, No3No
KolibreeTrochilida NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
Selectaka Albert. Red Rooster offers two variants (solid & patterned) under the name Honduras.Yes
Steelplate Txt ShadedAldus cites look-alikes.Yes
Symbolaka Minister Symbol, unattributed freeware.Yes
Ticket RomanNo
Treasury BlackTreasury, Treasury Pro(Canada Type)Yes
Treasury OpenTreasury Gold (Canada Type) - Canada Type has also produced many variationsYes
63Bankers Roman (6 variants)Expressiv Photolettering Collection "Barclay Expanded" by Fontbank is a very close work-alike, to all intents and purposes a look-alike, for Bankers Roman Expanded. (Agfa may also have a version.) Barclays Expanded differs only in the tiniest details.Yes
Bankers Roman Open ExtendedFlame (Enstep)Yes
Banknote Roman (2 vars)BarclayExpandedExtraBold (Novel/Photolettering)Yes
64Bond (9 variants)Agfa's Barclay Open can be a work-alike for Bond Open. With a little help from a Vector Illustration program, the same face could be stretched or compressed to serve as a base for text art matching the Compressed and Extended variantYes
Certificate (2 variants)No
Garfield (6 Shad Vars)No
Radiant Antique(Douglas Day)Yes
63Bond (9 variants)Agfa's Barclay Open can be a work-alike for Bond Open. With a little help from a Vector Illustration program, the same face could be stretched or compressed to serve as a base for text art matching the Compressed and Extended variants YesCopperplate Headline by Archive Type is a distressed version of Bond Bold
Charter RomanNo
CopleyAdamantine (Scriptorium), Mercantile Display NF (NicksFonts)Yes
Engravers Roman (3 widths)(Monotype/Microsoft, Corel/Bitstream, OPTI), and GG821 Deco (SoftMaker), Great Western (Font Mesa). Cambridge Fontworks "Walk This Way 2" is a direct copy of the Monotype font.Yes
Map RomanNo
MercantileMercantile Regular HPLHS (Andrew Leman/, Mercantile Display NF (Nicksfonts - with lower case)YesLeman's font is based on the 1923 ATF specimen book.
Parma (2 patterns)No
Rimmed RomanNo
Skyline(Solotype), Will-Harris(Rakowski, Steffmann)YesSPFX
65Shows special effects services provided by Solotype
66Calypso InitialsCalypsoPF (PolkaDesign), Calypso (Profonts, Ralph Unger), Calypso Boy (Martin Pfeiffer),Stiletto Silver (Rafael Dinner - lines instead of dots). Original design was by Roger Excoffon in 1958YesCalypsoPF is an excellent version. Others shown here include a solid version, Calypso Black was made by Rafael Dinner.
Candy CaneNo
ChainsNoThe font is by Jean Larcher Published in printed form in "Fantastic Alphabets" (Dover Pictorial Archives) 1976
DaisylandFlowerPower(A&L), and Kamille (Brendel) have extensive character sets. Hippie Display (WSI). has a very limited character set that appears to be clones of the A&L and Brendel fonts. Yes
Holiday WishWesHollidaySH (Soft Horizons)Yes
Houdini LightsRay Larabie's Paltime has a similar, but less formal effect.NoNot to be confused with a) The Solotype Houdini and Houdini Shadow as found on myfonts, which is a plain woodfont, or with the Houdini found on the Dover/Solo CD pack, which is a Stars and Stripes version of a different wood font.
Jiminy ChristmasRick Mueller's free version is called Starshine MF.Yes
LinksNoExtremely similar fonts include ChainFontBlack and ChainFontOpen (Gauthier), Chains and Chains Color Fill (Blue Vinyl), and Jack Chain AOE (AOE)
PencilsPencil CapsTR (Tim Ryan/Type Revivals) slight differences in glyph widths.Yes
Perspective No.1Mann (Archive Type), Salter (Rakowski)Yes
Rope InitialsNoSimilar 'rope-y' font include Lariat (Dan Solo) , which is the same font as Roperbah/Reeperbahn (FontShop) and RopeMF (Mueller). LOT Lasso (Kindrick), Rodeo Roundup (FontMesa).
