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Art Deco

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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
48Baby Teeth(WSI), Constructivist Block (P22), (A&L, CLickArt), Garret (Swfte) Garret, BufordOpti (Opti/Castcraft), Bebit (Typemarket/Paratype), Heavy Weight (Bay Animation), Fatti Patti (Fluent Laser-Cassady+Greene), Metro (Silver Graphics), PacMania (Neale Davidson which is a toothless version). Visual Communications also released a commercial Corel WFN formatYes
Blunt HighlightNo
Bobo Bold(Agfa Type Revivals, by Tim Ryan), DXS Bobo Bold (DickPape), Totem (Elfring Soft Fonts). YesThe free Espheres is not a look-alike, but the effect is enough to serve as a work-alike.
Cubist(Solo - Dover Moderne CD & book), Bric-A-Braque NF (Nick Curtis / NicksFonts)YesMODOriginally by John Zimmerman for Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, 1929
DellmondCameo Outline Shaded (Panache), Dellmond (Elwood Weird Science), Elwood (Artful Bodger)YesOnly the Panache font has numerals & punctuation. Cameo (Panache) is without the shadow).Also Dellmond Plain (Elwood -without shadow). and variants of Elwood (italic, bold, lefty
Dellmond Rimmed ShadedDellmond Rimmed (Elwood Wierd Science)YesAlso Dellmond College (Elwood - without shadow)
Dynamic DecoDynamicCP (Claude Pelletier)Yes
Fat CatFrenchy (Red Rooster, QuickBrownFox), Katzenfatzen NF (Nick Curtis / NicksFonts), Fat Cat DXS (Dick Pape), Frency (Brendel)Falla (Opti),; Frantic (WSI), F820 Deco (Softmaker)Yes
Guggenheim ShadedNo
HarmonySolofonts version @ MyFonts. From a 1925 German Caps face; Solo added the lower case.Yes
Joyce BlackDXS Joyce BlackYes
Mania #1Mama (Rick Mueller, free.' Psychedelic (maybe?).Yes
Mania #2Photolettering Obese (prev. distr. by Tiger/Expressiv).Yes
Mania #3Psychedelic (anon)Yes
Mania #4Mania4 (Character), Mania-4 (Free, anonymous)Yes
Mindy HighlightInk Highlight by R.W. MuellerYes
PickfairDXS PickfairYes
Theda BaraDXS Theda BaraYes
VeronicaVassar (Rick Mueller)-free; DXS VeronicaYes
184Veronica OpenNo
49Alex(Solo), Art Lover (JeffreyLevine)YesADC
Boul Mich(Solotype, Wordshape)YesADC
Braggadocio(Monotype/Microsoft) included in Home Publisher; Bravado (WSI), LaGrange1 (Cambridge Fontworks) is a clone of Braggadocio.Yes
Broadwayaka Moderne. Digital versions include A&L's Ritz; Corel/Bitstream's Broadway; Brendel's Broadway; ClickArt's Brando (BA) and Showtime (ML);originals included in Agfa's Discovery Pack and Print Artist bundle; Novel's or Imageline's BYes
Broadway EngravedDigital veYes
CapitolSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
ClydeSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack.YesADC
EclipseEclipseCaps(Tim Ryan, re-drawn for Agfa's Type Revivals.), CGEclipse, ZekeLipschitz(SoftHorizons)Yes
Futura Black(Linotype, Corel/Bitstream, Opti), DekoBlack (Brendel/Softmaker), Template (ClickArt-ML); Fulton (Novel); Dayton (Fontbank), Cado Display (SoftKey/SSi) Display; Army Black (Swfte), Futurist (WSI), Durham (Silver Graphics)Yes
Futura Black OutlineFutura Black Art Deco Outline (URW)YesSoftmaker's Deko Black Outline Regular is a relicensed version of the URW font noted.
GrockSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack.YesADC
Manhattan, ITCITC, URW, and SoftMaker Harlem Nights.Yes
ModerniqueSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack. Digital version by standard name also available from Typographer's Edition.YesADC
ParasolSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack.YesADC
Parisian(Solo, George Williams)YesADC
Plaza SuiteSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack.
