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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
18CabalisticRoosevelt (Harold Lohner), Cabaletta (Harold Lohner)YesRoosevelt replaced Cabaletta. There are some differences between them - including the T and t. Roosevelt includes smalll caps
144Cabaret (Robur Decorated)(ICG, Solo) Solofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book/CD. Cayenne (Softmaker), CheersFive (Opti), PT Chocolate Dip (Kinghorn Company)YesADCMyFonts offers a Solofont named Cabaret, but it is a different design than this.
118Cabaret Stencil (simplified art gothic)Solofonts version @ MyFonts. This is a solid version of the stencil illustrated on pg. 118 of the 1992 Solocat. MyFonts describes it as an original, simplified Art Gothic style digitized in 2003 by Dan Solo.Yes
20Cabinet = CapriceCapulet Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott). The correct original name for this face is Caprice. The original Cabinet is in the catalog as Cabinet No 2, page 23. To make matters worse, G Williams digitized Cabinet No 2 and named it Caprice. YesThese two BB&S faces, Cabinet and Caprice, are maybe most confusing pairs ever. It clearly stumped DXS! Printout of a page from an 1889 specimen book showing both faces is always handy for frequent reference [available on request from Type Historian].
23Cabinet No.2Caprice (unattributed, by George WIlliams), Cappuccino (Bright Ideas), Aridi60.YesOriginal name Cabinet. See notes by Cabinet, p.20
118CairoURW ++ "Heavy Script #2 Stencil D Bold"Yes
81Calamity JaneNo
70Calculator (2 wts)Opti Calculator matches Light glyph design but bold weight.Yes
18447CalcuttaCalcutta matches Edda, Edda Text Hollow (Font Bureau). Calcutta Solid matches Edda Text Black (Font Bureau).Yes
47184Calcutta (4 variants)Calcutta matches Edda, Edda Text Hollow (Font Bureau). Calcutta Solid matches Edda Text Black (Font Bureau).Yes
34Caldwell No.2No
183Calif Grotesk OutNo
36Calif. ClarendonNo
155California Grotesk (4 variants)(URW) - Regular, Medium, Bold, and BlackYes
114Caligraph (Dundee) Initialsaka Dundee & Dieter Caps. A digital version: Imageline Drop Capper. Records also indicate a re-draw by Richard Beatty?Yes
26Calliope - CaliopeCaliopeVictorian (Douglas Day - note one-L spelling); From a scan "Victorian Display AlphabetsYesShown as Caliope (One L) in 100 Victorian Display Alphabets
191Callorte (multiple weights)Cartel (URW), Rochester (B&P Graphics), Rillo(FontBank - Heavy=ExtraBold)Yes
66Calypso InitialsCalypsoPF (PolkaDesign), Calypso (Profonts, Ralph Unger), Calypso Boy (Martin Pfeiffer),Stiletto Silver (Rafael Dinner - lines instead of dots). Original design was by Roger Excoffon in 1958YesCalypsoPF is an excellent version. Others shown here include a solid version, Calypso Black was made by Rafael Dinner.
900Camden TextSolofont included in Dover Celtic book + CD pack.YesCEL
33Camelia WoodNo
17Cameo AntiqueCameo Antique (Character)YesSame design as Nightshade (this page), as an outline with the same shadows.
90Cameo Casual (Rg & OS)No
7577Campaign(Solo). Included in earlier edition of Dover/Solo Special Effects pack. Not included in pack dated 2000.YesSPFX
7775Campaign(Solo). Included in earlier edition of Dover/Solo Special Effects pack. Not included in pack dated 2000.YesSPFX
10Campanili [sic] - CampanileCampanile (Solofont, OPTI, Steffmann), Aridi70,Jugend (Walden), VIctoriana (Gophmann), Campanili (?)YesVICCampanile in index, Victorian Display Fonts, and everywhere else.
67CampfireDieter Steffmann's free "Logger." A version re-drawn by David Rakowski. Also WSI "Logs Display Caps."Yes
900Cancelleresca ScriptSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack.YesSCR
89CandidCandid Ballpoint (OPTI)Yes
195CandidaDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel/Bitstream's Candida; SoftKey SSi's Matique; SoftMaker's Canyon and Quantity (included stencil).Yes
900CandlemasSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
66Candy CaneNo
90Cane (handletter)No
26Cane GothicNo
22Canterbury InitialsGillFloriatedCaps (Monotype/Adobe). ALso an ALT(ernate) with only 7 letters (EFHSTWY)YesFrom a 1935 Eric Gill Design. There are unattributed fonts with similar names, some with different alternate glyphs.
49CapitolSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
164Capone LightSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack. Bellarose(James Harris)YesADC
900Caravelle CondensedSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
39Carboy BoldNo
89Card CasualNo
900CardiganSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
11CardinalWedlock (Dan Solo); Dieter Steffman added characters to a face prepared from a scan by Aldus. The free face is at TypOasis in the Steffmann section under the original name, Cardinal. YesVIC
(As Wedlock)
Cardinal and Wedlock/Cardinal Swash are alternate forms of each other. 1887 and DXS/Dover Victorian Book specimens illustrate the full range.
119Caren StencilCamera Stencil (Type Revivals), Stencil Camera ( unattributed freeware(Yes
89Cargo BrushNo
26Carillon CondensedTrefoil (Paul Lloyd), Purcell (Scriptorium) is same design but a bit wider, probably represents the before-condensed version. (When you're using type, many graphic programs will let you squeeze selected type elements to a narrower appearance.) Yes
128Carleton (Ehmke)Ehmcke (HoeflerTypeFoundry)YesSolo catalog has Ehmcke misspelled as Ehmke
46Carmen(Solotype, Dieter Steffmann, George Williams) Edel Gotische (HiH Retrofonts). Original, 1900 by Georg Fleischmann, was name Edel GotischeYesANVCarmen Caps (Harold Lohner) and Edel Gotische Initialen (HiH Retrofonts) are ornate sets of initials incorporating this typeface. Original design by Otto Eckmann, 1900
90Carmen HandletterFlimotype CarmenYes
37Carnation WoodNo
900CarnetSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
33Carnival(Solo), Zebrawood (Adobe), Dolphin (Expressiv - in Photolettering collection), Dorothy (FontBank). Aka Romantiques #2 (?)YesCIR 2001 bbut not in CIR 2008FTF Romaniques No. 2; Solofont included in 2001 Dover Circus book + CD pack; not listed in 2008. Possible elimination or name change?
30Carnival OpenDorothy Shadow (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott), Rick Mueller calls his free version of this face "Carnival MF Open Shadow." Although his Carnival Rimmed is NOT a mtach for Solo'YesMueller's font pair may be matched for multi-color printing outline and fill)
90Carolina BrushDigital versions include Brendel's COLONIAL BRUSH; Novel's Carpens; Opti's Carolina Brush; and Prima's Carteret.Yes
113Carolus CodexDid Dan Solo r/d as Carnet for a Dover pack?Yes
190Carolus MediumNo
900Carolus OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
190Carolus Roman(ImageClub), Carla (BayAnimation), Carleton (Corel/Bitstream), Caremtol OR Cactum (Prima'), MF C653 Deco (Softmaker). California 2 & 5 (Cambridge Fontworks) are clones, as is a widely available anonymous Carolus Roman.Yes
96Carpenter (Script)Solofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. Offered under orig. name by Image Club & FontHaus. Brendel Julia & Novel Carlotta. Opti Carmella.YesSCR
39Carter Egyptian Extra CondensedNoNostrand JNL (Jeff Levine) is somewhat more condensed, otherwise a good match.
39Carter Eqyptian Bold CondensedAntique Condensed Regular (Wooden Type Fonts) , Egyptienne Cond Medium (URW), Outlaw Bold (TypeArt)Yes
186Cartoon Bd Shade CNoCreate text art with solid fonts in Vector Graphic Illustration programs.
80Cartoon Bold CCartoon Bold (ICG, Opti), Cancun (Bitstream/Corel), Candide (Bay Animation), Caricature (FontBank),Gizmo (SSI/SSK), Firestorm (Brendel), CacReg (Prima)YesCancun has been renamed to Cartoon Bold and can also be found that way.
80Cartoon Bold Shaded CNo
75Cartoon Bunting NarrowCartoon Bunting Narrow (Character)Yes
75Cartoon Bunting WideFree 'Bodie MF Flag' (Rick Mueller). Yes
80Cartoon C NoBy Howard Allen Trafton, 1936. Only the bold version is known to be digitized.
69Cartoon Ghost (4 variants)No
61Cartoon Holly DaysBodie MF Holly (Rick Mueller), Amigo (Enstep)YesThis is a decorated version of Bodie Bounce Open (P. 78)
61Cartoon MexicanaNo
61Cartoon Party Time(Tim Ryan/Agfa Type Revivals - aka Cartoon Party Caps) ; Chartreuse Parsons (Soft Horizons); Jubilee (Bright Ideas); PartyByTom (TomBrown/AwesomeClipartForKids). YesJubilee has a lower case in the same style. PartyByTom duplicates the upper case in the lower case. The others have solid black caps in the lower case. Ryan's has some mixed solid and decorated punctuattion.
61Cartoon Snowcap (4 vars)No
61Cartoon TeepeeEaster Fun (TomBrown/AwesomeClipartForKids)Yes
61Cartoon Teepee (condensed, open, open condensed)No
191CasablancaCasablanca family (ITF/RedRooster by Adrian Williams, TheFontCompany/URW++). CASSIUS (Brendel); CinCin (Novel); Civet Light(Opti); Clarksville (Prima). There's also an ITF/Red Rooster version by Adrian Williams.YesOriginal design (c. 1940) by Carlos Winkow for the Spanish foundry, "Nacional".
