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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
36FacadeSteve Matteson's Monotype Facade very similar though not an exact match.Yes
36Facade Bold Cond.No
900FairmontSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
197FalstaffThe sample from Solocat 197 is not the same face as Monotype's same-named face. No match yet.No
101Fanal ScriptNo
110Fancy Card textFancyText (Diogene-ClaudePelettier), Showcard (Silver Graphics). Pepin Press Fancy 129 (Dick Pape, from a Pepin Press alphabet), Minster #4 (PJLloyd), moderne Kirchen Gotisch (Gerhard Helzel), Fancy Card Text (Becky S.)YesFancy Card Text (Dieter Steffmann) has the same basic characters, but without the ornamentation.
13Fancy Celtic(Solotype), 101! Fancy Letterin' (NghtMvs101)YesVIC
900Fancy DanSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
900FandangoSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
50Fanfare(Rick Mueller, Opti), Cabaret (Steffmann), Tambourint (Brendel), Famoose (Novel), NorthCarolina (FontHouse), Faralones (Primafonts), Jugler (Primafonts)YesNote: Bertholds 'Fanfare' is a different face. Design by Louis Oppenheim, 1927
57Fanfare (Recut) UBBrendel Bravour; Novel Fansilla; Opti Fantastik; Subflux Bongo Fraktur; and SoftMaker F650 Deco. Scriptorium Dromon is a match but seems to be just a bit narrower than its competitors.Yes
77Fanfold(Opti), Fanzine (Novel), Shohl Fold (Rakowski), Bajazzo (Brendel)Yes
10FantailWanted Beatty (Beatty an edited version of Fantail). Fredericksburg WBS (Nick Curtis), Teutonic (Jordan Davies Wood Fonts)YesFantail was the foundry tradename. CF Roxy [wood], 38.
42Fantasie Artistique(George Williams - font has no internal attribution)Yes
46Fantasie NoireReggion (Scriptorium)YesOriginal design by Georges Peignot & fils
53FantasticFantastic Modern (Rick Mueller), Fantastic ML (HiH Retrofonts)Yes
67Fantasy No.4NoIn Index no sample on page 67
19FargoFarmerboy Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesAn earlier version of the Solopedia indicated that Dieter Steffmann's Toskanische Egyptienne Initialen was a good workalike. It has a somewhat similar feel, but is really nothing like Fargo.
28FarringdonSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
28Farringdon OutlineNo
15FashionFastidious Condensed (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesShown as Fashion Condensed in 100 Victorian Alphabets
15Fashion OrnamentedFastidious Ornamented (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
160185, 186Fat Albert (3 variants)Fat Albert BT (Ray Cruz) all threeYes
185160Fat Albert Outline(BT by Ray Cruz)Yes
186160Fat Albert Shadow(BT by Ray Cruz)Yes
48Fat CatFrenchy (Red Rooster, QuickBrownFox), Katzenfatzen NF (Nick Curtis / NicksFonts), Fat Cat DXS (Dick Pape), Frency (Brendel)Falla (Opti),; Frantic (WSI), F820 Deco (Softmaker)Yes
900Fat Face No. 20Solofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
178Fat ShadedShady Grove NF (NicksFonts)Yes
61Fata MorganaNo
141FatFace, ITCFat Face (Image Club Graphics, URW), ITC Fat Face (Paratype), PudgyPussNF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
75FatimaMatching digital version of Houdini (c) 2000 Dover Publications, but not listed in any of the packs now?? Not same as Houdini Lights.Yes
109Faust TextSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
154Fedder Bold ItalicNoEmeralda Italic (Cape Arcona) is very similar, but without the serifs or slanted tops.