Shoemaker SansNo
22SpringtimeEckhardt Fancy JNL (Jeff Levine)Yes
Stamps (not = one at MyFonts)No
CampfireDieter Steffmann's free "Logger." A version re-drawn by David Rakowski. Also WSI "Logs Display Caps."Yes
Confucius(Traitor Vic - no internal attribution), Castaway Bamboo (Rotodesign/Daniel Broderick), Bamboo (Anon.)Yes
Daisies ForeverNoThe font is by Jean Larcher Published in printed form in "Fantastic Alphabets" (Dover Pictorial Archives) 1976
DriftwoodDriftwood67 (Character)YesA full alphabet image can be found
Eve Initials(Paleale/David Koehne), SSi Fleur Display Caps(SSI/SSK) Garden Display Caps (WSI). Koch Initialen (Dieter steffmann, probably to honor the late original artist, Rudolf Koch), Lilith Initials (Rakowski), FloraDecora (Hallmark).Yes
Fantasy No.4NoIn Index no sample on page 67
FencelineDrift Wood (Dieter Steffmann), DriftType (Paul Reid (AKA 'Who Am I'))YesA version of Steffmann's font exists renamed to Fenceline with a copyright line of 'DriftType'
GarlandJudy's Garland (anon)YesAvailable on most free sites. The "X" is peculiar. © shows "Surrender Dorothy:
HedgerowDeepwoods Initials (PJLloyd) not exact in the fine details but almost impossible to see the differences without looking really hard.Yes
Jungle HutNo
LindenNero (Apostrophe), Rustic (Scriptorium)Yes
RusticRusticBlackShadow (Character), Pepin Press Caps FA204 (Dick Pape), Wood Font Four (Intellecta - has a bad 'L')YesOriginal design by Vincent A. Figgins (1845)
Rustic WhiteshadowRustic (Solotype). Pinewood (Rick Mueller, Steffmann) and Woody (DincType). Pinewood is slightly darker, while Woody is darker still and doesn't have all of the punctuation. All, even the Solotype version, lack the white shadow that appears in the catalog.YesSPFXThe Rustic in the Special Effects Book/CD has no shaddow effect. Note the difference in the basic typeface between Rustic Wihiteshadow and the Rustic on this same page, esp. the crossbar on the "E".
ShantytownOuthouseDisplayCaps (WSI), HillNBillyCaps (SSK).Yes
59ShowtimeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.. Letters appear as UC but are typed as LC.YesCIR
Spring FlowersNo
TenderleafTenderleaf (Rakowski), Springtime (Swfte), Ivy Display Caps (WSI). Cambridge Fontworks clone of Rakowski named Young American 3.Yes
68Go Fish!No
Kelly's GourmetPale Ale's Gourmet Display. For some letters, the LC is the same as the UC; for others, there are two distinct glyphs. All the glyphs are the size of UC, regardless of where they're stored within the font.Yes
Kelly's TravelNo
TarantellaTarantella Display (Pale Ale), Tarantella MF (Rick Mueller), Wedding of the Bugs (TV/Traitor Vic)Yes
69Cartoon Ghost (4 variants)No
DraculaDigital versions include A&L's Drips (FREE DL at their WEB site); Brendel's MEPHISTO; Novel's Dragoon; and Opti's Dracula. Rick Mueller's free version is named Wet Paint.Yes
FrankensteinStolzenfels (Brendel); Drooping (ImageLine); Friezel (Novel!); Frankenstein's Bride (Opti); and Corpus (Scriptorium). "Aaaaaaaargh Caps" (shareware or freeware ??)Yes
GrogCake Frosting (Neil Van Ess.), Grog Caps (Traitor Vic)Yes
Headhunter(Solo, Rakowski), Bones (Attitude, Inc), Bone (Peter Dako), BonzCaps (SSK), Fossil (WSI), YesSPFX
Hellhouse TwoNo
MonsterRasant (Brendel)Yes
Monster OutlineGremlin (Bay Animation), Alaska (Brendel), Meltdown (Richard Mueller- Free) Ghoully Caps (WSI). aka Frozen AlaskaYes
Rocky HorrorNo
Spooks Alive Spirits, Spirits MF (Rick Mueller), Ghost Show (Solo) Boo-Meringue NF (NickCurtis/Nicksfonts), Poultrygeist (Apostrophe/FredNader - inexact outlines)YesIn Solo's "100 Rustic and Rough-Hewn Alphabets", this face is named "Lithotint Black"
Spooks Alive OutlinePoultrygeist Out (Apostrophe/FredNader - inexact outlines)YesLacks the shadow seen in the catalog.
