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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
900S-? FRILLY POINTY DISP SERIF UIDNo ID yet. could Brendel Centime be the original ??No
36Sadie HawkinsNo
42SalemAdramalech (Scriptorium)Yes
201Salisbury BoldNo match identified. Seems to be in the extended Souvenir or Seagull families.No
193Sally Mae (4 weights)Bernhardt (Agfa/Miles- Light, Medium, Bold)Yes
900SaltinoSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack. Tim Ryan also drew a version for Agfa's Type Revivals.YesBOS
102Salto(ImageClubGraphics, Solo in Bold Script book/CD), South Carolina (FontHouse).YesBOS
154Salut(Solo), ATSalut (Monotype), FlandersRide(SubFlux)YesADC
75Salute StarsA&L Stars; Brendel Fairytale. Also "Independence."Yes
193Salzburg Serial (7 weights)( E&F, Red Rooster, QuickBrownFox, Brendel, Softmaker[14vars]) , Castle (URW-4); Sunflower (Opti-14vars); Yes
73SamoaNick Curtis's "Hardy Har Har."Yes
119Samoa StencilNo ready-made version found. With considerable effort, you could use Nick Curtis's Hardy Har Har in an Illustration program to create the stencil custs for stencil-look text art based on the solid typeface.Yes
59SamplerSolofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. Solo digital face Needlepoint doesn't match face in Solocat by the same name; it matches Sampler, another on the same page!YesSPFX
113SamsonSamson Classic SG(Spiece Graphics), Ashkelon NF (Nick Curtis / Nicksfonts)Yes
16San FranciscoNo
177Sans Serif Cd ItalNo
38Sans Serif Cd No.1No
178Sans Serif ShadedDieter Steffmann has a free, same-named version of this "generic" sounding face.Yes
20Santa ClausNo
20186Santa Claus OpenNo
22Saphir(Linotype), Saphire (Mecanorma), Davie's Sapphire (Anon), Sapphire Sativa (Gauthier, with Marijuana leaves)Yes
168Sar ModernNo
82Sarah ElizabethFajita Mild (Image Club Graphics), Burrito (Olena and Anon).YesICG's Fajita Picante is also similar. Hot Tamale (WSI) combines the two Fajitas into its upper and lower case.
111184Satanick OutlineNoMorris Gothic (HiH Retro) and Kelmscott (Scriptorium) are solid versions. No digitized outline version has been found. This was probably a Solo special effect. Satanic itself was a copy of Wm. Morris' Troy font
184111Satanick OutlineNoMorris Gothic (HiH Retro) and Kelmscott (Scriptorium) are solid versions. No digitized outline version has been found. This was probably a Solo special effect.
201Saxon SolidNo match identified.No
55SaxonyNoThere is much more detail in this font than is visible in the catalog.
900Scepter (Celtic Penletter)Solofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
117Scepter StencilNo
151Schadow AntiquaNo
151Schadow Antiqua BoldNo
151Schadow Antiqua Bold CondensedNovel Shattuck, Bitstream Schadow Black Condensed. Brendel Gustav, Opti Schadow Antiqua, Prima Sharbot.Yes
151Schadow Antiqua SemiboldNo
151Schadow WerkSchadowBTRoman (Bitstream), SchadowAntiquaLightBQ (Berthold0Yes
201Schneidler Old Styleaka Schneidler Mediaeval. Digital versions include A&L Schroeder BA; and originals from FTN; URW, E+F, and Compugraphic.Yes
123Schneidler InitialsSchneidlerHTFTitling (Hoefler)YesVery similar ones available as StempelSchneidler(LT), Schneidler (URW) and others.
80SchooldazeBrendel Paranoid. aka Eraser Dust(Rakowski, NicksFonts/Intecsas).Yes
74Scimitar(Solo, WSI). Solomon (SWFTE) , Alfred Drake (Mike Allard / DeNada), Kohelet (DieterSteffmann)YesSPFX
78Scintillate (4 vars)No
71ScoreboardNoThe 'Scoreboard' Solofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack is quite different from this one..