67FencelineDrift Wood (Dieter Steffmann), DriftType (Paul Reid (AKA 'Who Am I'))YesA version of Steffmann's font exists renamed to Fenceline with a copyright line of 'DriftType'
128FeniceDigital versions include Adobe's and Corel's by the original name, A&L's Feline; ClickArt's Feline; Opti's Floro; SoftKey SSi's Compendium; SoftMaker's Ferrara; and Swfte's Felicia. The lighter weight resembles Favrile, but the heavier wts do not.Yes
900FenwickSolofont included in Dover Celtic book + CD pack.YesCEL
14Ferdinand(Solo), Baphomet (SWFTE), Asphodel (Scriptorium), BaronMunchausen (Gophmann).YesVIC
54FestivalMonotype has an original-name version (Festival Titling) in FontShop 1993 FontBook. DXS Festival (Dick Pape), Aldus says "very common?" in his text list of available look-alikes, but I haven't found any others. Yes
100FigaroSolofont included in Dover Scripts book/CD. Dalia (A&L), Eleven (Brendel). Iphegenia (Scriptorium) , Kelly Brown (De Nada)YesSCR
178Figgins ShadedNo
77Fillet(Solo), Streamers NF (NicksFonts), Toletto (Rakowski)YesSPFX
77FilmHarold Lohner's Le Film Classic.Yes
900FilmstarIncluded in Dover/Solo Special Effects pack. Solofonts version @ MyFonts.YesSPFX
45Fingal's CavePeacenik (Silver Graphics), Paul Putnam' (Soft Horizons). Puppy and PuppyLike (ImageLine and EnStep, respectively) are an obliqued version.Yes
900FingerpaintSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
153Fino (2 wts)Fina (Image Club Graphics). Yes
125Fiore MediumThere are digital versions from Headliners, Typoart, Red Rooster known as Polaris or Faust. Also Opti Faber Medium Agency.Yes
900Fiorello CDPrima Fid Reg.Yes
60FirebugSolofont included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. .Rakowski Crackling Fire. SoftKey SSi Firebug; Swfte Hellfire; WSI Flaming Display Caps; Attitude Fire; and Electric Alphabet Crackling.YesSPFX
31Firehouse GothicNo
141Firenze(Brendel), ITCFirenze (Anon.), Floral (Bay Animation), Florence (Corel)Yes
137Firmin Didot(Linotype, HiHRetro, FontCo, Opti)Yes
137Firmin Didot Bold(Linotype, HiHRetro, Font Co.)Yes
900Five Star FinalSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
75Flag InitialsKarneval (© says "dustup key 3003"), RC All American (Anon)Yes
900FlairFlair (Type Revivals) Flare (Solo) included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack, FleurFord (Soft Horizons)YesSCRAdded SH font
197FlamencoCorel Flamenco & SoftMaker Fuego. Available as E+F Flamenco. Available from URW as Flammanion and URW++ Flamenco D.Yes
60FlamoDavid Rakowski's "Firecat" or Rick Mueller's "Flames.". Aldus renamed Flames to Flamo; HFF Fire Dancer.Yes
94FlashDigital versions include Corels Flash; Brendel's Slager; ClickArt's; Agfa's Lt, B, & Outl originals included inthe Print Artist bundle; Opti's Flintlock; and SoftMaker's Falcon and S760 Deco. Also check Lanston, URW, E+F, and Letraset.Yes
170Flash Idea OpenNo
101Fleet (Label Script in SoloCat)Name is Aligner per PhotoYesBOS
53Flemish CondensedFlemish Regular (Atech), The following are wannabes, lower-quality look-alikes: A&L Manchuria (1 free DL @ their WEB site); Brendel Telepath. Tora 6 (Cambridge Fontworks) is a clone of Atech's Flemish Regular)Yes
43Flemish WideFlemish-NormalEx (Fantazia), Bruges (Scriptorium) Aldus lists look-alikes. Yes
900FletcherSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
101Flex RibbonNo
82Flintstone(Peter Bryant, Anon), Other look-alikes include Jenufa (Brendel); and Glyphics (WSI). Jim Dandy 2 (Cambridge Fontworks) is a clone of the Peter Bryant font. Also see Flintstone Wannabe record for more work-alikes.Yes
82Flintstone (wannabe)SoftKey SSi Tribal Display Caps; Swfte Prehistoric. Swfte has Small Caps as LC; Solocat orig. very similar. See main Flintstone record for better matches.Yes
180Flippo (2 vars)No
11FlirtFlippant Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
900Flo BarnumNo
900Floral LatinSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.YesVIC
910Florentine BoldNoThe bold versions of the fonts listed with 'Florentine Light' are NOT equivalent to the Florentine Bold as shown in this catalog.
157Florentine LightFlorentine (Font Company, Brendel, Opti); Wright (A&L); Flourish (FontBank); Prima's Florida; SoftKey SSi's Toque Disp; SoftMaker's F761 Deco; Swfte's Gabriel; and WSI's Foster. May be at URW.YesIndex shows only 'Florentine'
900Florid Victorian OrnamentProbably scanned and digitized from a Dover/Solo printed book.Yes
900Fluidum (Bold)Solofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack.YesBOS
59Focus (aka Process)Dephunked BRK (Aenigma Fonts)Yes
173FolioCorel has 7 variants; SoftKey SSi version called Layout.Yes
173Folio Extra BoldBrendel Dakota; Novel Focus; SoftKey SSi Surin Display.Yes
183Folio OutlineNo
22FontanesiSpatz Plain (Lorvad), Fontanesi (House of Lime), Kudos Kaps Five (Nicks Fonts - in the lower case)Yes
163Formula (2 wts) Formula One (Opti); Formule 1 and Formule 1 Bold (Anonymous, posted in abf by Aldus, bad encoding), YesMost glyphs are very similar to VAG Rounded, but there are significant differences, such as a 2-storey 'a' instead of VAG's single storey 'a'.
