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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
Assay = Antique Tuscan(Solotype, Type Revivals), OldenGoldie (Enstep), OldenWest (ImageLine) YesSome widths have vertical bars on "E" and "F"; "Qs" are different too. These variations are faithful to originals by Wells & Webb and Wm Page [Rimmed only]. Foundries showed the metal series as Broadgauge. Not in Catalog Index.
Assay CondensedAntique Tuscan Condensed (Jordan Davies), Liberty Spike (SWFTE) has small caps only, no lower case, Cut&Shoot (WaldenType - distressed version)YesNot in catalog index
Assay Extra Extended = Assay Fat, Antique Tuscan Expanded. Mexia WBW (Nick Curtis)YesExtended Alpahabets 5, Kelly 278. Not in catalog index.
Assay RimmedNoNot in catalog index
CommonwealthCommunis (The Type Heritage Project - Roger Seganti)Yes
ConcaveGladiate (Solo, lighter than catalog sample); YesSulphur Springs NF (Nick Curtis) is a 'stencil' version of Concave.
Concave CondensedArched Gothic Condensed (Spiece Graphics)Yes
Concave Extended(Solotype)Yes
Concave Extra CondensedNo
FredericksburgYorktown (Silver Graphics, Dieter Steffmann). Boxwood (Aerotype), Pianobar (Brendel)Yes
GrandmotherEastSideSolid (TypeArt Foundry - slightly lighter)Yes
Grandmother CondensedNo
HibernianHinterland Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
Katharine BoldSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.YesVIC
MorningsideCrosby Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
NonesuchAntique Tuscan Condensed Bold (Wooden Type Fonts/Jordan Davies) , Antique Tuscan Condensed (Intellecta)YesSome subtle differences, such as the counter in the"A".
Olympia (2 wdths)DXS/Dover Victorian Olympia, Dark Gray 50 (Enstep, ImageLine), Homestead (Expert), Rochambeau (Scriptorium)YesVIC (as Olympian)Same as Olympian, Page 12
Orbit Antique(Solotype and unattributed)YesANV
Rubens(Solo, Wooden Type Fonts), Hamlet/Nachtwache (Brendel), Macklen (Novel), Moorgate (Softemaker), Ravenscroft (TombSweetTomb), Macbeth (Linotype), Mansion (Treehouse), DutchMaster (Silver Graphics)YesVICAlso see Rubens Wood and Wood Caps on page 39. There are natural differences between the wood versions and fhis foundry version.
Rubens ExtendedAldus cites look-alikes.Yes
Rubens Wide WoodLinotype Macbeth.Yes
10AcanthaSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
44Art Gothicaka Toulouse Lautrec. Bay Anim Fletch from A&L & ClickArt; Opti Art Gothic; Lansbury (free) by Allen Walden; Swfte Love Letters, & WSI Agatha. Similar to Greeting Monotone, Fletcher Gothic (Fluent Laser-Cassady+Greene)YesThis face was also sold in wood [Morgans, Wilcox 1891]. Central TF ver <1887. Greeting Monotone was c1930s!
Art Gothic BoldUnattributed freeware named Art Gothic Bold and Art Gothic Extra Bold found on the net. Neither really seems quite as dark as the Solocat sample, though.Yes
AsteroidAsteroid Primo One (Spiece Graphics), Ambrosia (LHF, Silver Graphics)Yes
Campanili [sic] - CampanileCampanile (Solofont, OPTI, Steffmann), Aridi70,Jugend (Walden), VIctoriana (Gophmann), Campanili (?)YesVICCampanile in index, Victorian Display Fonts, and everywhere else.
Century BostonBeantown Bounce (Nick Curtis)Yes
Champion (display)No
Donaldina(Solo), Donaldina (Gophmann - upper case only)Yes
Edwardian ClarendonNo
FantailWanted Beatty (Beatty an edited version of Fantail). Fredericksburg WBS (Nick Curtis), Teutonic (Jordan Davies Wood Fonts)YesFantail was the foundry tradename. CF Roxy [wood], 38.
LaFayette(Solotype) , Gable Antique (Spiece Graphics)YesVICSee also Washington Antique (21).
Peerless No
Victorian ClarendonCowboy Western (Letterhead Fonts - somewhat wider than the catalog image)Yes
Zinco(Solo), Zinc Italian SG (Spiece Graphics), Sevilla (Gophmann).YesVIC
11Alfereta(Solotype), Pennant (Arts & Letters), Alfredo (Novel and FontBank), Voco Script (Softkey/SSI); Gasparone (Brendel), Layla (Silver Graphics),Funky Face (WSI), Jocund (Expert fonts), Downwind (anon).Yes
Ancient Text(Tim Ryan/Agfa Type Revivals)Yes
BatteryPatent Reclame (HiH)YesPetzendorfer 64
CardinalWedlock (Dan Solo); Dieter Steffman added characters to a face prepared from a scan by Aldus. The free face is at TypOasis in the Steffmann section under the original name, Cardinal. YesVIC
(As Wedlock)
Cardinal and Wedlock/Cardinal Swash are alternate forms of each other. 1887 and DXS/Dover Victorian Book specimens illustrate the full range.
