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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
143Racer RomanRacer (Font Company, Opti)Yes
143Racine RomanNo
143Radar RomanOptiRadar, Radar(SoftUnion-with cyrillics)Yes
63Radiant Antique(Douglas Day)Yes
157Radiant Series (4 variants)Linotype sells the variants digitized by Elsner und Flake. Though clearly a digital original based on the original family design, the numerous variation Yes
86Rage Italic (2 wts)Esselte/Letraset Rage Italic, Brendel Soubrett, Corel Rage Italic, Opti Rupert, Prima Racine. Yes
2853RagtimeNoA slightly bolder version of Iroquois, p.11. It's not clear whether a lower case of Ragtime existed.
5328RagtimeNoThis is a bolder version of Iroquois (p.11). It's not clear whether a lower case of Ragtime existed.
117Ragtime StencilNo
76Railroad Car FiguresDaylight 1937 (Benn Coifmann's minor differences
76Railroad Car Types (12 vars)Some of the numbered Railroad typefaces on this page are matched by some of Benn Coifman's Railroad FontsSomeThe Catalog's Index only has the single entry,
"Railroad Car Types"
3135Railroad Gothicversion from Rabbit Repro (Red Rooster) re-drawn in 1999. Opti has their Opti Railroad Gothic, Linotype.Yes
3531Railroad Gothic(Linotype, Red Rooster/RabbitReproductions, Opti)Yes
76Railroad No. 04No,
76Railroad No. 06No
76Railroad No. 07RailRoad Roman 3 (Benn Coifmann's
76Railroad No. 08Extra Gray (Benn Coifmann's
76Railroad No. 09No
76Railroad No. 12RailRoad Roman 4 (Benn Coifmann's
76Railroad No. 13Zephyr (Benn Coifmann's
76Railroad No. 15No
76Railroad No. 19No
76Railroad No. 21No
76Railroad No. 23No
76Railroad No. 27No
8143Rainbow Bordeaux (Letraset, URW)YesCalled Rainbow Roman on page 143
1438Rainbow RomanBordeaux (Letraset, URW, Linotype, E&F)YesCalled Rainbow on page 8
22RajahURW Wood Type D (Solid) URW Wood Type D Only Shadow (shadow, no outline)Yes
200150Raleigh (6 weights)(Adobe, Bitstream, Brendel); Rally (BA, Opti); Recognita and Karoa Black (Softkey); R651 Roman and Raleigh (Softmaker).Yes
167Raleigh Gothic(Red Rooster, Panache, Opti)YesSome of the digital fonts include glyphs from both Raleigh Gothic AND Designer Raleigh.
150200Raleigh Roman (2 wts)Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Rally CA (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Raleigh; Brendel's Raleigh; ClickArt's Rally (BA); Opti's Rally; SoftKey SSi's Recognita and Karoa (Blk); SoftMaker's R651 Roman and Raleigh.Yes
39Rally ScotchNo
200Range SolidTriedWhatTheFontNo
143Ranger RomanNo
80Ransom NoteWhile no exact match found, there are numerous very similar faces for work-alike use. The cYes
80Ransom Note ReversedSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
12Raphael(Adobe, Agfa); AspenFont (John Singer)YesThere are some similarities between this face and Rococo on page 13.
143Rapid RomanNo
143Raven RomanNo
7Raymundo ShadedNoStong similarities to Kath Condensed Inline (FontFont)
143Realm RomanNo
23RechercheRecherche (Richard Beatty), OptiRecherche (Opti), Aridi10Yes
29RedwoodAIwood Barrel (Alphabets, Inc.). Also exists as Redwood - the AI font renamed by Aldus, Round RockWBW (NicksFonts), No. 154 (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
140Reef(Rick Mueller, Filmotype)Yes
143Regal RomanNo
143Regeant RomanNo
178Regina (serif)No
46Regina Cursive (See Boomerang Bold)Toffee Script (Suomi)Yes
103Reiner ScriptEbrant Script (Make Alleda/DeNada), Coredo Script (SSK)Yes
77Relievo(Anon, - a very poorly scanned unedited version done with FontCreator, with ends #2 only).YesOnly one variety of Relievo is shown on page 77, with three different pairs of ends. '
12RenaissantRessonant (Octopi)YesPhillips Old Fashioned TypeBook, 1945. Possibly also in a Dover book by Kennedy(?) page 72.. Also VGC Typositor face,, and TCF (Chicago Type Foundry)
7Research LightNo
165Review GothicReview (A&L, Bay Animation), Revue(Bitstream, Adobe, The Font Co., Linotype, Tilde), Ragtime (TypeShop, B&PGraphics)Yes
143Rex RomanNo
900Rhapsodie Swash CapsSolofont included in Dover Gothic book + CD pack.YesGOT
112RhapsodyRhapsodie (Solo), (Solofont in GOT/CD pack, Profonts, Fantazia Concepts), OldCountry(SWFTE), Sparrow (Enstep/Imageline). Pompadour (Brendel). Rhapsodie Swash Caps (Solo, has Rhapsody's lower case with the Swash Caps seen here with Freehand).YesGOTAll (possibly including the Solofont) have variations ranging from minor to major. Sparrow is extended.
