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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
94Architect LightNo
Balloonaka Lasso. Many look-alikes. Bay Anim Bassett from A&L & ClickArt; Balloon fr. Corel / Bits; orig. Agfa in Print Artist bundle; Fontbank Barmoon Bold; Opti Balloon; Softkey SSi Howzat Display Caps; SoftMaker Balloon; Swfte Hot Air; WSI Balogna. Bandit (Silver Graphics)Yes
Brooklyn CasualBrooklyn (Filmotype), Tally Text (Solofont, with a bold version, too) , Noteworthy (only with Mac OSX and iOSYes
Dom BoldSee Dom Casual, this pageYes
Dom Casual(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, ImageClub, URW). Brush 431 (Bitstream), Dominican (FontBank), Polka (Mecanorma), and more.Yes
Dom Casual fleetine NIC but solid pg 194)Incl. in Dover/Solo Outline Book + CD pack.YesOUT(Outline NIC but solid pg 194)
Dom Diagonal(Bitstream)Yes
FlashDigital versions include Corels Flash; Brendel's Slager; ClickArt's; Agfa's Lt, B, & Outl originals included inthe Print Artist bundle; Opti's Flintlock; and SoftMaker's Falcon and S760 Deco. Also check Lanston, URW, E+F, and Letraset.Yes
Graffito BoldNo
Graffito Outline(Solo)YesOUT
LithosLots ofYes
Polo SemiscriptNovel Rickshaw; Imageline Tribecca. Rick Mueller offers a free version called Polo Brush.Yes
Tally Text (Lt & Bd)Solofonts versionTally Text (Lt & Bd) @ MyFonts.. Appears in Solocat as Brooklyn Casual.Yes
Van Dijk (Rg & B)Bay Animation Surfer & Vizier; Corel Van Dijk; Brendel Hubert; Image Club Surf style; Opti Vanilla Display; Rima Veniaminow; SoftMaker Surfboard and Vandenburg.Yes
95Album Script (Solo)Acroterion JF from Jason Walcott's Jukebox Fonts.Yes
Dianna Bold Script(Solo, Opti), Ballantines (URW, FontCompany, B&P, Elsner & Flake), YesBOS
Dianna Light Script(Opti), Ballantines (URW, FontCompany, B&P, Elsner & Flake). Opti Dianna Script Light Agency.Yes
Dianna Medium Script(Phils Fonts, Anon)Yes
Snell RoundhandSnell Roundhand (Linotype, Adobe), Engravers Roundhand BT(BT), Signet Roundhand (Agfa),Roundhand Script(Elfring), Sicilia (Opti, Primafont)Yes
Zeal Script(Filmotype)Yes
Zeppelin ScriptOPTIZepplin-Script (Castcraft)Yes
Zircon ScriptOpti Zircon w/ Supplement, LeScript (2Rebels - Faded, irregular, almost a grunge version).YesThe Opti font is known to have existed, but no copy has yet been located.