900Scoreboard(Solo) Included in SPFX CD/BookYesSPFXThis is NOT the same scoreboard as on page 71 of the Solocat.
115Scotford UncialSolofont included in Dover Gothic book + CD pack. Also ver fr. Image Club.YesGOT
26Scott GothicNo
83ScraffitoRick Mueller's free version is called Pollock.Yes
101Script MT BoldMonotype, probably others.Yes
97Script TextNo
201SeagullA&L & ClickArt offer Beach (BA) (12,20 respectively); Bitstream & Corel offer Seagull; Brendel offers Seagull; Novel has Saren; Opti has Sunset; SoftMaker offers Seagull.Yes
60SeasonNoIn Dover/Solo Art Nouveau alphabet book
46Secession Medium(HiH RetroFonts/TomWallace)Yes
62Selectaka Albert. Red Rooster offers two variants (solid & patterned) under the name Honduras.Yes
900SeminarySolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
155Semi-StarkStark Semi-bold(Font Company), Bleak Bold (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
201SenecaSoftMaker S691 Roman (7); Opti Seneca.Yes
1314Sentinel(Dieter Steffmann, Alus), Alt Gotisch (HiH Retro Fonts), Emporium Capitals (P.J.Lloyd) matches most letters, but not the T/t..Yes
900SentrySolofonts version @ MyFonts.YesDesign by Ihlenberg named Princeton
129Series 18 ItalicNo
165Serif Gothic (8 variants)(Adobe, ITC, Linotype) All weights. What serifs? Solocat and vendor faces are sans, except for an almost indiscernible wiggle on the heaviest weights. Yes
179Serif Gothic Open ShadowAldus cites look-alikesYes
185Serif Gothic Out (2 vars)No
156Serpentine (4 variants)Many sources. Adobe, URW, Compugraphics, Monotype, LinotypeYes
15Sesame (Cuba)(Dieter Steffmann,Opti), Cuban (M. Klein/Heidorn), Habana Sweets (NicksFonts), Coal Train (Jeff Levine), Tamiami JNL (Jeff Levine)YesCatalog indx shows this both as Cuba and as Sesame. Petzendorfer 42; Shown as Cuba in 100 Victorian Display Alphabets. Levine's Tamiami is a commercial version of his Coal Train. They are indistinguishable.
55Seventh AvenueNo
25Shaded BarnumCircus MN (Mecanorma)Yes
190ShadowArcher (Solotype)Yes
54Shady DealDXS Shady DealYes
73ShalimarShalimar (Type Revivals). Shelly Maris (Soft Horizons copy of TR font), Samarkan (Titivillus / Ethel) Free. My files say Solo drew one, too; but it's not listed at Dover or MyFonts. Yes
73Shamrock(ImageClubGraphics, Elsner & Flake - 3 versions - alternate 2 is closest to catalog image, FontCompany), YesDesign by Allan Withers of Letraset.
72ShanghaiBlueEyes (Enstep)Yes
67ShantytownOuthouseDisplayCaps (WSI), HillNBillyCaps (SSK).Yes
59Shatter(Linotype), (Letraset); Freezer (Brendel); High Voltage (Swfte), Lower Westside (Rakowski), Blur (Computer Support Corp/Arts & Letters)YesBlur, from CSC/A&L, has 5 additional varieteis; condensed and expanded, with italic (oblique) versions of each.
51118Sheet SteelDXS Sheet SteelYes
11851Sheet SteelDXS Sheet Steel (Dick Pape)Yes
201ShelleyNot the similarly-named penscripts., sort of a rounded slab text. Letraset; E+F; and Linotype offer same-named versions; and SoftMaker sells the look-alike Sheffield.Yes
99Shelley Allegro(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype), English 111 Vivace.(Bitstream), Pen Tweaks 1 (SSI), Sterling (SWFTE)Yes
99Shelley Andante(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype), English 111 Adagio.(Bitstream), Pen Tweaks 2 (SSI)Yes
99Shelley Volante(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype), English 111 Presto.(Bitstream), Pen Tweaks 3 (SSI)Yes
201Sherborne (3 weights)No
33ShimmerShifty Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesShown as "Shimmer Wide" in Victorian Display Alphabets book.