FlirtFlippant Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
Glorietta(Solotype), Many others, including P22Victorian Swash, Trinigan FG(Fontgrube), Goodfellow (Scriptorium), Bluegum Forest (Tris Nguyen, corrected by MEG). Burton'sNightmare (anon). YesVICOriginally Columbian - CLeveland Type Foundry and others.
Iroquois CondensedNoAs seen in ATF 1897 catalog.. Also see Ragtime (pp. 28 and 53)
Quincy BackslantNoPetzendorfer 64, Pioneer
Ryan JacksonRye Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
Smoke(OptiCastcraft), Flashback (SWFTE), Psychedelic Smoke (Walter Kafton-Minkel), cloned by Cambridge as Pigs 7. Watusi (Kafton-Minkel) , Baghdad (not found). YesOutline version available as Elefont (Brendel), Also numerous shadow versions.
SpiralGramophone ITC (ITC - Serge Pichii), Sturbridge Twisted (Inrtecsas), Hasta La Pasta NF (Nick Curtis). Sturbridge Twisted was renamed to Spiral ST by Aldus in his Solotype postings. .My records also assert a Dover/Solo version?Yes
TandemIt's not a match, but because of comparable backslant some similarities in glyphs, and fat feet, you could substitute Smoke as a work-alike if no real match ever turns up.YesKelly 159
Typo AntiqueTypo (The Type Heritage Project - Robert Donona)Yes
Zorba Half SolidBlanchard Half Solid (Bulldog)Yes
12AlpineAlpenhorn Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
BijouBangle (Novel!/FontBank), Riccio Display Script(Softkey SSI), Grebe (Anonymous - may be the original of Riccio), Bireme Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesOriginal design by Ihlenberg
BrevetSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
Chaucer (display)Paddy Wagon (Nick Curtis)Yes
CirrousAcadian (Scriptorium - a few glyph differences)YesMany similarities to Bijou (this page)
Congress (display)Carsage (Opti), Filibuster (Nick Curtis - most glyphs identical, but not all).Yes
Cross GothicCrossan Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
GutenbergGutenberg Medium (Solofont Victorian). Guttenberg (Rick Mueller - yes, RM's is with TWO t's), Aridi 61, Madelyn (SignDNA), YesVICThere exist four different fonts all with internal attribution to Dan Solo. Their provenance isn't clear.
Gutenberg Medium was included with the 24 Victorian Fonts CD and unavailable elsewhere.
Gutenberg Nouveau is identical to Gutenberg Medium except for the name. Medium and Nouveau have different encoding than the three 'Alternates' fonts.
Gutenberg Nouveau Alternates and Gutenberg Nouveau Alternates 1 eliminate dots in the counters.
Gutenberg Nouveau Alternates 2 has a more decorative 'A' (but not accented A's) and no dots in the counters.
The MS&J Specimen Book [1892] illustrates variations of their Gutenberg Series. Type Historian mentions a "Font Party Medieval" which no one else has found.
HogarthHogarth Antique Normal (Solo)YesVIC
Karnak(Robert Moore), Kar2(renamed, unattributed version of Robert Moore's Karnak). Karnak One and Karnak Two (Gophmann, with cyrillics).YesShown as Karnac (with a "C") in 100 Victorian Display Fonts. KarnaC is probably the correct name., but the confusion will continue.
Kismet(Opti), Darling (Brendel) download at; Kisstelle (Novel); Applegate (Silver Graphics); NockerCranky (Brian Powers); Kismet (Richard Beatty, Linotype)YesBeatty's ver was once called "Spiral," now "Beatty Victorian."
ObeliskDrugstore (Coffee Bin Fonts), Obelisk (The Type Heritage Project - Robert Donona)Yes
OlympianSee 'Olympia" on page 9YesVIC
Pamela(DTP), Penelope (Silver Graphics, Steffmann)Yes
Prang Litho No.1FA171 (Pepin) upper case onlyYes
Raphael(Adobe, Agfa); AspenFont (John Singer)YesThere are some similarities between this face and Rococo on page 13.
RenaissantRessonant (Octopi)YesPhillips Old Fashioned TypeBook, 1945. Possibly also in a Dover book by Kennedy(?) page 72.. Also VGC Typositor face,, and TCF (Chicago Type Foundry)
Ringlet(Solo, G. Williams), Aridi09 and Ringo (Dixie) use letters from Ringlet Alternates..YesVIC
Ringlet BlackRinglet Black (George Williams without attribution; Corrected version by MEG)Yes
13AestheticSeems to be all decorative caps. "Aesthetic Small Caps" are the letterforms, slightly reduced, with no decorative flourishes. "Aesthetic Alphabet" may not be a single font. Spring(Aridi, fonted by Toto as "Spring Initials" and by Lime as "Spring")YesAll 19th-C specimens are ornamented with the sunflower motif. DXS's SC are slightly different letterforms. My guess is that he designed them--with eyes always peeled for the same alphabet to turn up as a separate font.
Aesthetic Alphabet, Aesthetic Caps and Small CapsAesthetic Plain (Aldus-two sizes of unornamented letters. Does not include alternate 'A'), Spring Initials (Toto - Ornamented letters) Spring Initials Alt (Toto - separated letters and ornaments)YesCatalog appearance is slightly bolder than the other two 'Aesthetic" fonts. Contains ornamented upper case and unornaments loweed case. No single font has both the ornamented caps and small unornamented caps.