Zither Script(Opti), Gitarre (Brendel)Yes
Zoom ScriptOpulence, by Jason Walcott, Jukebox. Also Opti Zoom Script w/ Supplement.Yes
96Bank ScriptAgfa orig in Print Artist bundle; Novel Banken Script; Brendel Romance; Opti Bank Script; Prima Bangroft Gothic; SoftMaker Bay Script.Yes
Belvedere LightNo
Carpenter (Script)Solofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. Offered under orig. name by Image Club & FontHaus. Brendel Julia & Novel Carlotta. Opti Carmella.YesSCR
Commercial ScriptSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. Also available under orig name from Bitstream, Corel, Opti, and SoftMaker. Print Artist bundles an Agfa version. Novel Coleridge, Prima Covinton, & SoftKey SSi Journal Script.YesSCR
EleganceIncluded in Dover/Solo Scripts pack. Other digital versions: Canada Type Sincerely and Opti Elegance.YesSCR
Excelsior Scriptaka Kuenstler Script, Palace Script. Quite a few versions. Digital YesANV
Excelsior Script WannabeThere's a Dan Solo version of Artist's Script. Also very similar to Excelsior in Solocat, pg. 96, with a different LC b.Yes
Hallmark ScriptMonterey (Bitstream), Mahogany Script (MT. OPTI/Castcraft). MountainScript (Opti)YesHallmark was a Filmotype design
Hilton ScriptNoHilton Script is a slightly wider and darker version of Hallmark Script
Jiffy Script(Linotype, Opti), Wendy (Letter Perfect), Got That Bling NF (Nicksfonts), HastyHMK (Hallmark), Dagobert (Brendel)Yes
Lady ScriptSing Out (Imageline); SoftKey SSi Alto Script. Lady Dawn (Type Revivals), LainieDay.(Soft Horizons), BrightSky (Silver Graphics), Liana (Paratype)Yes
106LatinoNoIndex shows as Latino Script, as it is on page 106
Nestor ScriptNo
Spencerian ScriptAntique Spenserian (Flat-it)Yes
Steelplate ScriptAldus cites look-alikes.Yes
Typo Script ExtendedTypo Script HPLHS (AHLehman-), Original Script (ESTypography), Castle Copperplate Script (ESTypography), Formal Script (WSI)YesThere is also a metafont version named RSFS (Ralph Smith's Formal Script)
York ScriptBrendel Cumberland & York; Novel Yonkers; Opti York, WSI Yorkshire; Prima York; SoftMaker Yorkshire Script; WSI Fleurish Script.Yes
Yukon ScriptFilmotype Yukon (Filmotype)Yes
Zanzibar ScriptZanzibar (Filmotype, Brendel/Softmaker, Opti), Articulate (Novel/FontBank)Yes
Zenith ScriptNo
Zephyr ScriptFilmotype Zephyr, Acroterian JF (JAW - Upper case only)YesUpper case is the same as for Album Script (p. 95)
97Bolina Script CondensedBolina (Claude Pelletier)Yes
Centennial Script Fancy(Solotype, Intellecta Design), Agate (Enstep - upper case only)YesNot in solocat index. Intellecta adds an open version and unshaded glyphs.
Centennial Script Plain(Solotype, CanadaType); Centennial Script Easy (Intellecta)YesCanada Type adds a set of alternate glyphs, as well as a Pro version that combines both.
ChopinChopin Script (Claude Pelletier), ChaseCallas (SH), Chiaroscuro (SvG), Polonaise (FC, URW ), Polonaise Bold (FC), OptiPicturesqueScript, dozens more copies and clonesYesThe catalog shows some associated ornaments; these don't appear in any of the digitizations. Font Company's Polonaise Bold is NOT bold, but contains a set of alternate glyphs. URW seems to have dropped the 'normal' font when it inherited the Font Company, and offers only the Bold-Alternate version, labeled simply Bold.