Spooks Alive ShadedNoThe shaded version was the original, named Lithotint.
VampireRick Mueller's Burnt.Yes
70AmeliaLT, Brendel, and Corel / Bits offer under orig name, plus A&L & ClickArt Amos; Novel Amethyst, Opti Amelia & Nerissa, Softkey SSi Perkle, Swfte Alien Eye; and SoftMaker A770 Deco.Yes
Automation (4 vars)(Type Revivals), Otto Mason(Soft Horizons), Auto Mission (Toto).YesType Revivals' Automation and SH's Otto Mason include versions of "Automation" and "Automation Shaded". Auto Mission includes alternate characters as seen in Solo's Special Effects and Topical alphabet books. The SH fonts are also found renamed to Automation
Calculator (2 wts)Opti Calculator matches Light glyph design but bold weight.Yes
Chromium OneLetraset et al.Yes
CountdownCorel Countdown; WSI Compstyle, URW++ Condorcet.Yes
Data 70(Letraset, FontCompany),COCKPIT (Brendel), MyCalc (FontBank, Novel ), Darius (Opti/Castcraft); Logan and TechSchool (SWFTE), Magnetic Card (WSI), Micr (ImageClub), Compute (Silver Graphics), Data (Font Company)Yes
Decade ComputerNo
Electronic (rg & it)No
High TechNo
Moore ComputerK22 GKW Computer (Toto - all but a few letters are based on GKW); MyCalc (FontBank); Dali (URW++ is less of an exact matchYes
QuicksilverA&L's Neonz; Corel 's Quicksilver; Brendel's CLIENT; Novel's Quotidien; and WSI's QUARK NEON. Also Neon Lights (Allen Walden, GraphxEdge), Twizzler (Silver Graphics)Yes
Russell SquareDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Brendel's ANALOG; ClickArt's Digital (ML); Image Club's original named version; and SoftKey SSi's Shoestring.Yes
SynchroElsner + Flake; and Letraset/ITC Fontek under orig. name; and Swfte Low Tech and Opti Sanders Display.Yes
71American TypewriterITC and Adobe offer an original, so does Corel / Bits; also Brendel Typewriter, A&L &Yes
American Typewriter WannabeSee note under record for main name.Yes
Bulletin Typewriter (Mecanorma), Bulletin Typewriter 5 (Opti), Editor Condensed (Micrologic). These are all quite similar, but the glyphs aren't as smooth as shown in the catalog.Yes
Bulletin Typewriter BoldNo
Credit Card Figures (2 vars)No
Credit Card GothicNo
Fractured TypewriterMcGarey (Rakowski) Detective (SWFTE);YesEntebbe (Brendel) is an artificially widened copy of McGarey.
InkjetSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
OCR TypeDigital versions include Corel/Bitstream's OCR-A; Brendel's October and Dolomite; Agfa's OCRA M in the Yes
Pinball(Opti), Dot Soon (Nick's Fonts)Yes
Ribbonfaced TypewriterWSI Linenstroke.Yes
ScoreboardNoThe 'Scoreboard' Solofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack is quite different from this one..