22RhettNoThis is the basis for Scarlett and Gone WIth the Wind. B A Graphics' "Galactic" is the same except fthat it has squared serif supports and no side bumps.
32Rhett ShadowNo
37RhodaRockwall NF by Nick's Fonts matches the upper caseNo
34RhodiumMPI French Antique by mpressInteractive MATCHES CAPS onlyNo
51RhythmDXS Rhythm BoldYes
55RialtoNoThis is completely different from the font also named Rialto on page 202.
202Rialto (roman)(URW/TheFontCompany, Elsner&Flake), Roskell (Novell), Rossano (Opti), Roswell (Primafont), Rimini (SoftMaker), Signora.(Brendel)YesNote that this is a completely different "Rialto" from the one on page 55.
77RibbonetteAridi80 (Aridi). Bandoneon (Brendel); Heraldic (SWFTE), Ribbons (WSI). Davy's Ribbons (Rakowski), Scroll (also Rakowski, but renamed by somebody or other). YesBest of the lot is Aridi80; PretoriaGrossRibbons (Intellecta) uses a different typeface for the lettering. All the others are clones of what started out as a poor and unclear implementation.
71Ribbonfaced TypewriterWSI Linenstroke.Yes
171Ricardo's SpecialNo
178RiccardoNovel Rigamarole; SoftKey SSi Boya Display Caps; and WSI Gecko.YesDesign by Richard Gerbig, 1941
143Rich RomanNo
127Richmond (5 variants)Rowan NF (Nick Curtis / Nick's Fonts)YesOpti had 5 wts of their Opti Richmond in their catalog. They cannot be found.
34Richmond WoodLinotype Westside.Yes
49Ricky TickDXS Ricky TickYes
149RidgeDenim Bold (T-26) is a slightly heavier weight. Other weights of T-26 Denim are quite different.Yes
24RigneySolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
64Rimmed RomanNo
111Rimpled TextAlthough it's not quite a match, Dieter Steffmann's free Rimpled Text can serve as a work-alike for this face until a better match could be found.YesSteffmann's font may have been withdrawn, Couldn't find it on the net today - Dec 2011.
12Ringlet(Solo, G. Williams), Aridi09 and Ringo (Dixie) use letters from Ringlet Alternates..YesVIC
12Ringlet BlackRinglet Black (George Williams without attribution; Corrected version by MEG)Yes
16Ringmaster(Solo), Rochester (Gophmann)YesCIR
200Rio GrandePanache, FontHaus, Agfa.Yes
156RitmoRitmo Bold (Linotype, Monotype Imaging, CG, Unattributed)YesDesigned by Aldo Novarese as Ritmo Bold. There is no 'regular'
900Riviera (not same as pg 143)aka Rivet. Solofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
143Riviera RomanNo
193Rivington (5 weights)Souvenir Gothic (URW), Sunset Gothic (Softmaker). Both have small differencesYes
123Rivoli No
123Rivoli Initials(Red Rooster), Koch Antiqua Zier (Steffmann), Koch Rivoli (Lohner)Yes
123Rivoli ItalicEva Antiqua Light Italic (Spiece)Yes
190RobardsHFF Quick DrawYes
45114Roberta(Harold Lohner, Ralph Unger/Profonts),YesLeGrand (Rick Mueller) varies somewhat from the catalog. Lohner's version was approved by designer Bob Trogman,Just to confuse things further Aldus renamed Mueller's LeGrand to Roberta and posted it with many other catalog matches.