Anglo(Solofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack, but unattributed). Angelo (B8PGraphics, Brendel, Softmaker,Opti), Anglophile (Novel), Anglican (WSI), Marquis(WSI), Viata (SSI/Softkey), Angler NF (Nick's Fonts)YesVIC
Angular TextK22 Angular Text (Toto), Angolan Text (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesOriginal design by Ihlenburg
BanquetSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
DaintyDainty Lady (Solotype); Curetana(Scriptorium). The 'Dainty'' posted by Aldus is Curetana renamed.Yes
Fancy Celtic(Solotype), 101! Fancy Letterin' (NghtMvs101)YesVIC
GazelleGallantry Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)+D148Yes
GladiateSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
Heather LightfaceHeather(Unattributed), Heather1999 and Heather1999 Bold (Unattributed).YesHeather1999 is Heather renamed. Heather1999 Bold is slightly fattened, probably artificially.
HoughtonEdison Swirl (Spiece Graphics), Potsdam (Scriptorium), Crinoline (SSK), EdisonMF (RickMueller), Ashley (Bright Ideas). Edison (Tom Wallace / HiH Retro Fonts), Potsdam (Scriptorium), Fairy Scroll Display (WSI). Edisson (Gophmann has cyrillic, some swashier lc letters); akaPotsley (akaType - yes, that last one IS the fontname and creator!), RyanG(Rakowski - can't be found)YesPetzendorfer 18. Edison is the Bauer/Berthold re-name for ATF's Houghton [1894]. Per Claude, the D's are slightly different.
MonasticK22 Monastic (Toto), Huruvida (Lars Tornqvist)Yes
RococoMardiGras(Silver Graphics), Mazarin (Scriptorium), Briolin (Gophmann)YesSilver Graphics' MardiGras was renamed by Aldus to 'Rococo'. No versions with lower case are known to exist.
RomanesqueSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.; Durham Abbey NF (Nicks Fonts)YesVIC
14Sentinel(Dieter Steffmann, Alus), Alt Gotisch (HiH Retro Fonts), Emporium Capitals (P.J.Lloyd) matches most letters, but not the T/t..Yes
St. ClairARIDI31 Yes
14AeoleanNoAeolian Open in Solo Victorian Alphabets book
Aeolean BlackNoSpelled Aeolian in Solo Victorian Alphabet book
Algonquin ShadedAloysius Ornamented (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
62Argent (Patterned)Argentus (The Type Heritage Project - Roger Seganti)YesArgent Solid=ApothecarySolid (Silver Graphics), Argentine Solid (LHF)
Argent OpenApothecary Open (Silver Graphics)YesGeorges Lemmen, c. 1900
Ferdinand(Solo), Baphomet (SWFTE), Asphodel (Scriptorium), BaronMunchausen (Gophmann).YesVIC
GingerbreadGingerbread Victorian (Character)Yes
Goldwin / GoldwynNoGoldwin in the catalog, Goldwyn in the index
Nymphic (u/l case)P22 Kilkenny Family (P22/PaulHunt), Kudos Caps Three (Nick Curtis- Initials), Secesja (Barmee, FlashFont, MEG)YesMEG made metric corrections to Barmee's Secesja and added punctuation.
Nymphic Caps w Sw InitsP22 Kilkenny Family, SecesjaPL (Barmee)YesP22 Kilkenny Pro has just about everything
Nymphic l/c w Swash CapsP22 Kilkenny Family; also ryp_Nymphic (Robyn Phillips/Skeldale). Very poorly sized. LC as big as UC.Yes
OakwoodOaken Bucket (NickCurtis), Penhurst (Paul Lloyd), Ornella D (URW), Antikvar (Gophmann-Cyr), Penshurst (PJLloyd)Yes
PhidianSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.This face resembles a 3-D shaded version of Eureka, from Solocat pg. 27 and 34.YesVIC
SoutacheMain Street (FontMesa)Yes
Tedesca Descant (Scriptorium)YesPetzendorfer 35
15Angel(Solo, Steffmann, Aldus), Bruce 1065 (Intellecta) ., Sandala (Summitsoft - adds lower case)Yes
77Arboret(Solo). In Victorian CD/BookYesVICSpelled Arborette on page 77
ArcadeSolofonts version @ MyFonts. Solo added the lower case.Yes
AtlantaSolofonts version @ MyFonts consists of original Atlanta caps (1885) by Central Type Foundry of St. Louis, plus lower case added by Dan X. Solo. Rick Mueller drew a freesmall caps version called Atlantis. Picture combines free & pay versions. Also Victorian Gothic (P22).Yes
BelmontBeltane Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
CocktailCocksure Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
Epitaph(Font Bureau - drawn by Tobias Frere-Jones), Akimbo (Bright Ideas), Tombstone (LazyDog), Eulogy (Spork Thug, wavy letters), YesOriginal in Boston Type Foundry catalog, 188C
186Epitaph OpenGlifik (John Smith/Rhode Island Press), Tombstone-Outline (Lazy Dog), Gyptienne (AARRGGHH!! Graphic Software - poorer outlines than catalog)Yes
FashionFastidious Condensed (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesShown as Fashion Condensed in 100 Victorian Alphabets
Fashion OrnamentedFastidious Ornamented (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
Sesame (Cuba)(Dieter Steffmann,Opti), Cuban (M. Klein/Heidorn), Habana Sweets (NicksFonts), Coal Train (Jeff Levine), Tamiami JNL (Jeff Levine)YesCatalog indx shows this both as Cuba and as Sesame. Petzendorfer 42; Shown as Cuba in 100 Victorian Display Alphabets. Levine's Tamiami is a commercial version of his Coal Train. They are indistinguishable.