Engrossing ScriptSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack.YesSCR
Hispania Script(HiH Retro Fonts); Dobkin (Rakowski, characters added bySteffmann); Vivian (Brendel); Esperanza (Scriptorium)Yes
Novelty ScriptSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack., Nova Sandra PDS Bold (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesBOS
Pantagraph ScriptSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack.YesSCR
Pantagraph Script No. 2May be Pantagraph Script, optically skewed and expandedNo
Pantagraph Script No. 3May be Pantagraph Script, skewed. to the leftNo
Script TextNo
Spinner ScriptNo
Typo Upright(Bitstream), (Solo, in SCR Book/CD), French Script MT (Monotype), Linoscript (Linotype), Cathedral (SWFTE), YesSCROriginal name Tiffany Upright, by Morris Fuller Benton, ATF, 1905/6
98Amazone (SC) & Amapola (ST)SolofontAmapola included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. Face also available as Amaze (BA, 4 variants, 1 free) at A&L + 6 vars at Clickart; and Bitstream & Corel Amazone.YesSCR
Bernhard CursiveBernhard Schoenschrift (E&F, Scangraphic)) , Liberty (Bitstream), Bernhard Script (Softmaker), Bernhard Bold Cursive (Opti)Yes
Bernhard TangoDigital versions include A&L's Tango (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Bernhard Tango; Brendel's Felicita; Agfa's Carmine Tango in Discovery Pak & PrtA; SoftKey SSi's Petticoat Script; and SoftMaker's Bernhard Elegant.Yes
Bernhard Tango Swash CapsBernhard Tango Swash (Image Club)Yes
BoulevardDigital versions include Brendel's Boulevard and Koepenick; ClickArt's Regency (ML); Opti's Brandenburg; Prima's Brandenburg; and SoftMaker's B820 Script. Also Lanston's Francis.Yes
Circular CursiveNo
Coronet (Regular and Bold)(Adobe, Agfa, Miles, Monotype, URW), Bow (A&L), Cornet (WSI), Coronation (SWFTE), Ribbon 131 (Bitstream), Pageant (Micrologic) , Hyazinth (Brendel), Savoye (Letraset), Coyonet (Opti) and more.Yes
HanoverSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. - Spelled Hannover in Script/Cursive bookYesSCR
Liberty (script)Solofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. Other digital versions include A&L's Liberate (BA); Brendel's LIBERANCE; ClickArt's Liberate (BA); Novel's Lichten; Opti's Liberty Foundry; Prima's Liard Foundry; and SoftMaker's Belsize.YesSCR
MadisonianMadisonian Light (Presence Typo) YesBold and Engraved also avail. from Presence Typo
Murray Hill (Regular and Bold)Murray Hill (Berthold, E&F, Bitstream, URW.ImageClub, Miles, OPTI), Yes
Park AvenueSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. This is very commonly available.
Digital versions include A&L's Parade (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Park
Stradivarius(Grosse Pointe Group), Symphonie (FontHaus)Yes
Trafton (Script)(Solo, Tim Ryan of TypeRevivals) YesSCR
Trafton Script HeavierGB2004.ttf seems to be a heavier weight than illus in Solocat.Yes
Virtuoso BoldNoViceroyJF (Walcott/Jukebox/Jawfonts) has some differing characters.
Virtuoso LightNoDesign derived from Virtuosa by Zapf. Note that Virtuoso Light and Bold have differently shaped characters.
Zipper ScriptBrendel Anette; Opti Zipper, Novel Appalacian [sic] & Zirkon; Prima Zorro. Bold version Yes
99Adastra Black(Solo in BOldScript book/CD), Rhythm One Solid (Positype)YesBOSOriginal was Adastra, designed by Herbert Thannhauser for DStempel. Based on Ratio, by ATF. Positype's Rhythm Two is more elaborate.
Adastra Royal(Solov in BOScript book/CD, Rhythm One (Positype)YesBOSOriginal was Adastra, designed by Herbert Thannhauser for DStempel. Based on Ratio, by ATF. Positype's Rhythm Two is more elaborate.
ArabellaArabella (Dieter Steffmann - a lighter version), Heather (De Nada/Mike Allard), BetterHeather (Mario Arturo - no internal attribution)YesArabella without the swash caps doesn't appear in the Solotype Catalog. Fonts listed here do not include the swash caps
Arabella FavoritArabella Pro Medium (Profonts) includes both the swash initials as seen in the catalog and the basic font, Arabella.YesArabella Favorit is a mix, using Arabella and Arabella Initials (see pp. 4 & 5 of the Scripts and Cursive Alphabets book)
Ariston (Light and Bold)(Berthold, Dieter Steffmann, Fantazia), Aritus D (URW), Ari (Primafonts), Natalie (Brendel) , Agnes/Artistic (Softmaker), Yes
Arkona(Berthold, Adobe, PrimaFont)+, Argentine? (SoftMaker) YesDesign by Karl Klauss, 1935
Champion ScriptBerthold Champion, Opti Champion ScriptYes1957 Berthold design by GG Lange per Jaspert's book.