Look-alikes: Brendel Feullet; Swfte Contemporary; WSI Playce.
PorkyDXS Beans, Haricot (Claude Pelletier), FreeHoleysNF (Nick Curtis), Beans (Letraset Rub-on)YesNamed 'Beans' in Solo 100 Art Deco Alphabets. Design by Dieter Zembsch
Ricky TickDXS Ricky TickYes
Rocoaka Right ; DXS Roco (Dick Pape), Marquee Mieux Regular (IMSI), RocoOriginal(Anon - YesThis is similar to, but not quite, awider version of Grock (p49). Erroneously listed as "Poco" in the catalog's index.
Ticktock ( 2 wdths)Incl. in Dover/Solo Moderne Book + CD pack.YesMOD
50Ashley Crawford(Miles, Inc.,Agfa,ICG), Ashley (Bulldog), Jalopy (Silver Graphics), Jazz Poster (ICG), moreYes
Ashley Inline(Miles, Inc.(Yes
BrandingHFF Clip Hanger Yes
CastawayStowaway (Rick Mueller). Stowaway has been re-configured as Castaway(anon) and CassTaylor (Soft Horizons)Yes
Circus WagonEckhardt Informal JNL (Jeff Levine)Yes
20Eccentric(Agfa/Miles, Linotype, Solo), Eccentrical (?) Artist Modern (Gophmann)YesLetraset Galadriel [1975]=Eccentric Bold
Fanfare(Rick Mueller, Opti), Cabaret (Steffmann), Tambourint (Brendel), Famoose (Novel), NorthCarolina (FontHouse), Faralones (Primafonts), Jugler (Primafonts)YesNote: Bertholds 'Fanfare' is a different face. Design by Louis Oppenheim, 1927
GaladrielleGaladriel (Alan Meeks, E&F,Font Company/URW), Gandalf (Softmaker)YesThis is a bold version of Eccentric (this page and page 20). Original design, Galadriel by Letraset
Glass ArtNo
184Kobe OpenNo
Lute (3 wts)No
Nadall(Solofonts version @ MyFonts) (Eric Grunine). There's a copy of Grunine's Nadall with a FILEname of Camelot. No other matching fonts named Camelot have been found.Yes
NeulandMany look-alikes. Digital versions include A&L's Indy (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Informal 011; Brendel's SINFONIE; ClickArt's Indy BA); Prima's Nef Reg; SoftKey SSi's Heartwood; Swfte's Zorba; and WSI's NEWELL. Plenty of others.Yes
Neuland InlineYes
PhosphorCG/Agfa/Miles produced CG Phosphor. Red Rooster foundry has a revival by Steve Jackaman.Yes
Tanglewood (2 wdths)Regular and condensed variants.No
BustDXS Bust (DP)Yes
160CheckmateDXS Checkmate (DickPape), Chisel (WSI), Bordon(Instant Artists Users Club, Inc), Cornered (B&P), Kasparov (Silver Graphics)Yes
Dudley NarrowDXS Dudley P NarrowYes
Gismonda(Atech, FontGrube,SamWang), Saga (A&L), Templar (SWFTE), and Machiavelli (Brendel). Goodman 10 (Cambridge Fontworks) is a clone of Atech's Gismonda.Yes
HooplaBellBottom (Fantazia, many anon), BellBottom.Laser (Lorvad), Groovy (A&L), Balloon (Brendel). Shown in Solo Art Deco Alphabet book as Colonel Hoople.YesOriginal Solopedia indicated Scorpio as an alternate name. No connection has been found since.
Hoopla Outline (Solo) aka Scorpio (PLC)Brendel Balloon Outline.Yes
Hoopla Outline ShadedBrendel Balloon Shaded.Yes
Inkwell BlackBottleneck (URW, Scangraphic, E&F), Jazzy 16 (Fantazia). Inkwell (Sam Wang-unattributed) Yes
Pan BoldFontbank Walnetto Casual is not a match, but it could serve as a work-alike unless or until a proper match is found.Yes
157Precis BoldPrecise (Solotype)YesMOD
Publicity GothicSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack.