Southern CrossNo
37Templar (Wood)(Solotype), Iskola (T-26), Sophie (Mueller)YesVICThere were both wood [p 37] and foundry vers of this face.
Victoria CentralAtlanta CondensedYes
Wave (Display)(Solo), Wave/Waverly (Rick Mueller), Wave(Steffmann), Wavy (Fordyce) YesCIR
16ArmenianArmenian Circus (Character).YesType Historian mentions a Solo font named Circus 2.
BarndanceHoedown (Silver Graphics, Dieter Steffmann)YesA copy of Silver Graphics' Hoedown was renamed by Aldus to 'Barndance'
21Barndance WideHoedown Wide (Silver Graphics, Steffmann)Yes
BroadsideNoCircusTime (Solo) is almost the same typeface without the 3D or shadow effect.
Chorus GirlSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.YesVIC
GentryCicero or Cicero 1 (unattributed) YesShown as Besley in Nicolete Greys book, 1857. Cicero was the original tradename [McGrew 341]. "Gentry" came from Frederic Nelson Phillips, in his 1945 specimen book.
JosephJoshua Contour (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
JulieK22 Eclair (Toto). Eclair is the name in the Victorian Display Alphabets book by Solo.YesEclair is the name used in Solo's Victorian Display Alphabets Book. P. 34
Miss KittyWild West Wind (West Wind Fonts)NoSee Novarese's Fonanesi, 22
Ringmaster(Solo), Rochester (Gophmann)YesCIR
26Romantic No.4No
Roulette (Solid)+C210Roulette Caps (Opti), Wood Type (URW), Rajah (URW - this is URW Wood Type with an alterned Font Family name, and no other changes), Saloon Girl (FontMesa), YesMissing from the index. An open stenci-like version with same name is on page 22.. See page 344, American Metal Typefaces of the 20th Century by McGrew. Fonts with only minor differences include Bruce (Iza), Pointedly Mad (R.Gast, andLynchburg (FontMesa)
San FranciscoNo
18Soule PosterNo
StereopticonSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.YesVIC
TallyrandAmanda (FontCompany, URW), Cowgirl (Font Company from Ascender; is identical to Amanda)YesSee Tombola, p.34
Thunderbird(Bitstream, Linotype, Elsner & Flake, ImageClub, Scangraphic, URW, Agfa-Bayer). Thunder (A&L); T720 Deco (Softrmaker).YesMcGrew, p 344. Thunderbird is widely available Extra Condensed from most of the same foundries.
Trocadero(Steffmann), Saddlery (FontMesa)YesBased on Hunt Bros. 101 faces Plate 65
Tuscan Floral = Extra OrnamentedExtra Ornamental (House of Lime), Ornamental No. 2 (GuessWho?=GrahamMeade)Yes
Tuscan RondeNo
17Ancient Gothic ShadedRoman Tyres RR Deflated (RedRooster), Art Sans (Solo - some letters are not identical), DeLittleChromatic (WoodTypeRevivals)YesGreen Caps (Rakowski), Leakin Display Caps (SSK) and Transvestit (Brendel) all of which are clones of each other, are only vaguely similar.
62Banknote ItalicThere exists an unattributed freeware font creaded from a scan. The website no longer exists.YesA full image appears in Solo's 100 3D and Shaded Alphabets
Belgian(Font Mesa), Bear Gulch (Walden -a highly distressed version), Bruce Belgina NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
Big CatFlatrock (Font Mesa)Yes
BroadcastLettres Ombres (Solo, Klein/Aldus), Shady Characters (West Wind), Broadcast (Steffmann),Yes
Cameo AntiqueCameo Antique (Character)YesSame design as Nightshade (this page), as an outline with the same shadows.
CaxtonianGold Fever (Font Mesa)Yes
Circus (Rome)(Angst), Madame Letters (Linotype), Gille Classic (Font Mesa), Home Style (Font Mesa - with lower case)Yes
DoubletCaractere Doublet (Intellecta)Yes
GalenaGunsmoke (FontMesa)Yes
Jim CrowJim Crow (Castcraft/OPTI) , Jim Dandy (Harold Lohner)Yes
64Martini ShadedNo
NightshadeNigelSade (Soft Horizons). Shadowed Serif (Fordyce).YesThis is the same design as Cameo Antiique (this page). The Soft Horizons font is far superior to the one by Fordyce. SH may be original. Shadowed Serif can be found renamed to "NightShade".
Penelope(Solo - has DXS-created lower case) There are also same-named versions by Aldus, Steffmann, and PaleAle, and one by MEG which overlap the original and each other, with different combinations of look-alike and non-matching glyphs.YesNot in Index. DXS once asked me (TypeHistorian)about the LC, and I told him the patent specimen had none [it didn't]–he was relieved. Later I learned that there were 3 super-similar faces shown by Cleveland Type Foundry: Penelope, Ideal and Chameleon (which has LC).