114Roberta InitialsEckmann (URW, Linotype), Eckmann Antique (URW), YesLooks like a bold version of Eckmann Schrift (p.46).
Roberta Initials is NOT in the index. Index has Roberta (p.45) and Roberta Outline (p. 185.
185Roberta OutlineNo
143Robin RomanNo
144Robur Black(CanadaType), Dutch Oldstyle (Opti)Yes
144Robur Black CondensedNo
144Robur Black Condensed InlineNo
144Robur Black Condensed ItalicNo
144Robur Black InlineNo
144Robur Black Italic(Canada Type)Yes
144Robur Decorated (Cabaret)See entry for Cabaret, this page.Yes
144Robur WoodgrainNo
201Rockwellaka Slate. Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel/Bitstream's Geomtrc SlaYes
69Rocky HorrorNo
81Rocky RoadNo
49Rocoaka Right ; DXS Roco (Dick Pape), Marquee Mieux Regular (IMSI), RocoOriginal(Anon - YesThis is similar to, but not quite, awider version of Grock (p49). Erroneously listed as "Poco" in the catalog's index.
13RococoMardiGras(Silver Graphics), Mazarin (Scriptorium), Briolin (Gophmann)YesSilver Graphics' MardiGras was renamed by Aldus to 'Rococo'. No versions with lower case are known to exist.
24RodeoOPTIRodeo (Castcraft)Yes
36Rodeo CondensedNovel Mansard Block Condensed.Yes
38Rodeo TabletNo
143Rodgers RomanNo
46RogersThere's a high quality same-named free digital font by Eric Grunin at FontSpace. Aldus lists look-alikes. Also Rogers1 and Rogers2 by Claude PelletierYes
163Rolling Extra BoldRolling No One Extra Bold (Steffmann, Opti), SSI Stones (Softkey)Yes
163183Rolling Extra Bold OutlineNo
183163Rolling Extra Bold OutlineNo
47Rollo (aka Foster Gothic)Medina (Lazy Dog Foundry) is ALMOST a match.No
137Roman Compressed (3 variants)(Dennis Oriz-Lopez, Opti) both match No 3 only. Yes
900Roman ForumSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
132Romana (7 variants)URW++ carries several weights of this by the original name.Yes
187Romana OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
13RomanesqueSolofont included in Dover Victorian book + CD pack.; Durham Abbey NF (Nicks Fonts)YesVIC
26Romantic No. 4Partisan Ornamented (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)YesFTF Romantiques No. 4
1626Romantic No.4No
45Romany (Roman)No
100Romany Script(Solo) Included in Dover Scripts book + CD pack, Apricot (CanadaType)YesSCR
125Romic (Bold Grayshade, Shadow, Medium Slope, Demibold Slope, Bold Slope )NoThe 'slopes' may simply have been optically obliqued.
125Romic (Light, Light Skope = Light Italic, Medium, Demibold, Bold)(Agfa-Monotype, Adobe, Elsner and Flake, Linotype, TheFontCompany/URW, Scangraphic)YesIn most of the digital implementations cited here, the catalog's Demibold and Bold are named Bold and Extra Bold.
164193Ronda (3 weights)Digital versions include A&L's Rondo; Brendel's POPPEA; Novel's Rondalo; Opti's Rhoda; SoftKey SSi's Serius; and SoftMaker's R791 Deco, Rochelle Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
193164Ronda (3 weights)Digital versions include A&L's Rondo; Brendel's POPPEA; Novel's Rondalo; Opti's Rhoda; SoftKey SSi's Serius; and SoftMaker's R791 Deco, Rochelle Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
66Rope InitialsNoSimilar 'rope-y' font include Lariat (Dan Solo) , which is the same font as Roperbah/Reeperbahn (FontShop) and RopeMF (Mueller). LOT Lasso (Kindrick), Rodeo Roundup (FontMesa).