164Casablanca Light CondensedCasablanca Light Condensed (TheFontCompany,URW++,), HFF Ice Bergman (HFF)YesRedRooster/ITF has multiple weights of Casablanca, but not condensed.
164Casablanca Medium CondensedCasablancaMdmCondensed (TheFontCompany,URW++)YesRedRooster/ITF has multiple weights of Casablanca, but not condensed.
102Cascade(Adobe/Linotype, Qualitype), Castile (Solo- included in Dover Bold Script book/CD), Freehand 471 (Bitstream), Castanet (Corel), Cassia (WSI), Ole Script (SSI), Apache (Brendel), Quiberon (Brendel)YesBOSDesign by Matthew Catter, 1966
142Caslon 224Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name; Corel/Bitstream's Caslon 224, ITC; and SoftMaker's C790 Roman 8 and Caslon 18.Yes
142Caslon 3 & 540Adobe sells this pair as a family; Corel/Bitstream offer a version; Agfa has an original in the Print Artist bundle; and SoftMaker provides Caslon Elegant.Yes
142Caslon 471FE suggests Headliners Caslon Display Bold will do as a near-look-alike until a better match comes along. (Note to self: what Caslon is that in the illustration? I used it to get the match. The Solosample had some much finer lines in it.)Yes
142Caslon 471 Italic SwashCaslon Pro Italic (Adobe - full alphabet, UC swashes only), Caslon Initials (unattributed, uppercase only, some alternates), AUCaslonSwash (Auras-many swash alternates), Amercan Caslon Italic with Swash (Opti) includes swash 'v' and 'w' with some upper case swash letters. CaslonFiveSwash (Opti) adds 'z' and more alternate swashes. Caslon Alternate Italic (SSI/SSK) has only swash 'v' and 'w' and a few ligatures.Yes
142Caslon 540 (Rg & It)Adobe, Agfa, Bitstream, Corel all offer a version under original name. SoftMaker offers Caslon Elegant.Yes
142Caslon Ad BoldCasad (Brendel - 6 variants), Dendros (Softkey/SSi - Extra Bold), GT=CaslonAdBold (Abdul)Yes
85Caslon Antique(Font Company, Agfa, URW, Elsner&Flake, Mecanorma), CasablancaAntique (Bitstream/Corel).Yesdesigned by Berne Nadall 1894, first sold as Fourteenth Century[!], changed to Fifteenth Century in 1897, then Caslon Antique in 1918
142Caslon Bold CondensedFont Bureau offers a version by Jill Pichotta under the original name.Yes
8Caslon Extra CondensedCaslon RR Extra Condensed (Red Rooster)Yes
8Caslon Extra Condensed SwashNo
142Caslon NOC (4 variants)No?
142Caslon OldfaceOpti Caslon Old FaceYes
142Caslon Open Face(Bitstream, Linotype, Adobe)Yes
142Caslon ShadedNo"Creative Review", April, 2010, says that they used Caslon Shaded and that "more faces would be available in the future". But no digitized font reference had been found.
8Caslon Super CondensedNoMay have been an offered optical effect. Letraset's Bordeaux Bold is identical EXCEPT for the shapes of the lower case serifs.
90CastBoris (Panache)Yes
50CastawayStowaway (Rick Mueller). Stowaway has been re-configured as Castaway(anon) and CassTaylor (Soft Horizons)Yes
20Castle (Rg & Wd)Castle (Opti)Yes
109CastlemarSolofont included in Dover Gothic book + CD pack. Also Imageline Old Style.YesGOT
32Caswell CondensedNo
900CathedralSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
21CavalcadeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
195CaxtonDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Clayton (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Caxton; ClickArt's Clayton (BA); and SoftKey SSi's Grammateus. Also original versions by Letraset and EMS Electric Alphabet.Yes
114Caxton (Abbeydale) Initials"Bradley Initials and Caxton Normal" in the Solo/Dover Gothic Book/CD has this typeface in its lower case. UncialsTwo (Beatty) also has these initials in the LC. Ballade (Brendel), Joe Caxton (Mannfred Klein) and the identical Monarch (Brendel) have this same in their upper case. Initials ATF Missal Caxton (Alta Littera) has Caxton initials in the upper case, Missal Initials in the lower case.YesGOT
110Caxton TextNo
17CaxtonianGold Fever (Font Mesa)Yes
111Celebration Text Fancy(Solo), Aridi26. Uechi Gothic(Rakowski)YesGOTAridi 32and Aridi33 have the same lowercase, with different fancy upper cases.. In Solo 100 Gothic Alphabets, Innsbruck has the same lower case, different caps.