Van HornValor Rimmed Shade (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott). Circus Poster Shadow by Tom Rickner in the Ascender Creativity pack. It may not match in the tiniest details, but the overall impact is spot on. Much more than a work-alike.YesRickner's face is more like Pardee, 1880s [25, 34/Kelly 293]. It has distinct knobs where Van Horn, 1849 has vague "bulges." Two differet eras of Italian Tuscan styling.
Van Horn Shaded No.1Valor Shaded (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesSee Assay=Broadgauge
18Broadgauge OrnamentedBroadgauge Ornate (FontMesa), Circus Ornate (Dieter Steffmann).YesNamed Broadgauge Ornate in the Circus Alphabets book.
Bruce Mikita(Harold Lohner), Force (Angst/Chris Dunfield)YesFor a solid version, see Lantern (page 20)
CabalisticRoosevelt (Harold Lohner), Cabaletta (Harold Lohner)YesRoosevelt replaced Cabaletta. There are some differences between them - including the T and t. Roosevelt includes smalll caps
Cruikshank(Dieter Steffmann), Cruickshank (HiHRetroFonts), HankKrushchev (Soft Horizons), Eureka (Peter Wiegel),LeGrand(Gophmann)YesOriginal spelling is Cruickshank. This is Krebs' "Eureka" on Petzendorfer p. 25.
Steffman's is a clone of HankKruschchev, with addtional characters. The Wiegel version has more characters and more elaborate punctuation and special characters.
Elmo OutlineNo
Elmo SolidNo
Glyptic Bold ShadedMorgan TwentyNine (Dieter Steffmann, FontShop, OPTI), Livery Stable (Font Mesa)YesNamed Glyptic Shaded in 100 Victorian Alphabets; Morgan 29 can be found renamed to Glyptic Bold Shaded.
HeraldicHeraldry Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
Joplin RagNo
Marble HeartMarmorherz NF (Nick's Fonts), Margarethe Double Shade (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesMcGrew 210
Old BoweryNoBowery [looks identical] Jaspert 256. Old Bowery Caslon c1844.
Oxford No.3Really Big Shoe (Nick Curtis), MFC Damask (Monogram Fonts Co.)Yes
SnowbirdNoCF Mandy [wood], 31. Kelly 320.
16Soule PosterNo
19AbramesqueAbril (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott). Arbamesque (unattributed, by sk89q) is an abominably bad rendition, from a scan. Note the internal font name misspelling.YesIn Solo's Victorian Alphabets
AlgerianWidely available. Letraset; A&L Tangiers (2, 1 free); Corel Algerian; Brendel Saskatchewan; ClickArt Tangiers; Novel Algemaria; MS has version in Home Pub bundle; Opti Achilles; SoftMaker Algerian & Alfredo; WSI Morocco. Archer (Silver Graphics) and Algerian (Font Mesa) have swash caps and lower case.Yes
Courtier ItalicNo
Diamond InlaySolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
Dresden(Roger White), Trellis Display (SoftKey SSi), Wrought Iron (WSI), Weinbeck(WSI), Dressmaker (FontBank), Bodoni Classic Floral Initials(FontFont)YesEasily confused with Columbine [McGrew 342]
FargoFarmerboy Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesAn earlier version of the Solopedia indicated that Dieter Steffmann's Toskanische Egyptienne Initialen was a good workalike. It has a somewhat similar feel, but is really nothing like Fargo.
Fry's Ornamented (Caps)(Roger White), 30Fry's Ornamented (AR Types), Fry'sAlphabet (Intellecta), Fry's Relikt (Brendel),; Carnivale (SS/Softkey); Cruiseline Display Caps (WSI). Smooth(Enstep), Hunter(Rakowski), Beffle (Rakowski), Pomfrit Dandy (Nick Curtis)YesScalaJewelPearl (FontShop) is similar, but without the curved stems or serifs.
GypsyGypsy (The Type Heritage Project - Robert Donona)Yes
JeffreyJeffers Contour (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
Old Vic #1 (bold outl shadow)NoThis 'Old Vic' series reflects special effects applied in the Dan Solo studio.
Old Vic #2 (solid variant)No
Old Vic #3 (bold variant)No
Old Vic #4 (shadow variant)No
Old Vic #5 (outline shaded)No
Old Vic #6 (bold outl shaded)No
Spangle (Uncle Sam)Springfield Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesAKA Tuscan Outline, Romantiques No. 1, Carnet de Bal, Ornate No 3 [McGrew 344], FTF Romantiques No 1. In Dover/Solo Art Nouveau Alphabet book. Ornamented Outline in Jasper.
Tuscan GrailTuscan Graille (The Type Heritage Project - Robert Donona)YesTuskcandyInline (Ingrimayne/Schenk) is similar, but without the spurs. Shown as Tuscan Graille in 100 Victorian Alphabets.
Uncle Sam (Spangle)See SpangleYes"Uncle Sam (Spangle)" is in the index, but only "Spangle": is shown on page 19.
20Cabinet = CapriceCapulet Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott). The correct original name for this face is Caprice. The original Cabinet is in the catalog as Cabinet No 2, page 23. To make matters worse, G Williams digitized Cabinet No 2 and named it Caprice. YesThese two BB&S faces, Cabinet and Caprice, are maybe most confusing pairs ever. It clearly stumped DXS! Printout of a page from an 1889 specimen book showing both faces is always handy for frequent reference [available on request from Type Historian].