Stipple TypewriterNo
Typewriter SqueezedNo
72Bamboo(Solofonts), Bart (Arts & Letters), Bard (Corel), Asian (BayAnimation) , Sapporo (Bright Ideas), Freak (HIH Retrofonts)Yes
Chin ChinNo
Chinatown(Solotype), Chinatown II (Traitor Vic)YesSPFX
Chopstickaka Chopstick and Rickshaw. Digital versions include Brendel's HALIFAX; Novel's Penki; and Swfte's Chopstix. and Nixon in China?!Yes
Civilite(Tim Ryan/Type Revivals), Olivia (Brendel), Spanish Court Hand (Walden), Civi Regular (Stephen Moye) Yes
Hong KongOrient1 (A&L), Konfuzius (Brendel), Taipeh (Brendel), Orient (WSI), Rickshaw (Fantazia). Orient1 and Orient have multiple variations. Bonzai (anon)YesThe two Brendel fonts have numerous differences. Original was 1935 Chop Suey by Ross F. George, based on a previous face named Peking.
IdeographA&L Orient2 (1 free dl at their WEB site); Brendel Samurai; and Fantazia Unique 46,V., Ideograph (TraitorVic)YesCombines faux-oriental fonts by Charles Papirtis of Photo-Lettering.
JapanetteJapanette (Brendel, Opti, Softmaker), Jasper (Fontbank), Tempura (WSI), Pagoda SF (Brendel/Softmaker), Japan (AllenWalden/FriendlyFons)Yesoriginally called Wedge Gothic about 1895, renamed 1923 to Japanette (same foundry as Pekin: Barnhart Bros, & Spindler)
Legende(URW, Profonts, B&P Graphics), Mocha (A&L), Sinbad (Bay Animation). Many other look-alikes.YesOriginal design by Friedrich Hermann Ernst Schneidler for the Bauersche Gießerei foundry. Harem (p.73) is Legende with diacritical marks.
Little EgyptNo
Mandarin(Agfa, URW, E&F, LT) ; Macau (SoftMaker), Shanghai (Mauerkirchner/Grunert), ChowMein and Shanghai (WSI), Deng Thick (Media Graphics), Yes
Mandarin OutlineDroopy (Enstep)Yes
Mandarin ShadedPagodaSCaps(SSK), Shanghai (anon-Metamorphosis-1992)Yes
Moon GateNo
Pekin(Solo, HiHRetroFonts, Fantazia), Tentakel (Brendel), Tablet (Arts & Letters - 18 variants)., Geisha (Gophmann - with Cyrillic), Absinthe (Bulldog, also an alternate version)YesOriginal design (1888) was 'Dormer', Barnhart Bros. & Spindler. Solo also has a Bold Version.
ShanghaiBlueEyes (Enstep)Yes
Sukiyaki (Caps)Tim Ryan re-drew for Agfa Type Revivals. aka Japanese Style, Sumdumgo. Hirosh(AAARGH Graphics), HiroshiYes
Suzie WongChinese (Brendel); Shantung (Novel), Shanghai (Prima, Opti, Mauerkirchner&Grunert).Yes
TokyoSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack. Also Riksha (Bright Ideas).YesCIR
73Artistik(Agfa, Miles, Computer Graphics, Solo), Karavan Display (Softkey-SSI). YesDifferent implementations contain a varying assortment of alternate glyphs, including A, H, K, N, P, R, S, T, U. The Solo version has some of the alternates without the basic glyphs. See Petzendorfer catalog, page 49 for multiple original characters.