Charme(Adobe, Image Club, Linotype), Airfoil *SSI/SSK), Scheherezade (SWFTE),YesSlogan (Monotype, URW, Publishers Paradise) and Memo Script (SSI/SSK) are almost identical, with some different upper case glyps.
Gabriele (misspelled - should be Gabrielle)(Tim Ryan/TypeRevivals), (Dieter Steffmann)Yes
Gloria (Script)Solofont in Dover Scripts pack, Pismo Clambake (Nick Curtis). Opti Gloria is clearly a look-alike but doesn't match the Solocat sample quite as closely - the starred i-dot becomes softened to a square.YesSCR
Mardis GrasSolofonts version "Mardis Gras Improved" @ MyFonts.Yes
Personality ScriptGnarly Dude NF (Nicksfonts). aka True Grit. ITC offers revival of Personality Script by Michael Stacey. Preview at Identifont.Yes
PhyllisCorel Phyllis; Brendel Graffiat; Opti Paps; and SoftMaker Philadelphia. Versions by Bauer, URW, E&F, and Agfa.Yes
Phyllis InitialsURW++set of " Variant Script No. 1Yes
Shelley Allegro(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype), English 111 Vivace.(Bitstream), Pen Tweaks 1 (SSI), Sterling (SWFTE)Yes
Shelley Andante(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype), English 111 Adagio.(Bitstream), Pen Tweaks 2 (SSI)Yes
Shelley Volante(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype), English 111 Presto.(Bitstream), Pen Tweaks 3 (SSI)Yes
Troubadour (Rg + Lt Contour)Invite Engraved (A&L); Penelope (Brendel), Winston Script (WSI). Rechtman (Rakowski)Yes
10031Backhand ScriptSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
Bazaar CasualCanada Type Boondock.Yes
Bolide ScriptBolideScript (Panache) , Bolide-Regular (Rick Mueller)Yes
Bravo(AR Type, Rick Mueller)Yes
BrushWidely available. Digital versions include Adobe's & Linotype's by the original name, A&L's Banty; Corel/Bitstream's Brush Script; Brendel's TROPICAL; ClickArt's Artisan (ML) and, BaYes
Choc(Linotype, Letraset, ITC), Cocoa (Arts & Letters/Bay Animation/Computer Support);+ Ninja (Bay Animation),)Staccato 555 (Bitstream, Tilde) Acapulco (Brendel), Olivette (Novel), Marker Board (SSI/SSK), SoftKey Chandler (SoftMaker), Chokko (WSI), YesFonts that show an Arts & Letters copyright are re-branded Bay Animation fonts. Ninja and Cocoa are identical.
Compliment(Profonts), New Day MF (Rick Mueller), Mineola Script (SSI). Kompliment (maybe de Groot)Yes
FigaroSolofont included in Dover Scripts book/CD. Dalia (A&L), Eleven (Brendel). Iphegenia (Scriptorium) , Kelly Brown (De Nada)YesSCR
Fox(Opti), Ronin (A&L), Rhapsodie (Brendel), Fantazia Unique 33.Yes
Gillies Gothic(Agfa/Miles/Monotype, URW, Elsner & Flake, Letraset, Mecanorma). Airstream (Nick Curtis), Diner (Broderbund), Gillies (Elfring), Gilliam Script (Softmaker), Galante (WSI), Goal Gothic 5 (Opti - not found)YesBowfin Printworks lists Flott as equivalent.
GongBad Gong (Peter Wiegel)Yes
Greeting Card CasualNoFilmotype Kentucky is remarkably similar.