Castle (Rg & Wd)Castle (Opti)Yes
CrusaderCroydon (anonymous) Scanned. Windows Fontview doesn't show the double lines properly. It has only the simple alternates for C, D, and N., and no punctuation.Yes, but
DangerfieldSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
50Eccentric(Agfa/Miles, Linotype, Solo), Eccentrical (?) Artist Modern (Gophmann)YesLetraset Galadriel [1975]=Eccentric Bold
Grant AntiqueRefugio (Nick Curtis), Sheridan Gothic (Spiece Graphics), Grant Rustic (Opti)YesVICSolo Rustic and Rough-Hewn Alphabets. p30
Grant Antique Wide(Solo, LHF)YesCIR
LanternBruce Mikita Solid (Harold Lohner), Bruce Mikita Two (Lohner)YesPay version 'Solid' replaced free version 'Two' Also see Bruce Mikita
Monastic CondensedNo
MuralSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
Santa ClausNo
186Santa Claus OpenNo
SpearheadSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
Telephone GothicNo
Vulcan AntiqueVullkan NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
21Ambelyn (Cond)K22 Ambelyn Condensed (Toto).YesIn condensed alphabets bIn book "Condensed Alphabets"
Ambelyn ShadedNo
Ambelyn Shaded ItalicNo
15, 77Arboret No.2NoNot the same background as Arboret or Arborette
16Barndance WideHoedown Wide (Silver Graphics, Steffmann)Yes
28BrendaPompano SC (Softkey/SSi), Ardor/RibbonArt(Enstep), Ribbon (ImageLine), Chipper (WSI)Yes
Buffalo BillBuffalo BIll (Font Mesa), Buffaloo Bill (Aldus)Yes
CavalcadeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
Cleft GothicNo
Daisy DelightNo
Daisy Rimmed FancyManuScript Caps by FritterDonut is a very rough version. blacksabbath70 by Erico is cleaner and includes the alternate characters but lacks the outline effects.YesThis appears to be the same as a Letraset rub-on named Manuscript Capitals.
Daisy Rimmed PlainTried WhatTheFont (With and without rim)No
Gold Rush(Image Club Graphics), GoldMine (Corel), Goldstone (WSI/IMSI). The WSI version is also available renamed to Gold Rush. GoldRush(FontMesa, with original lower case added), Burbank Shadow (LHF)Yes
HydeTried WhatTheFontNoOriginal tradename Belgrave
47Jagged Light aka JaggedSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack. Rick Mueller has a matching free font named Ragged, available renamed Jagged from some sources.YesVIC
New OrleansNew Orange Ornamented (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesMay be based on Romantique No. 3 from V&M Foundry
Orleans OpenOldWest (Novel/FontBank) , Saloon Display Caps (SoftKey/SSi)Yes
Steamboat ShadedTried WhatTheFont (without shadiow)
Index says it's also on 64. It's not.
NoBar on 'A' is rare for 29th century [sic] Clarendons (I'm not sure whether Type Historian meant 19th or 20th c.)
UllmerAngular (J. Fordyce, 1993)Yes
Washington AntiqueMephisto (Scriptorium), Thuvia (Omega/Michael Lee), FrightWrite2 (CompuWorks), Mortal Combat 4 (Midway Mfg), Gable Antique (Spiece Graphics - taller aspect ratio)YesThis face was part of a series by Central/ATF including LaFayette (10), Jefferson and Webster. Spiece's ver matches Jefferson. Typehistorian also notes "Scriptorium Mephisto (Aldus fixes)" ?
186Washington Antique OpenWahington Antique [sic] (Aldus - an artificial modification of Scriptorium's Mephisto, misnamed)Yes
22Boulder OrnateNo
Boulder SolidRutin Tutin (Nick Curtis), ITC Buckaroo (Mueller)YesMueller's original name for Buckaroo was Boulder, and is truer to the catalog.. Curtis' font has vertical serifs on letters like the 'C' and thicker stems.
Canterbury InitialsGillFloriatedCaps (Monotype/Adobe). ALso an ALT(ernate) with only 7 letters (EFHSTWY)YesFrom a 1935 Eric Gill Design. There are unattributed fonts with similar names, some with different alternate glyphs.
Cristal(George Williams), Palace (Brendel), Crinoline (Novel), Crystal (Opti).Yes
DamselErbar Initialen (Steffmann - no C-like E)YesA solid version of Erbar Intials (p.23)
Davida Bold(Bitstream/Corel,URW,E&F, LT, Scangraphic, Opti, B&P, Font Company,ICG), Davis (A&L), Lugger (Arsenal)YesThe B&P version uses the alternate characters Louis Minott included in his original design.
186Davida Bold OutlineDavidaDOu1(URW)Yes
186Davida Bold ShadedDavida Outline Shadow (anon - may be Aldus)YesAldus cites look-alikes, but none foujnd.