66Shoemaker SansNo
74SholomSholom (Dieter Steffmann), Mohlar (Anon.), Shalom (Anon.) YesAnother Solo mis-spelling. Usual transliteration is Shalom. But there are many other different fonts named Shalom.
190Showboat(David Rakowski, Dieter Steffmann, Brian Prince) , WSI Boutique Display Caps (WSI).YesThe Rakowski version is A-Z. Steffman's adds accented characters. Prince's has small caps. WSI's Boutique has hundreds of empty glyphs.
5967Showtime(Solo, in Dover Circus book/CD. Glyphs in LC only); Hollywood (Martin Holm - fewer and larger 5-pointed stars)YesCIR
6759ShowtimeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.. Letters appear as UC but are typed as LC.YesCIR
73Siamese, Owah-Tagu-Siam NF (NicksFonts), Thai Dye (HFF), YesSouthPacific (Mario Arturo) is probably based on the same source material. Some characters are significantly different.
42SiegfriedSiegfried (Brendel, Opti, Dieter Steffmann); Epic (BayAnimation), Epoque (Dieter Steffmann), S730Deco (SoftMaker),Appleby (FontBank), Scorpio (Bright Ideas-Variant)YesANV
111Sign TextNo
129Signwriter's RomanNo
55Silver ScreenTuxedo (Anon, "created with Typesmith Amiga") , YesThis text was previously in the Alias box, but was clearly in error as these fonts have nothing to do with Silver Screen:Tuxedo, from Bright Ideas ezine. Also DXS Tuxedo, from the Solo Art Deco book, which is a different font.
24SilveradoCottonwood (Adobe); Cowboy (Bay Animation) ; Lincoln (Brendel), Tucson (SSI Brendel); Cottage (Corel); GroverXenotype (Photolettering); Alamo and AlamoCaps (SSi /SSK), Dogwood (WSI), Prima Coa Reg;(?) ; Longbranch (Kinghorn), Italienne (Manfred Klein), others.YesThere are no digital versions Named 'SIlverado'. There's a different typeface with that name from RedRooster/TypeFounders.
112Silverwood SwashSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
169Simplex (2 variants)Tim Ryan drew a version for Agfa's Type Revivals.Yes
55SinaloaThere's an Agfa pay version in the FontShop 1993 FontBook p. S-128. Aztek ( Silver Graphics)Yes
57Sintex No.1Stretto (Canada Type), Font Twelve Good (Fontalicious)Yes
81Skeleton AntiqueSkeleton Antique Light (Wooden Type / Davies), Antiochia Skeleton (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
150Skin & BonesWSI Duo Line. aka Bosseyed.Yes
44SkjaldSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack. Skjald(Miles/Agfa/Monotype), Lillehammer (Brendel) , Scythe(Novel), Sidhe(Powers), Norseman (Silver Graphics)YesANV
64Skyline(Solotype), Will-Harris(Rakowski, Steffmann)YesSPFX
7Slimline Classic CapsSwifty (Match&Kerosene), Dharma Slab (Flat-it)Yes
7Slimline Moderne CapsNo
7Slimline with lowercaseSwifty (Match&Kerosene) and Dharma Slab (Flat-it) lower cases don't match well)Yes
60SlipstreamSlipstream (Letraset, Corel, Elsner and Flake); Surface (Brendel), Speedstream (Opti).YesBreezedCaps (ManfredKlein) is a similar effect.
11Smoke(OptiCastcraft), Flashback (SWFTE), Psychedelic Smoke (Walter Kafton-Minkel), cloned by Cambridge as Pigs 7. Watusi (Kafton-Minkel) , Baghdad (not found). YesOutline version available as Elefont (Brendel), Also numerous shadow versions.
95Snell RoundhandSnell Roundhand (Linotype, Adobe), Engravers Roundhand BT(BT), Signet Roundhand (Agfa),Roundhand Script(Elfring), Sicilia (Opti, Primafont)Yes
18SnowbirdNoCF Mandy [wood], 31. Kelly 320.