Holly ScriptSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. Also Brendel Palette, Opti Holly Script, Swfte Ribbons, and WSI Bailey. Also freeware Quiggly Wiggly.YesSCR
Kaufmann ScriptMany by name, and many look-alikes. Digital versions include Bay Animation's Kiev; CoYes
LariatSolofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. Rick Mueller's Rope MF is a free version. Dieter Steffmann's free version is called Reeperbahn.YesSPFX
MandateA&L & ClickArt Jott and Corel/Bitstream Freehand 521. Also a Dover/Solo version in BOS pack. Dieter Steffmann calls his free version Marketing Script, and offers regular, inline, and shadowed variants.Yes
MistralAbundant look-alikes. Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Mystic( BA) and Stucco (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Staccato 222; Brendel's KalahYes
Nevison CasualCorel bundle and Print Artist bundle have an original; SoftMaker is Casual and WSI is Neville Script.Yes
Romany Script(Solo) Included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack, Apricot (CanadaType)YesSCR
101BalzacSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack. Also Brendel Balzac and Novel Balthazar, SoftMaker B650 Deco, and Scriptorium Bilitis.YesBOS
Bold Script #332Script MT BoldYes
BonaireMaize (Rick Mueller)YesOriginal design name was Flamme; Alan Meeks redesigned for Letraset. Mueller says "my version of an old typeface named Bonaire".
Brandy ScriptRick Mueller's Brandy.; Swfte Haight; and Photolettering Gonzales Jeanette (Expressive PLC by Fontbank).Yes
CignoCigno (Rick Mueller, P22)YesDesign by Aldo Novarese, 1954
DerbyAppears to be available as "Derby 8" from by Gerhard HelzelNoDesigned by G. G. Lange (1952).
Jerash (Scriptorium) has some similarities;
Fanal ScriptNo
Fleet (Label Script in SoloCat)Name is Aligner per PhotoYesBOS
Flex RibbonNo
86Fulton Sign ScriptSweden (Bay Animation), Philly Script (FontCompany / URW), Ebor Script (Panache)YesSame as Ebor Script, page 86
Futura Script(Elsner & Flake). Fscript (Font Company), Machine Script (De Nada), Manuscript (Brendel), Function Script (Softmaker)YesAldus renamed Softmaker Function Script to Futura Script
Gaston(Solo- in Dover Bold Script book/CD pack), (Opti)YesBOSAnswer (Enstep), BenguiatCharisma (PhotoLettering), PT Banana Split (Kinghorm), and Candice (URW and Fontshop) was previously shown as a match. They are similar, but wouldn't qualify as being matches.
Hauser ScriptRed Rooster version re-drawn.Yes
Hawarden ItalicNo
HollaSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack. Dieter Steffmann has a same-named free version.YesBOS
ImpulseCorel/Bitstream Impuls; I770 Script; and WSI Brush Flair.Yes
Inserat CursiveBold Script (Bulldog)Yes
Julia ScriptElsner + Flake, Jane Script (Opti), Justice Script (Opti)Yes
KaligraphiaAridi08, Brendel's Calligraphia; Fontbank's Fleetwood; Opti's Capra 5; SoftMaker's C650 Script and Karin; WSI's FLEETWOOD. NOTE: Solocat name has only ONE 'L.' Others include Kalligraphia (WSI,URW,Linotype, Elsner&Flake,& Font Company).Yes
KeynoteChaplin CG (Agfa/Monotype); Willard Sniffin Script (Red Rooster)Yes
Label ScriptFleet (Solo), Fleet Wing 44 (Opti), Fairlane (Silver Graphics)YesBOSName is Aligner per Photo, original by Filmotype
LacledeHampshire Script (Bulldog), Laclede CAT (Peter Wiegel)Yes
PragfestNoThis is likely to have been the model for Monotype's ScriptMT. There are substantial differences and many similarities.
Script MT BoldMonotype, probably others.Yes
Zorba (Solid)(Solo), Blanchard Solid (Bulldog)YesBOS
102Aegean (=Adverscript, page 58)Advert (Rick Mueller - also appears renamed to Aegean), PT Karolla Black (Paratype), Hercules (Steffmann), BubbleSoft (SWFTE)Yes
Bison(Berthold, B&PGraphics), Brush 738 (Bitstream), Blizzard (URW)Yes
BoutiqueBoutique (Brendel, B&P), Dorset (Opti), Karolla (Paratype). This looks like a narrowed version of another face.Yes
Bronstein BoldSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack.YesBOSLazybones (E&F) is quite similar except for the u.c. swashes.