900Celebration Text Plain/NormalNot in Catalog. Dan Solo version available. A version with this lowercase but more elaborate caps appears on Solocat pg. 111.Yes
111Celebration( Caps)SoftKey SSi Aeterna Caps (SoftKeySSI), Brussels Titling Caps (WSI/IMSI). These two fonts are all Caps only, even though the Solocat face illustrated has a lowercase, which is the same lower case shown as Testimonial Text (this page). See record for Celebration Text Plain/Normal for font with the lower case but with different caps.Yes
124195CentaurDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Viviene (BA ); Corel/Bitstream's Venetian 301; Brendel's ARMAND and Marcel; ClickArt's Viviene (BA); and Opti's Centaur and Cuba Libre. Also Lanston Metropolitan.YesOmitted from the Solotype index pages
195124Centaur (four weights)Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Viviene (BA ); Corel/Bitstream's Venetian 301; Brendel's ARMAND and Marcel; ClickArt's Viviene (BA); and Opti's Centaur and Cuba Libre. Also Lanston Metropolitan.Yes
124Centaur Italic (Arrighi)MT, Ber, & Adobe. Bitstream/Corel Venetian 301; Viviene BA; and Opti Centaur and Cuba Libre.Yes
900Centennial(Solo)YesCIRA wood-type font.
97Centennial Script Fancy(Solotype, Intellecta Design), Agate (Enstep - upper case only)YesNot in solocat index. Intellecta adds an open version and unshaded glyphs.
97Centennial Script Plain(Solotype, CanadaType); Centennial Script Easy (Intellecta)YesCanada Type adds a set of alternate glyphs, as well as a Pro version that combines both.
130Century Bold, Bold Condensed(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, URW, and more)Yes
10Century BostonBeantown Bounce (Nick Curtis)Yes
130Century Expanded, Century Expanded Italic(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, URW, and more). Yes
62Century Litho ShadeNo
130Century Schoolbook, Italic, Bold, Black, and Bold Extended(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, URW, and more). SoftMaker Modern Century.YesAlso, New Century Schoolbook families from multiple vendors
8Century TenNo like-named face this narrow in 1993 FontBook, Precision Type Font Reference Guide 5.0, or LT Font Explorer 1.5. FE matches it mosYes
63Certificate (2 variants)No
900Certificate NormalSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
900Certificate ScriptSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack.YesSCR
900Certificate Scriptaka Hogarth Script. Digital versions include Corel/Bitstream's English 157; ;Agfa's original in the Print Artist bundle; and SoftMaker's Hobson. Also from URW; Dover/Solo; and E+F Bronze.Yes
900CertificatextSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
121Chagall LatinNo
66ChainsNoThe font is by Jean Larcher Published in printed form in "Fantastic Alphabets" (Dover Pictorial Archives) 1976
110Chalet TextImageline Johnson Text. aka TampicoYes
85Chalk RomanAppears in Dover/Solo Rustic Alphabets bookNo
82Chalkboard BlockChalkboard (Traitor Vic)YesTraitor Vic's fonts have no internal attribution. They appear to be anonymous.
10Champion (display)No
99Champion ScriptBerthold Champion, Opti Champion ScriptYes1957 Berthold design by GG Lange per Jaspert's book.
58Chancel ModNo
113Chanceleresca BastardaNo
46ChantryNoThe catalog index indicates that Chantry is also on page 23. It is not.
900Chappel TextSolofont included in Dover Celtic book + CD pack. Chapterhouse Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesCEL
117Charette (Europa Bold Stencil)Jeanneret NF (NicksFonts)Yes
168Charger (4 variants)DXS ChargerYes
183Charger OutlineNo
124Charlemange (2 wts)Charlemagne (Adobe-full family)Yes
46CharlestonCharleston (Character - revision of an earlier anonymously scanned version of he same name)Yes
99Charme(Adobe, Image Club, Linotype), Airfoil *SSI/SSK), Scheherezade (SWFTE),YesSlogan (Monotype, URW, Publishers Paradise) and Memo Script (SSI/SSK) are almost identical, with some different upper case glyps.