Artistik (Alt Syle)Solofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack. See separate record for other versions of Artistik. Solo's seems a bit more authentic and consistent.YesANV
Croissant(Bitstream), Crest (Bay Animation/Arts&Letters); PANDERO (Brendel); Cressida (WSI), Curacao (SoftMaker), Cresulfin (MauerKirchner&Grunert); Yes
HaremThese all have minor variations: Aladdin(WSI), Caliph(Scriptorium), Sahara(Fantazia,others), Bavand(unk). Legende (p. 72) is Harem without diacriticals.Yes
HarquilMoulinRouge RichardWare / Casady&Green / FluentLaserFonts, WSI), Harquil (WSI), Moulin Rouge (WSI); Crane(A&L/Computer Support Corp)Yes
Khayyam(Agfa Type Revivals/Tim Ryan), KarlKhayyam (SoftHorizons)Yes
LeGolfLeGolf (Renn Crump), LeTrou (Claude)Yes
LimehouseScholz Secession (HiH Retro Fonts)Yes
ManilaBrendel Pittores; Swfte Paint Brush; and WSI Painter (a little lighter version). aka Oriental. Taiwan (Silver Graphics)Yes
Pagoda (Matura)Matura MT(Monotpe, Mecanorma, Linotype)Yes
SamoaNick Curtis's "Hardy Har Har."Yes
ShalimarShalimar (Type Revivals). Shelly Maris (Soft Horizons copy of TR font), Samarkan (Titivillus / Ethel) Free. My files say Solo drew one, too; but it's not listed at Dover or MyFonts. Yes
Shamrock(ImageClubGraphics, Elsner & Flake - 3 versions - alternate 2 is closest to catalog image, FontCompany), YesDesign by Allan Withers of Letraset.
Siamese, Owah-Tagu-Siam NF (NicksFonts), Thai Dye (HFF), YesSouthPacific (Mario Arturo) is probably based on the same source material. Some characters are significantly different.
TimbuctuK22 Timbuctu (Toto)Yes
TrinityShamus Pro Medium (Red Rooster) - Different N, T, possibly moreYes
74AcropolisXerxes (Monotype, Opti) , K22 Xerxex (Toto), and Omicron (Bright Ideas) are all extremely similar but have major differences.No
AppianEdessa JNL (Jeff Levine)YesDisney Heroic has similar shapes
ArrowheadArrowheadLake (Character), Fletcher (Solo), Lettres Angulaires (Wooden Type Fonts), GoticaModerna (Intellecta)YesDesign by Beaudoire & Cie. foundry
Arrowhead ShadedArrowheadLakeShadows (Character), Gotica Moderna Shadow (Intellecta)Yes
AztecaAzteca Regular (Character)Yes
Azteca CondensedAzteca Condensed (Dan Solo/Dover)YesSPFX
Herb ShopNo
MaccabeeNeuportMonogram (MonogramFontsCompany)YesSolid version requires support for stylistic alterntes.
Moses CondensedTanach (Steffmann), Shalom (A&L), Doolittle and Rasputin (Brendel), Kosher (Bay Animation), Mazurka (Novel), Hebrew (SWFTE), Maseltov (OPTI), Shalom Normal (ComputerSupport/A&L(Yes
NovellaDieter Steffmann's Art Nouveau Caps matches this face.Yes
PericlesPersephone NF (Nick Curtis), Old Greek (FontHouse), Ovid (Dixie's Delights)YesOriginal design by Foster for ATF, 1934.
Russian ClarendonPetrograd (Scott Remen - 1992)Yes
Russian EgyptianNo
Scimitar(Solo, WSI). Solomon (SWFTE) , Alfred Drake (Mike Allard / DeNada), Kohelet (DieterSteffmann)YesSPFX
SholomSholom (Dieter Steffmann), Mohlar (Anon.), Shalom (Anon.) YesAnother Solo mis-spelling. Usual transliteration is Shalom. But there are many other different fonts named Shalom.
Xerxes(Solofont-1999, OPTI)); Xerxes TR (TypeRevivals-1994); K22 Xerxes(Toto - mixed hollow and light version, derived from the Solotype font), Xerxes MN (Mecanorma), Xebec (Novel!Fonts), XavierPlato (Soft Horizons remake of Xerxes TR), Cleopatra, Xerxes (Brendel), Sophocles (Silver Graphics)YesSPFXOriginal design, Parthenon, by Charles Pipirtis at Photo-Lettering
75Ad Lib BuntingNoThis used the font "Ad Lib" (many sources) as a base.