30Rose EgyptianNo
193Roslyn Gothic Bold(Mecanorma, Panache, LetterPerfect), Venus Gothic Bold (Brendel),Chapell (Novel), Opti Chartes Gothic, Charley (Prima)Yes
193Roslyn Gothic Medium(Mecanorma, Panache)Yes
900Rothstein OutlineSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
16Roulette (Solid)+C210Roulette Caps (Opti), Wood Type (URW), Rajah (URW - this is URW Wood Type with an alterned Font Family name, and no other changes), Saloon Girl (FontMesa), YesMissing from the index. An open stenci-like version with same name is on page 22.. See page 344, American Metal Typefaces of the 20th Century by McGrew. Fonts with only minor differences include Bruce (Iza), Pointedly Mad (R.Gast, andLynchburg (FontMesa)
22Roulette (Stencil-like)BJF Beacon Text Only (BJF Beacon of Light redone by MEG to eliminate lighthouses), BJF Beacon of Light (Blue Jay Fonts) has reduced-size A-Z in the lower case..BJF Merman and BJF Mermaid have full-sized outlined A-Z in the lower case.YesSee Roulette, page 16 for solid versions.Without the 'stencil effect, The stroke endings are squared in the solid typeface, rounded in the stencil form.
900Round BlackSolofont included in Dover Moderne book + CD pack.YesMOD
32Round GothicGotico Round (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
51Round RosieNo
900RoundheadSolofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes
31Rover BoysNo
38RoxyTeutonic (Wooden Type Fonts), Fredericksburg NF (Nicks Fonts)YesTeutonic is a slight bit lighter. Compare with Wampum (this page and p. 24.
128Royal RomanFilmotype Royal, Opti RoyalYesThe FilmotypeRoyal ifamily has five variants. Original design by Charles Gibbons, 1962.
84RoycroftGorilla (Bitstream, ITC, OPTI)Yes
81Rubber Stamp Bold CondNo
81Rubber Stamp DeVinneNo
9Rubens(Solo, Wooden Type Fonts), Hamlet/Nachtwache (Brendel), Macklen (Novel), Moorgate (Softemaker), Ravenscroft (TombSweetTomb), Macbeth (Linotype), Mansion (Treehouse), DutchMaster (Silver Graphics)YesVICAlso see Rubens Wood and Wood Caps on page 39. There are natural differences between the wood versions and fhis foundry version.
9Rubens ExtendedAldus cites look-alikes.Yes
9Rubens Wide WoodLinotype Macbeth.Yes
39Rubens WoodRavenscroft (TombSweetTomb)(There's clearly a family relationship with the other Rubens faces shown on page 9, though there are some minor differences.Yes
900Rumpled RomanSolofont included in Dover Grunge book + CD pack.YesGRU
28Runkle RomanNo
130RushmoreArtworld (Mecanorma)Yes
103RusinolNoFor a vaguely similar font, see Linotype's Reporter Two. Reporter by ICG is a similar font (It has the drybrush look)
70Russell SquareDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Brendel's ANALOG; ClickArt's Digital (ML); Image Club's original named version; and SoftKey SSi's Shoestring.Yes
74Russian ClarendonPetrograd (Scott Remen - 1992)Yes
74Russian EgyptianNo
67RusticRusticBlackShadow (Character), Pepin Press Caps FA204 (Dick Pape), Wood Font Four (Intellecta - has a bad 'L')YesOriginal design by Vincent A. Figgins (1845)
34Rustic InlineNo
67Rustic WhiteshadowRustic (Solotype). Pinewood (Rick Mueller, Steffmann) and Woody (DincType). Pinewood is slightly darker, while Woody is darker still and doesn't have all of the punctuation. All, even the Solotype version, lack the white shadow that appears in the catalog.YesSPFXThe Rustic in the Special Effects Book/CD has no shaddow effect. Note the difference in the basic typeface between Rustic Wihiteshadow and the Rustic on this same page, esp. the crossbar on the "E".
113Rustikalis BoldRustikalis DT - Bold (DTP)Yes
113Rustikalis Modernized GothicRustikalis DT - Light (DTP), Durango (Franklin Type Founders), Rathskellar (Silver Graphics), Chiselle NF (Nick's Fonts). Sample appears in Precision Type Font Reference Guide, version 5.0, pg. 130.Yes
113Rustikalis SemiboldRustikalis DT - Medium (DTP)Yes
128143Ruth RomanNo
11Ryan JacksonRye Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
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