Duo SolidBrendel Bakery; Fontbank Duotone; SoftKey SSi North Face. Dieter Steffmann apparently has two free versions called Duo Dunkel and North Face.Yes
FontanesiSpatz Plain (Lorvad), Fontanesi (House of Lime), Kudos Kaps Five (Nicks Fonts - in the lower case)Yes
Gone with the WindThis font is essentially "Scarlett" for the upper case and "Rhett" for the lower caseYes
Gypsy RoseUser-scanned and digitized version exists; Attribution is "Fonts Anon". Was apparently intended for private ciculation among members of a font club.Yes
Molle FoliateFreeware Mole Foliated is unattributed except for "created by Typesmith Amiga"Yes
Monterey MontereyCP (ClaudePelletier/Serieux)Yes
Monterey Wide(ClaudePelletier)A-Z,0-9 onlyYes
RajahURW Wood Type D (Solid) URW Wood Type D Only Shadow (shadow, no outline)Yes
RhettNoThis is the basis for Scarlett and Gone WIth the Wind. B A Graphics' "Galactic" is the same except fthat it has squared serif supports and no side bumps.
Roulette (Stencil-like) BJF Beacon Text Only (BJF Beacon of Light redone by MEG to eliminate lighthouses), BJF Beacon of Light (Blue Jay Fonts) has reduced-size A-Z in the lower case..BJF Merman and BJF Mermaid have full-sized outlined A-Z in the lower case.YesSee Roulette, page 16 for solid versions.Without the 'stencil effect, The stroke endings are squared in the solid typeface, rounded in the stencil form.
Saphir(Linotype), Saphire (Mecanorma), Davie's Sapphire (Anon), Sapphire Sativa (Gauthier, with Marijuana leaves)Yes
66SpringtimeEckhardt Fancy JNL (Jeff Levine)Yes
VaudevilleQuentin (The Font Company/URW), SilverDollar (Silver Graphics), Quantico (SoftMaker). Quentin (E+F, Letraset), Quentin Caps (Steffmann). Quentin (anon-scanned).Yes
23AllegroSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack. Also widely available, included Aloe (BA), one free dl at A&L, 12 vars at Clickart; Corel + Bitstream Allegro; Image Club Allegro; Opti Alba; and SoftMaker Alligator.YesBOS
Cabinet No.2Caprice (unattributed, by George WIlliams), Cappuccino (Bright Ideas), Aridi60.YesOriginal name Cabinet. See notes by Cabinet, p.20
CrayonCranston Ornamented (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
CrayonetteCrayonnette (Claude Pelletier), Aridi08YesNote that the font Crayonnette has two n's.
Crazy EightsYum Yum NF (Nick Curtis / NicksFonts)YesOriginally Cleveland Type Foundry "Mikado" (1893)
Crazy NinesNo
190Delight No. 2 = Coral Inline on page 190pepinot (Claude Pelletier - no attribution in font)Yes
Erbar Initials(Dave Fabik) Akropolis (Brendel-UC Only), Ermine (Novel-UC only), E820Deco (Softmaker), Brandegoris (Scriptorium), DeRoos (Dave Fabik). Erbar (Font Company, URW), ErbarDeco(Brendel), KudosKapsFiveNF (NicksFonts-UpperCaseOnly)YesWith some exceptions, an inline version of Damsel (p.22)
FunhouseNoNick Curtis's Whoa Nelly has a similar feel, but is not exact .
GeometricNoGeometric by Agfa, and Baltimore Geometric by HIH Retro fonts are very close but in detail are different and HIH's is much bolder. The slope of the crossbar in the 'a', for example, and the descenders on the g's are different than shown in the catalog. The Agfa and HiH fonts are based on Antique Geometric by the Baltimore Type Foundry, c. 1884. Solo's may be based on the same era's Geometric, by the Boston Type Foundry.
Geometric ItalicNoGeometric (Agfa) has differences similar to those in the regular version. The Retro font version has no italic.
KometKodiak Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
KosterOriginal-named version available by Graham Meade of Typotheticals. Artist shared the demo with Annexcafe Fonts group.Yes
Koster w Fancy (or Swash) CapsGraham Mead's (Typotheticals) Koster Xmas SpecialYes
MonopolMonopol (George Williams). Uptown (Lazy Dog - Rakowski), Morton Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
RechercheRecherche (Richard Beatty), OptiRecherche (Opti), Aridi10Yes
TangoLetraset Tango; Terra (BA) @ Arts & Letters (2) + ClickArt (6); Corel + Bitstream Tango; Brendel Buenos Aires; Opti Twist Display (5), & SoftMaker Tampa (2).Yes
24BullfrogMantel Regular (Richard William Mueller).Yes
CoachlinePeerless 131 Bold (WoodenTypeFonts)YesCoachline is identical to Page Peerless Antique on page 29.
HelvenHelvin Black (Type Revivals), Helene Hiss (Soft Horizons, clone of Helvin Black) Helvin (Anonymous, a mix of black and ornate)Yes
Helven OrnateHelvin (Tim Ryan for Agfa's Type Revivals.).Helene Hiss Bolted (Character, based on Helene Hiss by Soft Horizons.)Yes
Hidalgoaka Zirkus (URW). Digital versions include Brendel's TOMBSTONE; Fontbank's High Noon; and SoftMaker's Cimarron.Yes
MansardMansard-Normal (Photolettering/Novel - no internal attribution)Yes57Rodeo (Baseline Fonts) is similar but lacks the very curved serifs.