108Society TextPosh Soiree Solid NF (Nicksfonts)YesPosh Soiree NF (NicksFonts) is an open version
115Solemnis(Solo, Castletype, Berthold, Opti); Solemnity (Lohner)YesGOT
164Soul (4 variants)No
185Soul OutlineNo
1618Soule PosterNo
1816Soule PosterNo
59SoulsbyArts & Letters Frantic (8) & Slasher (BA)(1); Brendel Curacao; Clickart Slasher (BA)(2); Prima Cun Med; SoftKey SSi Toothpix; Swfte Amplifier; WSI Stinger2.Yes
14SoutacheMain Street (FontMesa)Yes
15Southern CrossNo
38SouthlandAntique Wells (Wooden Type Fonts)Yes
126Souvenir (11 variants)(Adobe, Agfa/Monotype/ImageClub, Berthold, Bitstream, Corel., Elsner & Flake, FontCompany, ITC, Linotype, URW). Subway Black (Dieter Steffmann), Sovran (Silver Graphics), Southern (Corel). Also equivalents with other names by WSI, SSI/SSK, B&P, SoftHorizons, etc.YesDesign by Morris Fuller Benton
126Souvenir Bold - Swash CharactersIncluded in Opti-Souvenir BoldYes
184Souvenir Outline (2 wts)Dieter Steffmann's free Subway Shadow matches the Solocat's basic two-dimensional outline design, but with the additional three-dimensional shadow element. Most graphic illustration programs will let you create outline text from a solid font, though.Yes
179Souvenir Sans EmbNo
19Spangle (Uncle Sam)Springfield Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesAKA Tuscan Outline, Romantiques No. 1, Carnet de Bal, Ornate No 3 [McGrew 344], FTF Romantiques No 1. In Dover/Solo Art Nouveau Alphabet book. Ornamented Outline in Jasper.
60SparkleStarburst (Solo) Note naming conflict: Rakowski's Starburst matches Solocat Burst, but does NOT match Solo Sparkle and Solofont Starburst. SMCHollywood (Software of the Month CLub) has identicallyh placed sparkles on a slightly different base font.YesSPFX
60SparkleSolofont Starburst incl. in Dover Special Effects book + CD pack.YesSPFX
900Spartan Condensed OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
53SpartanaSparticus (Solo), Spartana (Solo, in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book/CD).YesANVIt's not clear which font came first. Sparticus is among the Solotype fonts at Myfonts,
53Spartana BoldNo
53Spartana OutlineFull image in 100 Art Noveau alphabets.No
184Spartana OutlineNo
53Spartana ShadedNo
186Spartana ShadedNo
117Spartana StencilNo
900SparticusSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
20SpearheadSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
900SpeedscriptSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
47Spencer (reg & bold)Tried WhatTheFontNo
96Spencerian ScriptAntique Spenserian (Flat-it)Yes
139Sphinx(RedRooster, Keystrokes/CreativeAlliance)Yes
139Sphinx ItalicNo
118Spice StencilNo
97Spinner ScriptNo
11SpiralGramophone ITC (ITC - Serge Pichii), Sturbridge Twisted (Inrtecsas), Hasta La Pasta NF (Nick Curtis). Sturbridge Twisted was renamed to Spiral ST by Aldus in his Solotype postings. .My records also assert a Dover/Solo version?Yes
6Spire(Opti, Lanston), Charmeur (Brendel); Spinoza (Novel), Sperry (Opti); Siouty (Primafonts American Coll)Yes
7Spire Shaded(Aldus)Yes
6Spire with lowercase(FontHaus, MT, Ann Pomeroy), Spire Alt(Aldus)YesDesign by Sol Hess, 1938
60Splash OilNoThis was a special effect applied to another font,
60Splash WaterNoThis was a special effect applied to another font.