102ForteSolofont included in Dover Bold Script book + CD pack. Available by orig. name fr. Monotype, Adobe, Agfa.YesBOS
102Fortunata (Rg & It)Rick Mueller's Sixties.Yes
149Fortune (4 weights)Volta (E&F, URW, Linotype)Yes
119Fortune StencilNo
178Forum I and IINo
128Forum Titling(Red Rooster) LTC Forum Titling ( Lanston Type)Yes
47Foster Gothic (aka Rollo)Tried WhatTheFontNo
197FournierDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name,;Brendel's PEER GYNT; and Opti's Forquet.Yes
100Fox(Opti), Ronin (A&L), Rhapsodie (Brendel), Fantazia Unique 33.Yes
71Fractured TypewriterMcGarey (Rakowski) Detective (SWFTE);YesEntebbe (Brendel) is an artificially widened copy of McGarey.
44FranconiaSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack. Also WSI Sundra Display Caps.YesANV
69FrankensteinStolzenfels (Brendel); Drooping (ImageLine); Friezel (Novel!); Frankenstein's Bride (Opti); and Corpus (Scriptorium). "Aaaaaaaargh Caps" (shareware or freeware ??)Yes
163Frankfurter(Letraset original, Fontek, OPTI, E&F, URW), Allgemeine (Brendel),Kimberlyh (Brendel), Felix Caps (Opti) , Fatso (Silver Graphics), Frankenberg (Softmaker). Many others.Yes
163Frankfurter Highlight(Letraset, Fontek, ITC, URW, Scangraphic) Francis HighLighted (A&L), F821 Deco (Softmaker)Yes
183Frankfurter Out (2 vars)No
177Franklin Gothic (Original)Many. Digital versions include A&L's Philadelphia and SoftMaker's Franklin Goth Orig and Franklin Headilne.Yes
900Franklin Gothic OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
180Franklin Open ShadeNo
108Frederick TextSolofont included in Dover Gothic book + CD pack. Available as Goudy Text from Adobe & the Ascender Creativity Pack, and Monotype; plus other major vendors. Also 6 variants of Arthur by Imageline.YesGOT
9FredericksburgYorktown (Silver Graphics, Dieter Steffmann). Boxwood (Aerotype), Pianobar (Brendel)Yes
85Freedom 200No
112Freehand (Normal)Solofont included in Dover Gothic book + CD pack. Duly Noted (NicksFonts)YesGOT
112Freehand with Swash Initials(Solo - in GOT/CD), Rhapsodie Swash Caps (Solo - has these caps with Rhapsody's lower case), Fresh Cap Font 120 Bold (Imageline, caps only).YesGOT
900French IonicSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
81French KateNo
122Friz Quadrata (3 wts)Original digital versions from Adobe, Corel/Bitstream,Yes
33FrolicJeferson Pilot NF(Nick Curtis)Yes
197Fry's Baskerville(Bitstream)Yes
19Fry's Ornamented (Caps)(Roger White), 30Fry's Ornamented (AR Types), Fry'sAlphabet (Intellecta), Fry's Relikt (Brendel),; Carnivale (SS/Softkey); Cruiseline Display Caps (WSI). Smooth(Enstep), Hunter(Rakowski), Beffle (Rakowski), Pomfrit Dandy (Nick Curtis)YesScalaJewelPearl (FontShop) is similar, but without the curved stems or serifs.
10186Fulton Sign ScriptSweden (Bay Animation), Philly Script (FontCompany / URW), Ebor Script (Panache)YesSame as Ebor Script, page 86
23FunhouseNoNick Curtis's Whoa Nelly has a similar feel, but is not exact .
172Futura (multiple styles and weights)Most foundries have extensive Futura catalogs. Adobe, Bitstream, URW, Agfa, E&F, Scangraphic, and more. Also numerous equivalents, both free and otherwise.Yes
49Futura Black(Linotype, Corel/Bitstream, Opti), DekoBlack (Brendel/Softmaker), Template (ClickArt-ML); Fulton (Novel); Dayton (Fontbank), Cado Display (SoftKey/SSi) Display; Army Black (Swfte), Futurist (WSI), Durham (Silver Graphics)Yes
49Futura Black OutlineFutura Black Art Deco Outline (URW)YesSoftmaker's Deko Black Outline Regular is a relicensed version of the URW font noted.
184Futura Black OutlineYes
155Futura DisplayPrima Fut Pla and SoftMaker S842 Deco. Savings Bond (by Harold Lohner, with expanded version by Dieter Steffmann) is not an exact match; but it is free, good quality, and can serve as a work-alike.Yes
169Futura InlineDXS Futura InlineYes
101Futura Script(Elsner & Flake). Fscript (Font Company), Machine Script (De Nada), Manuscript (Brendel), Function Script (Softmaker)YesAldus renamed Softmaker Function Script to Futura Script
900Futurama ItalicSolofont listed as included in 2001 Dover Moderne book + CD pack; not listed in 2008. Possible elimination or name change?YesMOD
900Futurama OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT

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