A&L's Dinosauria (with small caps); Brendel's MAGAZINE; Expressiv Photolettering Collection includes Publicity Gothic; Opti's Publicity Gothic; and (?)
RhythmDXS Rhythm BoldYes
Round RosieNo
118Sheet SteelDXS Sheet SteelYes
True GritDXS Tester YesNamed 'Tester' in Solo 100 Art Deco Alphabets
TuloDXS Tulo (Dick Pape).YesBottleneck (Linotype, URW, E&F) is similar
UrbanJonah (CanadaType), DXS Urban. Similar fonts include Roller Poster (HiH), Mojo (Adobe), Wes Wilson (K-type)Yes
Wild BillOpti Wild Bill is a match, and their catalog says it is equivalent to another face named Wild West.Yes
ZanyDXS ZanyYes
ZephyrWSI Nexxus. DXS Zephyr. YesThe free face Adriator is not a match, but the effect is similar enough to serve as a substitute.
52Adriana (reg & it)No
Alpha MiddayNo
Alpha MidnightDXS Alpha Midnight (DP), Mister Bones NF (Nick Curtis)Yes
Alpha SunriseNo
Alpha TwilightDXS Alpha Twilight (DP), ThisEndUp (Silver Graphics)Yes
Anonymous (3 var)Gyparody, by Ray Larabie, free at MyFonts.Yes
Basso (2 var)No
Bee's Knee'sMS Home Publisher includes an ITC orig; also A&L Wampum; Brendel Idomene; Clickart Cartoon (ML); Novel Beetlejuice; Swfte Fatso; & WSI Beetlejuice.Yes
East SideNo
Kubla KhanNo
MonogramMCM Monogram (Victory Type)YesDXS Monogram Stencil (Dick Pape) is a stencil version. Some letters vary among samples and implementations.
Patricia BoldNo
PollyDXS PollyYes
Sundown (Shadow)Solofont Starburst included in DoverSpecial Effects book + CD pack. Also David Rakowski's Wharmby, also available in an enhaced or expanded version by Dieter Steffmann.YesSPFX
VentureChopper (Canada Type)YesPage 181 has a completely different font also named "Venture"
Vero Fat AntiquaNo
53Wood GroteskNoWood Grotesque on p 53),
53Dante BailyNo
Decorette FancyStrong Nouveau (LHF), Giotto (Opti), Captain's Table (Roulette Studios)YesGiotto (Opti) has 'fancy' glyphs in the lower case, 'plain' in the upper case. The Opti font is very crude.
Decorette PlainGiotto (Opti), StrongPlain (Created by stripping LHF'sStrong Nouveau)YesGiotto (Opti) has 'fancy' glyphs in the lower case, 'plain' in the upper case. The Opti font is very crude.
83Elefont (Display)SoftMaker Elmshorn. Also URW, E+F under original name.Yes
FantasticFantastic Modern (Rick Mueller), Fantastic ML (HiH Retrofonts)Yes
Flemish CondensedFlemish Regular (Atech), The following are wannabes, lower-quality look-alikes: A&L Manchuria (1 free DL @ their WEB site); Brendel Telepath. Tora 6 (Cambridge Fontworks) is a clone of Atech's Flemish Regular)Yes
GrangeBoth Rick Mueller and Dieter Steffmann offer free same-named versions of this font. Millrich Grange NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
HoffmanRick Mueller drew a free same-named face. Also matches Scriptorium's Harbinger.Yes
HorndonDigital versions include Corel's Horndon; Agfa's original included in the Print Artist bundle. Also E+F has their version.Yes
Margit(Romanov), Johnny (Canada Type), Harem (Font Company)YesOriginal design by Phil Martin (1969)
Metropolitan(Solo, Agfa), Metropolitaines (Corel) YesANV
28RagtimeNoThis is a bolder version of Iroquois (p.11). It's not clear whether a lower case of Ragtime existed.