Cascade(Adobe/Linotype, Qualitype), Castile (Solo- included in Dover Bold Script book/CD), Freehand 471 (Bitstream), Castanet (Corel), Cassia (WSI), Ole Script (SSI), Apache (Brendel), Quiberon (Brendel)YesBOSDesign by Matthew Catter, 1966
ContactBruschetta (Canada Type), Casual Contact MF(Rick Mueller) Bruschetta.Yes
Courier (Script)Canada Type PumaYes
EliteDover/Solo version in Bold Scripts pack. Digital versions include Canada Type Fontella; also an earlier revival by Gary Elfring.YesBOS
Express(Type Revivals, Dieter Steffmann, Paratype)Yes
ForteSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack. Available by orig. name fr. Monotype, Adobe, Agfa.YesBOS
Fortunata (Rg & It)Rick Mueller's Sixties.Yes
Gloriosky (Kingsland)Rumrunner (Silver Graphics)Yes
Kingsland (Gloriosky)Rumrunner (Silver Graphics)Yes
Kusterman ScriptBernhard Cursive Extra Bold (Ralph Unger), Didgeree Doodle (Nick Curtis/Nicksfonts)Yes
LazybonesTheres's both an unattributed Freeware. version and an E+F same-named version sold by Linotype.Yes
Maxime(Type Revivals), Maxim (Profonts, GroupType, Red Rooster), Martin Maxxie (Soft Horizons), Schneidler Maxim (Peter Wiegel)Yes
Octopuss( E+F, URW, Scangraphic, ITC).YesOriginally from letraset , acquired by ITC
PapagenioGumball (Canada Type)Yes
Quill ScriptBay Animation Banner.Yes
Salto(ImageClubGraphics, Solo in Bold Script book/CD), South Carolina (FontHouse).YesBOS
SwingalongSteiner Special (Canada Type), Dandelion (Jukebox)Yes
Swinger(Photo-Lettering, Inc.)YesDesign by Ray Cruz 1971. There's an almost matching anonymous outline shadow font available, as well as a Swinger Plain, which has differences.
103BrodyLinotype sells original-named Elsner & Flake digitized version. Agfa, Ascender Corp., and Bitstream all have original versions. Look-alikes include Bay Animation Brisk; Brendel Louisville; old Corel Briquet; SoftMaker Bryce; and WSI Brandyscript.Yes
Dynamic (Script)Solofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack.YesBOS
Elvira Bold Italic(Solo in Dover book/CD), SienaBlack (Monotype Imaging/Creative Alliance)YesBOSOriginal design name was Siena Black
HippieNoPink Mouse (Bob Alonso) and Action Is (JeffLevine)with uppercase only, have a similar look and feel
184Jolly Roger(Red Rooster), Jolsen Soprano (Solotype, in Outline book/CD), Fremont (Anon., created with Metamorphosis. Can be found renamed to Jolly Roger, with no attribution) YesOUTNamed Jolsen Soprano in "100 Outline Fonts". Original design by Phil Martin.
LilithAnnabelle Matinee.(Nick Curtis - NicksFonts)YesAnnabelle Matinee doesn't include the shading that makes Lilith stand out.
Loose New RomanNoLoo Snoo Roman (Nicksfonts) is based on Loose New Roman and duplicates some glyphs but not all.
MercuriusAdobe sells an original version. Also available from other major vendors. Rick Mueller also offers a free same-named version.Yes
Minstrel ManNoFilmotype original was simply named Minstral
OscarCorel/Bitstream Formal 436.Yes
PeruvianHFF Pure VainYes
Reiner Script Ebrant Script (Make Alleda/DeNada), Coredo Script (SSK)Yes
RusinolNoFor a vaguely similar font, see Linotype's Reporter Two. Reporter by ICG is a similar font (It has the drybrush look)
Tambo(Solo, in DoverBoldScrip book/CD), Tambo ( Rick Mueller), YesBOSThe P22 Zebra family includes stencil and 'wedge' variants.