177Charter OakDigital versions include Brendel's AIRLINE; Novel's Chatten; Opti's Charter Oak; and Prima's Charvoix.Yes
64Charter RomanNo
12Chaucer (display)Paddy Wagon (Nick Curtis)Yes
110Chaucer Text (penletter)No
51160CheckmateDXS Checkmate (DickPape), Chisel (WSI), Bordon(Instant Artists Users Club, Inc), Cornered (B&P), Kasparov (Silver Graphics)Yes
16051CheckmateDXS Checkmate (DickPape), Chisel (WSI), Bordon(Instant Artists Users Club, Inc), Cornered (B&P), Kasparov (Silver Graphics)Yes
152Cheltenham (11 variants)Widely available: Adobe, ITC, Bitstream, Berthold, Elsner and Flake, Agfa/Monotype, and more. Cheltenham and Cheltenham Old Style from Agfa, SoftMaker, and Opti are largely similar. ITC Cheltenham is widely available, but really a different design, narrower and simpler letters, higher x-height. The ITC Cheltenham is not in the Solocat.Yes
152Cheltenham Old StyleSoftMaker, Elsner and Flake, and URW offer versions.Yes
187Cheltenham Outline (3 vars)No
38Cheops WoodNo
128Chesterfield(Linotype), ChesterfieldAntiqueD (URW), ChesterfieldD and DEE (URW), (Anon-from trace) , Chelsea (Steffmann, OPTI)Yes
900ChestySolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
900ChevalSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
113Chevalier~~(B&PGraphics, Brendel), C720 Deco (Softmaker), Marmyadose (Scriptorium), ChasThird (SoftHorizons). Blarney (Fontbank), Crespi (Opti), Antigone (Silver Graphics)YesOriginal design by Emil Newkomm for Haas. Formatt had a dry transfer named Chivalry.
55Chic(Solo), CG Chic (Agfa/Monotype). Others possible, too.YesADCOdalisque (Nick Curtis) is a solid version, except for a few characters.
2837ChickamaugaOPTIMorgan-Two, Gotico Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
3728ChickamaugaOPTIMorgan-Two, Gotico Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
44ChildsSolofont digital pay version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack. FontShop 1993 FontBook p. C-29 carries a Richard Beatty pay version.YesANV
72Chin ChinNo
83China BrushNo
72Chinatown(Solotype), Chinatown II (Traitor Vic)YesSPFX
120ChiselDigital versions include A&L's Handtooled (1 free dl); CorelYes
151ChiswellNoEgyptian Wide Bold (Wooden Type Fonts) is similar.
100Choc(Linotype, Letraset, ITC), Cocoa (Arts & Letters/Bay Animation/Computer Support);+ Ninja (Bay Animation),)Staccato 555 (Bitstream, Tilde) Acapulco (Brendel), Olivette (Novel), Marker Board (SSI/SSK), SoftKey Chandler (SoftMaker), Chokko (WSI), YesFonts that show an Arts & Letters copyright are re-branded Bay Animation fonts. Ninja and Cocoa are identical.
97ChopinChopin Script (Claude Pelletier), ChaseCallas (SH), Chiaroscuro (SvG), Polonaise (FC, URW ), Polonaise Bold (FC), OptiPicturesqueScript, dozens more copies and clonesYesThe catalog shows some associated ornaments; these don't appear in any of the digitizations. Font Company's Polonaise Bold is NOT bold, but contains a set of alternate glyphs. URW seems to have dropped the 'normal' font when it inherited the Font Company, and offers only the Bold-Alternate version, labeled simply Bold.
72Chopstickaka Chopstick and Rickshaw. Digital versions include Brendel's HALIFAX; Novel's Penki; and Swfte's Chopstix. and Nixon in China?!Yes
16Chorus GirlSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.YesVIC
70Chromium OneLetraset et al.Yes
163ChubbyBumblebee (Brendel - also Open), Gumbo (A&L)Yes
111Church TextSolofont included in Dover Gothic book + CD pack.\, Aridi28YesGOTHypoTypo created some variants including shaded and a multi-duplicated version style-named 'Replicant'
110Church Text ATFNo
58Churchward BrushAgfa offers Churchward in Print Artist bundle; SoftMaker has Jospehs Brush. URW++ under original name.Yes
900Cigar LabelIncluded in Dover/Solo Special Effects pack. Solofonts version @ MyFonts.YesSPFX
101CignoCigno (Rick Mueller, P22)YesDesign by Aldo Novarese, 1954
900CimbrianSolofont included in Dover Celtic book + CD pack.YesCEL
900CinderellaSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
900Cinderella (narrow hi-x ssrf)Incl. in Dover Circus Book + CD pack.YesCIR
26Cinderella TextRuritania (Paul Lloyd)Yes
900CircletSolofonts version @ MyFonts. Has bad encoding. "Corrected by elves" version also available.Yes
98Circular CursiveNo
17Circus (Rome)(Angst), Madame Letters (Linotype), Gille Classic (Font Mesa), Home Style (Font Mesa - with lower case)Yes
50Circus WagonEckhardt Informal JNL (Jeff Levine)Yes
900CircusTimeSolofont included in Dover Circus book + CD pack.YesCIR
900Circustime OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
169CirkulusCorel Circle, Agfa Circled; SoftMaker Cycle; and WSI Debevec Circular.Yes
12CirrousAcadian (Scriptorium - a few glyph differences)YesMany similarities to Bijou (this page)
147City (5 variants)Berthold & Adobe City. Bitstream Square Slabserif 711; Brendel Cyprus; Image Club Civic; Novel Circuit; Opti Cirrus , SoftMaker Centrum, Swfte Center City; WSI Civic; et al.Yes
183City Bold OutlineNo
72Civilite(Tim Ryan/Type Revivals), Olivia (Brendel), Spanish Court Hand (Walden), Civi Regular (Stephen Moye) Yes
149ClarendonMany look-alikes. Digital versions include A&L's Yes
196149ClarendonMany look-alikes. Digital versions include A&L's CYes
149Clarendon Bold (Haas)No
149Clarendon ContourNo
149Clarendon HeavyClickart Cerebral (Micrologic).YesNo sample in catalog
149Clarendon Light (Haas)No
149Clarendon OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUTNo sample in catalog
149Clarendon SpecialNo
152149Clarendon SpecialNo
195Claridge (multiple weights)(Monotype Imaging), Celeste (FontFont)YesThe Monotype fonts are a re-issue of what were originally CGClaridge from Compugraphics.