82SplitScarecrow Condensed (SWFTE),Splintered Dream (HFF)Yes
82Split WideSwfte Scarecrow; Hay Stack (Rick Mueller); KlitschKOtiquea (Manfred Klein)Yes
69Spooks Alive Spirits, Spirits MF (Rick Mueller), Ghost Show (Solo) Boo-Meringue NF (NickCurtis/Nicksfonts), Poultrygeist (Apostrophe/FredNader - inexact outlines)YesIn Solo's "100 Rustic and Rough-Hewn Alphabets", this face is named "Lithotint Black"
69Spooks Alive OutlinePoultrygeist Out (Apostrophe/FredNader - inexact outlines)YesLacks the shadow seen in the catalog.
69Spooks Alive ShadedNoThe shaded version was the original, named Lithotint.
116Spooks Alive StencilNo
116Sports StencilNo
900SportsJerseySolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack. This is a typcial "letter sweater" font but does not appear to be as good as slightly different versions from other vendors.YesOUT
67Spring FlowersNo
202SpringfieldAgfa ver incl w/ Print Artist bundle; SoftMaker Simpson. Also Letraset, URW, and E+F.Yes
202Springfield BoldMannesmann Scangraphic offers same-named digital version. Appears in 1993 FontShop FontBook page S-26.Yes
2266SpringtimeEckhardt Fancy JNL (Jeff Levine)Yes
6622SpringtimeEckhardt Fancy JNL (Jeff Levine)Yes
39Square Barnum CondNo
111Square EnglishNo
13St. ClairARIDI31 Yes
160Stabile (5 variants)Opti Stabile XLight Agency, just the one weight.Yes
185Stabile OutlineNo
30Staccato WoodStakeholder Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesShown as Staccato in 'Victorian Display Alphabets'
178StackStacker (Bright Ideas).YesGrow by Dinamo( is a layered type system that can look very similar but not exactly like Stack.
900StampsSolofonts version @ MyFonts. (not same as pg 66). They print in a connected strip.Yes
66Stamps (not = one at MyFonts)No
176StandardEuropa Gro Light (Scangraphic)Yes
176Standard BoldStandard CT Extra Bold (CastleType), Akzidenz Grotesk Bold (BQ)Yes
176Standard ExtendedAkzidenz Grotesk Ext (BQ)Yes
176Standard Extra Light CondensedStandard CT Extended Extra Light (CastleType), Akzidenz Gorthesk Std Ext Light (Berthold)YesTHe BertholdBQ version is somewhat heavier.
176Standard LightDistrict Thin (GarageFonts), Akzidenz-Grotesk Light (BQ)YesThe BQ Akzidenz Grotesk is a bit heavier than Standard Light.
176Standard Light ExtendedAkzidenz Grotesk Light Extended (BQ)Yes
176Standard MediumGothic 725 Bold (Bitstream Paratype, Tilde) Duty-Bold (T26), Standard CT Medium (CastleType)Yes
900Standing StonesSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
155Stark(Font Company), Bleak Extra Bold (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
75Stars & StripesNo
59StartimeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
60Static (U/C glyphs only)Zap (A&L/ComputerSupport) Aarcover (Rakowski), Bizarr (Brendel) Also see record for Static (w/ Small Caps) for variants with small caps.Yes
60Static (w/ Small Caps)Shock (Swfte); Jolt (WSI). See also record for Static Caps.Yes
116Steam StencilNo
21Steamboat ShadedTried WhatTheFont (without shadiow)
Index says it's also on 64. It's not.
NoBar on 'A' is rare for 29th century [sic] Clarendons (I'm not sure whether Type Historian meant 19th or 20th c.)
161Steelplate Gothic ShadedAn unattributed freeware version is named simply "Steelplate."Yes
96Steelplate ScriptAldus cites look-alikes.Yes
108Steelplate Text (3 variants)Steelplate Textura (Dieter Steffmann, plain only). Steelplate Text (Aldus; looks like a renaming of a font originally named "Gascon", which can't be found) Both are solid variant only.YesSteffman's font appears to be a clone of Steelplate Text, with additional characters and glyphs.
62Steelplate Txt ShadedAldus cites look-alikes.Yes
117Stencil Bold(Adobe, URW, Bitstream, WSI) and others. Army (anon - many weights)YesDieter Steffmann's Lintsec is a wide version..