ZebraZebra Line Cut (P22). This is mixed black and gray pattern variant of the glyphs from Tambo Script, same page. Yes
104Hamlet Script(Filmotype)Yes
Harmony ScriptFilmotype Harmony (Filmotype)YesHarmony Script is a lighter version of Hostess.
Harper ScriptNo
Havana ScriptFilmotype Havana (Filmotype), Novel Hassan; Opti Havana; and Prima Havanna.YesThere is also an unattributed double-wide Havana Script.
Hemlock ScriptFilmotype Hemlock (Filmotype), Hamster (Keystrokes), Gidieon (Enstep/Imageline) has terrible letter spacing and slightly compressed shapes.YesDesign by Douglas Olena
Hercules BrushNo
Hickory ScriptLawAndOrder (Enstep)YesExpertType (Enstep) is a lighter, oblique version
105Highland / Halo ScriptHaloHandletter (Mario Arturo). Imageline Far Point has variants to match both faces shown from Solocat, which are different widths and weights of the same design. (fonts' names need to be found)YesHighland Script (104) and Halo Script (105) are different weights of the same face. About Face and Adventura (Enstep/Imageline) are left-leaning and extra-wide variants.
Historic Script WannabeImageline Adrianna. Also similar to Moonlight by Diane Dipiazza at DINC Type.Yes
Hogan ScriptCoolHandLuke (Enstep)Yes
Homer ScriptOpti Homer. As a near work-alike, you could substitute Novel Gideon, which better matches Solocat Hemlock Script. However, despite some diffent glyphs, the on-page effect is similar.Yes
Honey Script Light(Filmotype, Steffmann), Positive (Imageline/Enstep), Suzie Q (Type Revivals)YesSteffman's also has a semi-bold, internally mis-named.
Horizon ScriptHorizon (Filmotype), Dana (Enstep/Imageline)Yes
Hornet ScriptRaceHorse (Enstep)YesThis face appears to be a narrow version of Howard Script (p. 105)
Hostess Script(Tim Ryan-Type Revivals).YesHostess Script is a bolder version of Harmony Script
Houston Script(Berthold), Hover (SoftMaker).YesBoth of the digitizations don't quite match; the 't' and the connections are significantly different. Hover is most likely a direct copy (not a clone) of the Berthold BQ font.
Hunter ScriptKlakson (EnStep). Note. This is NOT the same Hunter Script as seen on P. 47 of the Script & Cursive book!Yes
105Husky (Script)(Opti), Houston (Novel), Barsoi (Brendel), Huron (Prima)Yes
Jade Script(Filmotype)Yes
Jamboree ScriptNo
Jester ScriptGenoveva (Brendel), Klakson (Imageline/Enstep), JesterA-20 (Babel Press)Yes
Jester Script ObliqueGenoveva Italic (Brendel)Yes
Jewell ScriptJelinda (EnStep/Imageline), Hi-Res(ImageLine), Jewel (Opti)Yes
Jupiter ScriptVocab (Enstep/Imageline)YesBetaTech (Enstep/Imageline) is a more oblique version.
105104Halo Script / Highland ScriptImageline Far Point has variants to match both faces shown from Solocat, which are different widths and weights of the same design.YesHighland Script (104) and Halo Script (105) are different weights of the same face. About Face and Adventura (Enstep/Imageline) are left-leaning and extra-wide variants.
Hampton ScriptNo
Hardy ScriptCandice (Enstep)Yes
Harlem ScriptNo
Harvard ScriptBig Sky (Imageline/Enstep)Yes
Hawk ScriptImageline Fluctuant.Yes
Haywood ScriptYankeeFan(Enstep) & Em Power 42 (Imageline)YesEnstep is a resized copy of Em Power. Both have abominable lower cases.