186Mansard OutlineNo
Mansard RimmedNo
Midway OrnateTried WhatTheFOntNo
MinskySolofonts version @ MyFonts. Another version is called Frontier Plain.Yes
Minsky Shaded #1Unattributed freeware Minsky Shaded Black, aka Verplaatst.Yes
Minsky Shaded #2Minsky Shaded White (anon), Frontier.(anon). These are renamed versions of each otherYes
29MonaSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack. Rockwall Expanded (Nick's Fonts)YesCIRRockwall Expanded NF by Nick's Fonts is very similar and matches better than Solo's 'Mona'
OregonTried WhatTheFontNo
RigneySolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
RodeoOPTIRodeo (Castcraft)Yes
SilveradoCottonwood (Adobe); Cowboy (Bay Animation) ; Lincoln (Brendel), Tucson (SSI Brendel); Cottage (Corel); GroverXenotype (Photolettering); Alamo and AlamoCaps (SSi /SSK), Dogwood (WSI), Prima Coa Reg;(?) ; Longbranch (Kinghorn), Italienne (Manfred Klein), others.YesThere are no digital versions Named 'SIlverado'. There's a different typeface with that name from RedRooster/TypeFounders.
38WampumWarpath Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesIdentical to Roxy (p. 38) except for clipped ends of serifs.
25Barnum Condensed CapsNoFrom the Solocat: Call it French Clarendon (the Americans did), or Italienne (the French did), or American (the Italians did) -- it will always be Barnum to the rest of us.
Barnum SquareNo
Barnum variantsAs a category, this Solocat page lists a number of faces Dan X. Solo categorized as "Barnums" or Barnum-like. They're individually listed in the database and about a third have digital equivalents known.No
Barnum, P.T. PT Barnum BT ( Bitstream), PT Barnum (ICG, Opti), Amarillo (Brendel) , PT Boat (Novel!), PTBoat (FontBank), Circus (Bay Animation - with ClickArt and A&L products, SWFTE).Yes
CorralDXS CorralYes
DadoGroove Thang NF (NicksFonts)Yes
38Dime MuseumAlso known variously as French Clarendon, Italienne, and even (overseas) as American. Solofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
Italianate BarnumOKCorral (FontMesa), QTOKCorral (Qualitype). New Boston NF (Nick Curtis) and Slab Sheriff (Match & Kerosene) are heavy versions with extra-thick slabs.Yes Italo Three from Expressiv's Photo-Lettering Collection is also close, but not an exact match. The original design was Caslon and Catherwood's "Italian" of 1821; Nick Curtis attributes the design to a typeface issued by the old Boston firm of Baker & Greele in 1826
Italianate Barnum LinedOKCorral Lined(FontMesa,)Yes
Nubian AntiqueLuxor Pro (RalphMUnger/RMU)Yes
Old TowneCorel's Old Town #536; SoftMaker Osborne; and Swfte Stagecoach. Elec. Font Foundry Wild West; MT & MN Figaro; Agfa's Branding. Dieter Steffmann offers a free match called Old Town Regular.Yes
P.T. BarnumOpti and Corel/Bitstream offer original-name versions. Bay Animation Circus., Brendel Big Top, Novel PT Boat, and Swfte Circus.Yes
34PardeeTuscan Egyptian Thin (WoodFonts-Davies), AI Wood Tuscan Egyptian (Alphabets, Inc, caps only.)YesThis is a wider version of Sutro Wood (p.33)
Playbill(Bitstream, URW, ICG, StephensonBlake/Microsoft), Billboard 11 (Bay Animation), Laredo (Silver Graphics)Yes
Pointed BarnumNo
Shaded BarnumCircus MN (Mecanorma)Yes
WesternFilmotype Western (Filmotype)YesPrescott Plain (Page Studio Graphics) is a more condensed version. Arbor (Chester Jenkins) is identical except for degree of curvature. Fran Tique (Nicks Fonts) is almost, but not quite, identical. See also 'Barnum' and its variants for a taller slab-serif approach.
26BraceletBracelet Victorian (Douglas Day - scanned from Tschichold), Main Strike (Font Mesa - adds lower case), Romantiques (Dieter Steffmann), EgyptienneZierinitialen(Steffman - may be earlier version of Romantiques They are quite different internally); Dusty Circus (Baseline) has the same outline but different internal design. It is layered)YesRomantiques No. 5 (Lettraset, Pouchez).
Bracelet is missing from the index in the Catalog.
Calliope - CaliopeCaliopeVictorian (Douglas Day - note one-L spelling); From a scan "Victorian Display AlphabetsYesShown as Caliope (One L) in 100 Victorian Display Alphabets
Cane GothicNo
Carillon CondensedTrefoil (Paul Lloyd), Purcell (Scriptorium) is same design but a bit wider, probably represents the before-condensed version. (When you're using type, many graphic programs will let you squeeze selected type elements to a narrower appearance.) Yes
Cinderella TextRuritania (Paul Lloyd)Yes
GardeniaGardenia Victorian (Douglas Day); Holtzschue (Rakowski.) Dieter Steffmann offers an enhanced, expanded version of the Rakowski Holtzschue face.Yes
Gazette No.5No
LaurelJFSummerFair (Jester Font Studio), Chipperfield_and_Bailey (Paul J Lloyd).Yes
Lavinia(Unattributed - "Based on Dan Solo's Lavinia")Yes
Paris RondeNoThe Donald NF (Nicks Fonts) clearly used this as a model, but has much thinner strokes and more regular apirals.
Romantic No. 4Partisan Ornamented (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesFTF Romantiques No. 4
Scott GothicNo
Tuscan Tri-LevelNo

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