196Clarion (Five weights)No
33Classic Pointing FistsHands (ArchiveType - has all of these and more), Mesa Point (FontMesa - some the same plus others)Yes
118Classic Stencil No
135ClearfaceDigital versions include Brendel's Clearface; Opti's Clearface; Prima's CLI 8; SoftKey SSi's Clearface; SoftMaker's Clearface and Old Style; Swfte's Oxford; and WSI's Styled Roman.Yes
157Clearface Gothic(Adobe, Linotype, Berthold, Elsner & Flake, URW, Opti). ; Claritan (Novel), Cleargothic (Brendel/Softmaker), Clearly Gothic (WSI)Yes
185Clearface Gothic Outline(Softmaker)Yes
187Clearface Rom XB OutNo
21Cleft GothicNo
27ClementineAdobe & Lino Juniper; BA June @ A&L (4) & ClickArt (6); Brendel Lanzarot; Corel Jupiter; EFF Lipa; Prima Jup Reg; and SoftKey SSi Hubbub. aka California Caps, Paymaster Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
42CleopatraSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
121Clipper Latin (CD & EXTD)No
110Cloister BlackMidevil [sic] (Bay Animation), Corel/Bitstream's Cloister-Black & Open Face; and Swfte's Manuscript.Yes
110Cloister Black CondensedDigital versions include Victorian (MicroLogic); Corel/Bitstream's CloistYes
124Cloister Bold (3 vars)No
124Cloister Curs. HTNo
124Cloister OldstyleNo
28Clown AlleyClarence Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
78Clown Around (2 vars)No
49ClydeSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack.YesADC
24CoachlinePeerless 131 Bold (WoodenTypeFonts)YesCoachline is identical to Page Peerless Antique on page 29.
196Cochin (5 varieties)(Adobe, Agfa), LeCochin BQ (Berthold), Engravers Oldstyle 205 (Bitstream), Cochin 61 (Bitstream), Collage (Miles, Inc.)YesMoveable type also known as Sonderdruck. Note that this has no relationship with "NicholasCochin" on page 84.
15CocktailCocksure Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
9094Cocoa Medium(Keystrokes)Yes
113Codex(Linotype), Calli 109 (Bay Animation); Calligraphic 421 (Bitstream), Klaxon (WSI)Yes
36Coffee Can InitialsRosewood (Adobe), Gold Rush (Swfte), Mackinaw Display Caps (WSI), CoffeeCamus (Soft Horizons). Coffee Tin Initials (Rick Mueller)YesShown in 100 Victorian Display Fonts simply as Coffee Can
900CognacSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
900Colchester BlackSolofont included in Dover Celtic book + CD pack.YesCEL
85Colonial DameMight be possible to create variants from Solofont included in Dover Special Effects Book + CD pack.YesSPFX
44Columbus(Sam Wang, Brendel/B&PGraphics), Wedgewood (Brendel), Deneane (FontBank), Cowan (Opti), C790 Deco (Softmaker), Tringle (WSI), Jazzy 50 (Fantazia), Beaumarchais (Scriptorium)YesTom Phinney is developing a high-quality version named Cristoforo.Original design is by Ihlenberg, 1892.
44Columbus InitialsNo
44185Columbus OutlineNo
18544Columbus OutlineNo
202ColumnColumn Book (ClubType/Monotype Imaging), Clois Old Style (Scangraphic, Elsner & Flake), Yes
123186Columna OpenSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
186123Columna OpenSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
123Columna Solid(Agfa, URW, Opti). LaserMaster once distributed a free sample by the original name. LM was an early (c.1989) maker of printers and their own sclalable font software.Yes
129Colwell HandletterColwell (Fleisch/ApostrophicLabs, HPLHS)Yes
129Colwell Handletter ItalicColwell Italic (HPLHS)Yes
202Comenius (Antiqua)(Berthold, Adobe), SoftMaker C792 Roman.YesOriginal by Herman Zapf 1980
90Comet SlopeBritches (Panache)Yes
78Comic BookNo
119Commerce StencilNo
96Commercial ScriptSolofont included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack. Also available under orig name from Bitstream, Corel, Opti, and SoftMaker. Print Artist bundles an Agfa version. Novel Coleridge, Prima Covinton, & SoftKey SSi Journal Script.YesSCR
9CommonwealthCommunis (The Type Heritage Project - Roger Seganti)Yes
100Compliment(Profonts), New Day MF (Rick Mueller), Mineola Script (SSI). Kompliment (maybe de Groot)Yes
179Comstock (2 vars)No
9ConcaveGladiate (Solo, lighter than catalog sample); YesSulphur Springs NF (Nick Curtis) is a 'stencil' version of Concave.