Headline Script"Headline (Filmotype)". That's its name, WITH the parentheses; unattributed, made with Font Creator.YesImageline Magnolia; lowercase differs.
104Highland / Halo ScriptImageline Far Point has variants to match both faces shown from Solocat, which are different widths and weights of the same design.Yes
Hillside ScriptNo
Hindu ScriptFootLoose (Enstep), VNI Thufap3 (HungLan Design)Yes
Howard ScriptVeilchen (Brendel). Libby Script (unattributed freeware by Sam Wang), Racehorse (Imageline). This face appears to be the standard or widened variant of Hornet Script, which would be the correspondingly narrower width. Yes
Hudson ScriptHudson (Font Company, Brendel/Softmaker); Hudson 5 (Opti), CityScape (Imageline/EnStep), Tabitha (Broderbund)Yes
Humboldt ScriptNo
Japan ScriptJapan (Mario Arturo), Japan Script (Imageline).Yes
Jefferson Script(Opti), Freehand 575 (Corel/Bitstream), Jonathon Brush (Brendel), Jott 45 (Bay Animation), Jenkins (Novel). Alperton (Softmaker). Cambridge Fontworks "Shattered 2" is a cloned/renamed copy of Freehand575..Yes
Kansas Script WannabeImageline Best Shot.Yes
Kentucky Script(Filmotype)Yes
Lark ScriptNo
Liberty Ace ScriptLiberty (Opti)Yes
Lilac ScriptNo
Linda ScriptNo
Lion ScriptNo
Louise ScriptImageline Stately Type.Yes
106Jackson ScriptJackson (Opti, Primafonts), Louisiana (Brendel). Jacquard (Novel).YesOriginally a Filmotype face
Kellog Script(Filmotype), BrushMagic (Imageline/Enstep)YesThere are at least three variants by Enstep/Imageline, differeing in size and weight: BrushMagicRegular, BrushMagicText78Regular, and BrushMagicText78Bold.
Kent ScriptNo
Keynote Casual(Filmotype)Yes
Kingston Script(Filmotype), Key Logo (ImageLine/Enstep)YesOld Spirit (Imageline/Enstep) is similar.
Kinzie ScriptImageline Future type.Yes
Kipling ScriptBrendel Marcanton; Novel Kingman; Imageline Lightning Rod; Opti Kipling; Prima Kipawa.Yes
Kitten Brush(Filmotype), Gilbert (EnStep/Imageline).Yes
Korea ScriptNo
LaCrosse Script(Filmotype), Opti LaCrosse ScriptYes
Lakeside ScriptLakeside (Filmotype)Yes"Breeze Script Connected" is available on Gerbert/Omega sign-cutting equipmentas a .gsf file. There is no known conversion method.
Lancaster ScriptOpti Lancaster. aka Edgeworth.Yes
Lancer ScriptNo
86Lasalle ScriptLasalle (Filmotype, Canada Type), LaSalleSB (ScanGraphic), Tracy Tracy (Imageline)Yes
Lasso ScriptBrendel Daniel Script; Novel Laurell and Belinda; Opti Lariat Script; Prima Lasalle; SoftMaker L691 Script. Leytonstone-Regular DB (SoftMaker)Yes
Latino ScriptNoTechno (Enstep) matches the glyphs, but is obliqued and has some glyph errors.
Leader ScriptFilmotype Leader (Filmotype), AnnaLisa (Imageline, Enstep) Yes
Ledger Script Imageline Jesabel.YesGalactic Fuss (Imageline) is an upright version
Lester ScriptBrendel Geoffrey; Imageline Stylemonger; Novel Lesline; Opti Lester; Prima Lewiston.Yes
Lincoln ScriptImageline Smooth Font.Yes
Lotus BrushNo
Lucky Script(Filmotype)Yes
Luzon ScriptHFF Low Sun (HFF). There is supposedly a font named Cityscape by EnStep but this has not been found.YesHudson (page 105) and Kellog (p. 106) are similar. The 'A' in the catalog is an alternate in HFF Low Sun.

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