American AssayHWT American Chromatic (P22/IHOF)YesOriginally designed late 1850's
Banner StarsBannerStar (ClaudeSerieux)Yes
77Campaign(Solo). Included in earlier edition of Dover/Solo Special Effects pack. Not included in pack dated 2000.YesSPFX
Cartoon Bunting Narrow Cartoon Bunting Narrow (Character)Yes
Cartoon Bunting WideFree 'Bodie MF Flag' (Rick Mueller). Yes
FatimaMatching digital version of Houdini (c) 2000 Dover Publications, but not listed in any of the packs now?? Not same as Houdini Lights.Yes
Flag InitialsKarneval (© "dustup key 3003"), RC All American (Anon)Yes
Moore LibertyNo
Mystic FlagThe Wall (EnStep).Yes
National GothicNo
National SpiritA&L Bunting; Brendel Managua. American Patriot (Fantazia)Yes
Old GlorySolofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. FZ Unique 44(Fantazia), Bunting 2 (CSC). Amerika, by Brendel, is a badly autotraced version.YesSPFX
Old Glory RimmedNo
Salute StarsA&L Stars; Brendel Fairytale. Also "Independence."Yes
Stars & StripesNo
Town Hall TwoNo
Yankee DoodleNo
76Railroad Car FiguresDaylight 1937 (Benn Coifmann's minor differences
Railroad Car Types (12 vars)Some of the numbered Railroad typefaces on this page are matched by some of Benn Coifman's Railroad FontsSomeThe Catalog's Index only has the single entry,
"Railroad Car Types"
Railroad No. 04No,
Railroad No. 06No
Railroad No. 07RailRoad Roman 3 (Benn Coifmann's
Railroad No. 08Extra Gray (Benn Coifmann's
Railroad No. 09No
Railroad No. 12RailRoad Roman 4 (Benn Coifmann's
Railroad No. 13Zephyr (Benn Coifmann's
Railroad No. 15No
Railroad No. 19No
Railroad No. 21No
Railroad No. 23No
Railroad No. 27No
7715Arborette(Solo). In Victorian CD/BookYesVICSpelled Arboret on page 15 and in Solocat index.
21Arborette #2No
75Campaign(Solo). Included in earlier edition of Dover/Solo Special Effects pack. Not included in pack dated 2000.YesSPFX
Dimension ThreeNo
Fanfold(Opti), Fanzine (Novel), Shohl Fold (Rakowski), Bajazzo (Brendel)Yes
Fillet(Solo), Streamers NF (NicksFonts), Toletto (Rakowski)YesSPFX
FilmHarold Lohner's Le Film Classic.Yes
Relievo(Anon, - a very poorly scanned unedited version done with FontCreator, with ends #2 only).YesOnly one variety of Relievo is shown on page 77, with three different pairs of ends. '
RibbonetteAridi80 (Aridi). Bandoneon (Brendel); Heraldic (SWFTE), Ribbons (WSI). Davy's Ribbons (Rakowski), Scroll (also Rakowski, but renamed by somebody or other). YesBest of the lot is Aridi80; PretoriaGrossRibbons (Intellecta) uses a different typeface for the lettering. All the others are clones of what started out as a poor and unclear implementation.
Stephen OrnateSilverland (FontMesa), Bruce 1490 (Intellecta), Aridi81 (Aridi) All have some differences in detail.YesDesign by Julius Herriet, Bruce Type Foundry, 1877
Trading StampStamper (Ingrimayne/Robert Schenk)Yes
78Bodie Bounce Cartoon Party Time (TypeRevivals), Peanut Gallery (Nick Curtis/Nicksfonts), Chartreuse Parsons (SoftHorizons) For both of these, the lowercase matches.Yes
Bodie Bounce OpenNoSee Cartoon Holly Leaves (P 61) for a decorated version
Clown Around (2 vars)No
Comic BookNo
Country BarnumBarking (Enstep)Yes
Scintillate (4 vars)No
Texture No.2No
Yippie (4 vars)No

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