9Concave CondensedArched Gothic Condensed (Spiece Graphics)Yes
9Concave Extended(Solotype)Yes
9Concave Extra CondensedNo
118Concave StencilSulphur Springs Medium (Nick Curtis)Yes
133ConcordeDigital versions include Corel/Bitstream's Dutch 809; SoftKey SSi's Informatics; and SoftMaker's C791 Roman and Concept.Yes
112Concordia TextConcordia-Text (ImageLine), Classical Regular (ImageLine), Aridi04, Louvaine (PJLloyd)YesIt's unknown whether one of the ImageLine fonts was renamed by them or someone else.
900Coney IslandSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
67Confucius(Traitor Vic - no internal attribution), Castaway Bamboo (Rotodesign/Daniel Broderick), Bamboo (Anon.)Yes
12Congress (display)Carsage (Opti), Filibuster (Nick Curtis - most glyphs identical, but not all).Yes
196Congress (semislab)Digital versions include Brendel's Congress; Opti's Congress, Counsel, or Counsil; SoftMaker's Congress; and WSI's SENATE.Yes
149Consort (2 wts)Full family of condensed versions available from RedRoosterNo
43ConstantiaCarlingtown Gold Bold (RedRooster/Typefounders)YesCarlingtown Silver Light is somewhat lighter, both have some minor character shape differences.
102ContactBruschetta (Canada Type), Casual Contact MF(Rick Mueller) Bruschetta.Yes
151Contact (Classic) Bold CondensedDigital versions include Brendel's Colonel; Novel's Cohesion; Opti's Contact BCD; Prima's Conneaut; SoftKey SSi's Interese Display (bold); SoftMaker's Colonel; and WSI's MARLBORO.Yes
191Continental(URW++ - several weights)Yes
109Continental TextNo
182Contour Gothic No. 1No
900Contract BannerSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
161Contrary BoldNo
190Conway(Solotype), Twitty Bird (Nick Curtis), Showboat (CanadaType).YesSCR
28CooktentWoodtype 515 (Intellecta), Number 515 (Wooden Type Fonts), Clarence Dotted (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott), Page Five Fifteen NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
900Cool OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
144Cooper Blackaka Poster Black. Widely availYes
187Cooper Black Italic OutlineBarneybear (Brendel)Yes
187Cooper Black Outline(Solo - in CD/Book), (Bitstream), (URW)YesOUT
134Cooper Old Style(Berthold,FontCompany/URW), C793 Roman (SoftMaker)Yes
118Copely PlazaNo
64CopleyAdamantine (Scriptorium), Mercantile Display NF (NicksFonts)Yes
161Copperplate GothicVery widely available. Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Cobalt; Corel/Bitstream's Copperplate Gothic; Brendel's LABRADOR; ClickArt's Cobalt (BA) and Ironclad (ML); Agfa's originals included in Print Artist bundle; Novel'sYes
161Copperplate Gothic WashingtonWashington (Opti), Whiz (Opti), Arlington (Brendel), Wasserman (Novel)Yes
19023Coral Inline = Delight No. 2 on page 23pepinot (Claude Pelletier - no attribution in font)Yes
154Corbett (Rg & CD)No
44CordovaCasanova (Bright Ideas), Apollo (Rick Mueller, Peter Wiegel), and Cordoba (David Works)., Appeal (DTP),Yes
191Corinthian Bold(Letraset, E&F, FontCompany), Cordoba Bold (SoftMaker), GST has 3 wts of poor quality.Yes
191Corinthian Bold Condensed(Letraset), Corolla Bold Condensed 5 (Opti), Yes
191Corinthian Extra Bold(Letraset, E&F, FontCompany), Patras (Brendel), Corolla Extra Bold (Opti)Yes
191Corinthian Light(Letraset, E&F, FontCompany), Readers Light (Brendel), Corolla Light (Opti), Cordoba Reg (Softmaker).Yes
191Corinthian Medium(Letraset, E&F, FontCompany), Brendel Graveur and Opti Corolla Med.Yes
98Coronet (Regular and Bold)(Adobe, Agfa, Miles, Monotype, URW), Bow (A&L), Cornet (WSI), Coronation (SWFTE), Ribbon 131 (Bitstream), Pageant (Micrologic) , Hyazinth (Brendel), Savoye (Letraset), Coyonet (Opti) and more.Yes
159Corporate GothicOpti Corporate GYes
25CorralDXS CorralYes
138Corvenus BoldSkyline Black (Font Bureau)Yes
138Corvenus Bold ItalicNoInteresting that there are no digitizations of italic varieties. It may be that Solo obliqued them optically on-the-fly.