SpartanaSparticus (Solo), Spartana (Solo, in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book/CD).YesANVIt's not clear which font came first. Sparticus is among the Solotype fonts at Myfonts,
Spartana BoldNo
Spartana OutlineFull image in 100 Art Noveau alphabets.No
Spartana ShadedNo
TheatreRick Mueller's free version is called Cinema.Yes
52Wood GrotesqueNoWood Grotesk on p. 51 and catalog. My have been a VGC/Typositor give-away by John Schaedler
54Aki Lines(Image Club Graphics)Yes
AtlasAtlas (Harold Lohner), Farouk (Harold Lohner) , Fatima (?)YesLohner's Atlas replaced Farouk
Beverly HillsSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack. Agfa same-named version in FontShop 1993 FontBook, p. B-24.YesADC
BifurSee Matra, this pageYes
BlacklineLinea Nera NF (NicksFonts), DXS Blackline (DP/TTD), LivelyDisplayCaps (WSI)YesAll listed fonts lack some of the alternate characters.
Electra ClaraNo
FestivalMonotype has an original-name version (Festival Titling) in FontShop 1993 FontBook. DXS Festival (Dick Pape), Aldus says "very common?" in his text list of available look-alikes, but I haven't found any others. Yes
HotlineDXS HotlineYes
Joanna Joanna Solotype (Agfa/MT). Also published as CGJoanna SolotypeYes
Matra (Bifur)(Solo, Agfa/Compugraphic,), CassandreEF (Elsner & Flake), Bifur (Harold Lohner - multiple weights and multi-part), P22Bifur (P22 - multiple weights and multi-part),, Very rough effect in Pepin Press Caps-FA288 (DickPape) and Pepin-FA288 (Character)YesADC
NeonDigital versions include A&L's Diner (1 FREE DL @ their WEB page); Brendel's SPOTLIGHT; Fontbank's Neptune; and WSI's NEON CAPS.Yes
OxfordOxfordCP (Claude Pelletier), Oxford Std (URW), Sportowy (Unger), Scene (Dave Jeffery)Yes
Piccadilly(Agfa, URW, E&F, Font Company). Pittsburgh (SoftMaker), Crystal Gypsy (Josh Wilhelm). Picadilly with one c (George Williams).Yes
PrismaGlobus (Brende), Prancer (Novel), Acton ( SoftMaker), Prisma Pro (RMU(Ralph Unger))Yes
Prisma ShadedNo
Prismania (9 variations)DXS Prismania 'C' and 'P', Pentaprism NF (NicksFonts, 5 variations)Yes
Prismania FMatching version of Prisma Graphic included in Expressiv's Photolettering Collection.Yes
Shady DealDXS Shady DealYes
55Acier NoirBlack Steel (HFF), Acier Bat Text Noir (Batfoundry)YesNord Express NF (NicksFonts) has an extended character set. The black and white portions of each glyph are reversed from those shown in the catalog.. Using it in conjunction with one of the others could create an interesting design.
Atrax(URW++, FontCompany, Bulldog) Yes
Bertie(Letraset)YesA previous comment said that Bertie (Letraset) was identical except that it is a bit more elaborate. However, a close inspection of the catalog, with a magnifying glass, indicates that it is just as 'elaborate' as the Letraset font. The poor print quality of the catalog hides most of the tiny details.
Boogie Moteefe (Bright Ideas - has true lower case). Decollection (created with Typesmith Amiga, has small caps and other differences),, Big Lou (Lime)YesSource is Marcia Loeb's "New Art Deco Alphabets" (1972), NADA 8 (Boogie) and NADA 37 (Big Lou).
BoxleyKerosene Boxley (Alex Sheldon/Match & Kerosene) - cited by Luc DeVroye, but not found anywhereYesNo means of finding an image or purchasing or downloading has been found
Chic(Solo), CG Chic (Agfa/Monotype). Others possible, too.YesADCOdalisque (Nick Curtis) is a solid version, except for a few characters.