117Stencil Bold CondensedArmy Condensed (Anon), Stencil Compress (URW), Stencil Becker Compress (URW)Yes
118Stencil Border No. 1No
117184Stencil OutlineStencil MN Outline (Mecanorma), Stencil-D-Outline (URW)Yes
184117Stencil OutlineStencil MN Outline (Mecanorma), Stencil-D-Outline (URW)Yes
144Stephania (Bold & B Outl)No
187Stephania OutlineNo
77Stephen OrnateSilverland (FontMesa), Bruce 1490 (Intellecta), Aridi81 (Aridi) All have some differences in detail.YesDesign by Julius Herriet, Bruce Type Foundry, 1877
178StereoRick Mueller offers a free same-named version.Yes
16StereopticonSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.YesVIC
201Sterling LightRed Rooster Stirling Light [sic]nearly matches the Solocat sample in both name and general style, but it has a different lower case e and g. Near match makes a fine work-alike.Yes
71Stipple TypewriterNo
134Stone BoldRolling Stone Bold (Font Bureau-maybe)Yes
134Stone RomanRolling Stone Roman (Unattributed - may be Font Bureau)YesDavid Smith says that these are matches. I haven't been able to find any FB fonts with those names.
98Stradivarius(Grosse Pointe Group), Symphonie (FontHaus)Yes
201StratfordBrendel & SoftMaker offer 5 vars in orig. name. Opti Sabado.Yes
80Studio (and bold)A&L Parson (12 wts); Brendel Danton & Studio Bold; Stunning (Novel/Fontbank); Opti Studio; Beauregard Display (SSI/SSK is Studio Bold) , SoftMaker S850 Script. Also Adams (Canada Type)Yes
83Stuntman Small CapsSwfte Wass.Yes
83Stuntman w/ Upper & Lower CaseImage Club Improv. aka Kurt Russell.Yes
900StupendousSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
900Stygian BlackSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
900Stygian Black ItalicSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
148Stymie (Hairline,Light,Medium,Bold,Extrabold, and Black)(Bitstream, Berthold, OPTI/Castcraft, Elsner&Flake, URW) Cambridge Fontworks "Midnight Rider" family is possibly a clone of an Atech font.Yes
148Stymie ObeliskSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack.YesADC
179Submarine ShadedNo
72Sukiyaki (Caps)Tim Ryan re-drew for Agfa Type Revivals. aka Japanese Style, Sumdumgo. Hirosh(AAARGH Graphics), HiroshiYes
52Sundown (Shadow)Solofont Starburst included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. Also David Rakowski's Wharmby, also available in an enhaced or expanded version by Dieter Steffmann.YesSPFX
144Super CooperNo
57Super DooperNo
147Superba Bold CondNo
33Sutro WoodBuffaloGalMT (Monotype, by ThomasRickner), Centennial-Regular (Solo). Centennial Caps (?) also very closely match Pardee on Solocat page 34; but that face has a lower case and is broader.YesThis is a narrow version of Pardee (pages 25 & 34)
72Suzie WongChinese (Brendel); Shantung (Novel), Shanghai (Prima, Opti, Mauerkirchner&Grunert).Yes
112Swash Initials & RhapsodyDigital font "Rhapsodie Swash Caps (Solo) combines "Swash Initials" and "Rhapsody" lower case found on Solocat pg. 112. These two elements are not illustrated as a single face in the Solocat. Not sure who madkes that digital font.Yes
171Sweatshirt BoldNo
900SweetheartSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
102SwingalongSteiner Special (Canada Type), Dandelion (Jukebox)Yes
102Swinger(Photo-Lettering, Inc.)YesDesign by Ray Cruz 1971. There's an almost matching anonymous outline shadow font available, as well as a Swinger Plain, which has differences.
62Symbolaka Minister Symbol, unattributed freeware.Yes
70SynchroElsner + Flake; and Letraset/ITC Fontek under orig. name; and Swfte Low Tech and Opti Sanders Display.Yes

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