138Corvenus CondensedMercator Condensed (Brendel); Cortege (Novel), Cortland (Prima Fonts)YesThere is no Corvenus Condensed in the catalog. There are so many name and weight variations of Corvenus/Corvinus that it is difficult, if not impossible to associate them appropriately.
138Corvenus MediumLTC Glamour(LanstonType), Mercator (Brendel), Corvenus Lt. (Opti), Cortland Reg (Primafont), C794 Roman (SoftMaker).YesSolo catalog spells this family Corvenus. Original was spelled Corvinus.
138Corvenus Medium ItalicCorvinus Medium Italic (Opti)Yes
138Corvenus SkylineSkyline (Font Bureau), Corvinus Skyline (Letraset, ICG, Opti), Corvinus and Corvinus Bold (Ortiz-Lopez)Yes
138Corvenus Skyline ItalicNo
70CountdownCorel Countdown; WSI Compstyle, URW++ Condorcet.Yes
78Country BarnumBarking (Enstep)Yes
102Courier (Script)Canada Type PumaYes
900Court HandSolofont included in Dover Calligraphic book + CD pack.YesCAL
19Courtier ItalicNo
118Courtland StencilNo
27CrackersWilliam Page 506 Medium (Wooden Type Fonts), No. 506 (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
149Craw ClarendonBrendel Alexandria.Yes
149Craw Clarendon (Condensed, Book, and Outline)No
187Craw Clarendon OutCreate text art with solid fonts in Vector Graphic Illustration programs.Yes
137Craw Modern (3 variants)Opti Craw Modern (3)Yes
23CrayonCranston Ornamented (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
23CrayonetteCrayonnette (Claude Pelletier), Aridi08YesNote that the font Crayonnette has two n's.
900Crazy DaisySolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
23Crazy EightsYum Yum NF (Nick Curtis / NicksFonts)YesOriginally Cleveland Type Foundry "Mikado" (1893)
121Crazy HeroldCrazy Harold (Harold Lohner)Yes
23Crazy NinesNo
71Credit Card Figures (2 vars)No
71Credit Card GothicNo
191CrilleeMost foundries have a version. ATCrillee (Agfa), Also.Biathlon (Brendel), Trekker (WSI), Cristeta (Brendel), Cruiser (SWFTE). Crisium (URW). Yes
191Crillee Light Italicper Font Expert, many foundries carry: E&F, URW; BS; Agfa; LS. URW ++ Crisium.Yes
191Crillee XB ItalicBrendel Stettin. others as above.Yes
22Cristal(George Williams), Palace (Brendel), Crinoline (Novel), Crystal (Opti).Yes
73Croissant(Bitstream), Crest (Bay Animation/Arts&Letters); PANDERO (Brendel); Cressida (WSI), Curacao (SoftMaker), Cresulfin (MauerKirchner&Grunert); Yes
12Cross GothicCrossan Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
900CrossroadsSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
18Cruikshank(Dieter Steffmann), Cruickshank (HiHRetroFonts), HankKrushchev (Soft Horizons), Eureka (Peter Wiegel),LeGrand(Gophmann)YesOriginal spelling is Cruickshank. This is Krebs' "Eureka" on Petzendorfer p. 25.
Steffman's is a clone of HankKruschchev, with addtional characters. The Wiegel version has more characters and more elaborate punctuation and special characters.
20CrusaderCroydon (anonymous) Scanned. Windows Fontview doesn't show the double lines properly. It has only the simple alternates for C, D, and N., and no punctuation.Yes, but
119Cuba StencilNo
48Cubist(Solo - Dover Moderne CD & book), Bric-A-Braque NF (Nick Curtis / NicksFonts)YesMODOriginally by John Zimmerman for Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, 1929
42CuldeeCullane Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
900Cupid"Cupid" appears in the Solocat index pages, but not on the page shown (46). There is a 1995 art nouveau font named "Cupid"by Panache Typography, which COULD be the same.Maybe
190Cupola(George Williams); Cupid (Agfa, Panache).Yes
191CursilloWhatThe Font could not identifyNo
181Cursiva IbericaNo
149CushingDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Brendel's Calgary; Opti's Curtis; SoftKey SSi's Perspective; and SoftMaker's Calgary 25.Yes
149Cushing OutlineNo
163Cut-in MediumCutin (Claude and Character), Simplement (Claude Pelletier)Yes

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