EclairZebraesq (Manfred Klein), Rythme NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
Gallia(Solofonts, Image Club Graphics, Monotype), Galleria (Corel), GE Galleria (GrafxEdge), Gallery (Gerard Bernor)YesADC
Gallia No. 2Gallia Two (Character). CG Gallia Two (Agfa/Miles attribution, but looks like a poor scan and incomplete possible backformation from Gallia)Yes
Giraffe (CD & WD)No
LionEge Schrift NF (NicksFonts)Yes
Modernistic(Monotype, Miles), Modernistic Cg (Agfa) . These are all variations of the same fonts, since Agfa is Monotype is Miles.Yes
Oliver(Prima), (Bright Ideas by Mauerkirchner und Grunert, Schwalbach), (Prima), Oliver Display (Opti), Sunflower (Brendel); Yes
Paris Flash(Solo), Tex Mex (SSI), French Flash (ICG), FrenchCaps (Type Revivals), Fred Flaherty (SoftHorizons), New Mexico (WSI), Flash (George Williams)YesADC
RialtoNoThis is completely different from the font also named Rialto on page 202.
SaxonyNoThere is much more detail in this font than is visible in the catalog.
Seventh AvenueNo
Silver ScreenTuxedo (Anon, "created with Typesmith Amiga") , YesThis text was previously in the Alias box, but was clearly in error as these fonts have nothing to do with Silver Screen:Tuxedo, from Bright Ideas ezine. Also DXS Tuxedo, from the Solo Art Deco book, which is a different font.
SinaloaThere's an Agfa pay version in the FontShop 1993 FontBook p. S-128. Aztek ( Silver Graphics)Yes
VestaVenezuela (Red Rooster), Visillo Adornado NF (NicksFonts)Yes
56Shows optical services provided by Solotype
57Affiche ModernNo
Antique No. 14Nick Curtis's Snappy Patter.and Peter Dako's Speedball. Also Dieter Steffmann's free Antique No. 14 version. Pickworth Old Style Pro (Red Rooster)Yes
ArchieBest Gal Betty NF (NicksFonts)Yes
Berliner GroteskOpti's Berliner (resembles); SoftMaker's B693 Deco and Belfort. It's a match! Tiny-tailed descenders.Yes
Bernhard Bold Condensed(Bitstream, Opti)YesThe Bitstream version is slightly heavier than Opti's
8Bernhard Bold Extra CondensedNo
Block CondensedBlack Condensed (Scangraphic), Block Ext Cond (URW), BlockBertholdBQExtCon (Berthold), Black Block Condensed (Hallmark - internal use only),Yes
Block Outline ShadowNo
Block Schwer (Heavy)Black SB Heavy (Scangraphic), Block Heavy (URW), BlockBertholdBQ Heavy (Berthold), BlackBlock (Hallmark - internal use only) Yes
Brooklyn Face (3 variants)No
DolmenSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack. Also A&L Constantine (6), Dominion (BA)(free DL); Brendel Agenda; Clicart Dominion (BA) (4); Swfte Domenic amd WSI Domaign.YesMOD
Dolmen Decorated(Solo, includeded in Moderne Book/CD), Salzmann Deco Deco NF (NicksFonts), YesMOD
191Dynamo (3 weights/styles)Digital versions include Brendel's Dynamo and LOKOMOTIVE; an original Agfa included with Print Artist. Opti's Dynamo and Duke 5; Prima's Dyersburg; SoftMaker's D891 Deco; and WSI's NOUGAT. There's also a Nougat by Dieter Steffmann.Yes
Dynamo ShadowMecanorma has an orig. ver.Yes
Fanfare (Recut) UBBrendel Bravour; Novel Fansilla; Opti Fantastik; Subflux Bongo Fraktur; and SoftMaker F650 Deco. Scriptorium Dromon is a match but seems to be just a bit narrower than its competitors.Yes
GrooveyDXS Grooviest GothicYes
QuartetQuartetCP (Claude Pelletier)YesLandi_Echo (Claude Pelletier) is quite similar, but uses a slightly different base font.
Sintex No.1Stretto (Canada Type), Font Twelve Good (Fontalicious)Yes
Super DooperNo

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