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Romans and Italics

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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
122AlbertusIn Dover Glyphic pack. Adobe offers under orig name; A&L Flair; Bitstream + Corel Flareserif 821 (3 vars); Brendel Adelon; Clickart Flair; Opti Alert; SoftMaker Adelon; WSI Alstrale Romana.Yes
ArrowSeta Reta NF (Nick Curtis/NicksFonts), Lawrence (OPTI), TFArrow (Treacyfaces), EFF Spike(EFF), Arabien (Brendel), Las Vegas (Primafont)Yes
191Baker Signet(Corel / Bitstream). Barrett (Bay Animation/ComputerSupport) Keeple (Novel), Persuasion (SoftKey), Keene (Opti), CgSignature (Agfa/Compugraphics)Yes
Friz Quadrata (3 wts)Original digital versions from Adobe, Corel/Bitstream,Yes
National Oldstyle(HPLHS), National Oldstyle NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
NovareseDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel's Novarese, ITC; Fontbank's Noblesse; Opti's Novagoa; SoftKey SSi's Trident; SoftMaker's Navarro and Novelty.Yes
Wolf AntiquaNo
123186Columna OpenSolofont included in Dover Outline book + CD pack.YesOUT
Columna Solid(Agfa, URW, Opti). LaserMaster once distributed a free sample by the original name. LM was an early (c.1989) maker of printers and their own sclalable font software.Yes
Eve Light and Eve BoldKoch Antiqua (Monotype), Eva SG and Eva Antiqua (Spiece Graphics - Multiple variants), Eve Light and Heavy (Opti), Evangel (Novel). Locarno (Letraset), Kuenstler 165 (Bitstream)YesIncluded as Eva in "100 Classic Roman Alphabets". Eve/Eva and Rivoli are both based on Rudolph Koch's originals.
Lapidar = Weiss Initials II (Rg & B)See Weiss Initials IIYes
Rivoli No
Rivoli Initials(Red Rooster), Koch Antiqua Zier (Steffmann), Koch Rivoli (Lohner)Yes
Rivoli ItalicEva Antiqua Light Italic (Spiece)Yes
Schneidler InitialsSchneidlerHTFTitling (Hoefler)YesVery similar ones available as StempelSchneidler(LT), Schneidler (URW) and others.
186Weiss Bold OutlineNo
Weiss Initials I(Opti), Wellsbrook Initials (Spiece Graphics)Yes
186Weiss Initials II (Lapidar) (Regular & Bold)Opti Weiss Initials Two, Weiss Lapidar (Steffmann) Yes
Weiss Initials IIIOpti Weiss Initials No. 3Yes
Weiss Roman (4 variants)Opti Weiss Roman Bold is the only member of this family in their catalog.Yes
124195Arrighi (Centaur Italic)MT, Ber, & Adobe. Bitstream/Corel Venetian 301; Viviene BA; and Opti Centaur and Cuba Libre.Yes
BelweAdobe has an orig; so does Corel / Bits. A&L & ClickArt offer Blew (BA); Novel Belton; Fontbank Bellavera; Opti Anchor & Belwe; Softkey Barrister; and SoftMaker Benson.YesElizabethan (pp. 196-197) represents other weights of Belwe.
Blado (Poliphus Italic)(Monotype)Yes
195CentaurDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Viviene (BA ); Corel/Bitstream's Venetian 301; Brendel's ARMAND and Marcel; ClickArt's Viviene (BA); and Opti's Centaur and Cuba Libre. Also Lanston Metropolitan.YesOmitted from the Solotype index pages
Centaur Italic (Arrighi)MT, Ber, & Adobe. Bitstream/Corel Venetian 301; Viviene BA; and Opti Centaur and Cuba Libre.Yes
Charlemange (2 wts)Charlemagne (Adobe-full family)Yes
Cloister Bold (3 vars)No
Cloister Curs. HTNo
Cloister OldstyleNo
DelphinDigital versions include Yes
MeridienDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel/Bitstream's Latin 725; SoftKey SSi's Coherent; SoftMaker's Metaphor and M690 Rom.Yes
Poliphilus Italic (See Blado)(Monotype)YesPoliphilus Italic is called Blado. Monotype has the Poliphilus family, including Blado
Trump GravureNo
Trump Medieval (6 variants)(Linotype), (Ares)Yes
125BenguiatDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Bangle Yes
Fiore MediumThere are digital versions from Headliners, Typoart, Red Rooster known as Polaris or Faust. Also Opti Faber Medium Agency.Yes
Romic (Bold Grayshade, Shadow, Medium Slope, Demibold Slope, Bold Slope )NoThe 'slopes' may simply have been optically obliqued.
Romic (Light, Light Skope = Light Italic, Medium, Demibold, Bold)(Agfa-Monotype, Adobe, Elsner and Flake, Linotype, TheFontCompany/URW, Scangraphic)YesIn most of the digital implementations cited here, the catalog's Demibold and Bold are named Bold and Extra Bold.
Trajan (2 wts)Adobe Trajan; SoftKey SSi Helios.Yes
126Della Robbiaaka Westminste Old Style. Digital versions include A&L's Rory (BA); Corel 's Della Robbia; ClickArt's Rory (BA); Fontbank's Crimmon; and SoftKey SSi's Decus.Yes
Korinna(Adobe, Berthold,Linotype, Bitstream, URW, more). Korinthia (Semata). Keira (Bay Animation)Yes
Korinna BoldBrendel's Korinth Bold; Fontbank's Kling; and SoftKey SSi's Vitica Display.Yes
Souvenir (11 variants)(Adobe, Agfa/Monotype/ImageClub, Berthold, Bitstream, Corel., Elsner & Flake, FontCompany, ITC, Linotype, URW). Subway Black (Dieter Steffmann), Sovran (Silver Graphics), Southern (Corel). Also equivalents with other names by WSI, SSI/SSK, B&P, SoftHorizons, etc.YesDesign by Morris Fuller Benton
Souvenir Bold - Swash CharactersIncluded in Opti-Souvenir BoldYes
Westminster (semiserif)Opti Westminister LightYes
127Benedictine (3 wts)No
Bulfinch OldstyleNevada (Elsner & Flake, Typeshop, Softmaker)Yes
Grasset Octavian (Scriptorium)Yes
Grasset ItalicIsla (Sudtipos/Alejandro Paul & Alfredo Graziani)Yes
Hollandse (2 wts)Opti Hollandse AgencyYes
Moroccan CondensedNo
Richmond (5 variants)Rowan NF (Nick Curtis / Nick's Fonts)YesOpti had 5 wts of their Opti Richmond in their catalog. They cannot be found.
Windsor (7 variants)Widely imitated for an unattributed face. Agfa & Bitstream Windsor; A&L Dictionary; Bay Animation Windz; Brendel Verona, Micrologic Prodigal; Novel Windewood; SoftKey SSi Catalego; Softmaker W730R; Swfte Buckingham, Whitehall.Yes
Windsor Outline(Solo, Bitstream, URW) Solofont is included in Dover Outline book + CD packYesOUT
128Argos Series (4 variants)No
Athenean WideK22 Athenian Wide (Toto), Tobias (SSK).Yes
Carleton (Ehmke)Ehmcke (HoeflerTypeFoundry)YesSolo catalog has Ehmcke misspelled as Ehmke
Chesterfield(Linotype), ChesterfieldAntiqueD (URW), ChesterfieldD and DEE (URW), (Anon-from trace) , Chelsea (Steffmann, OPTI)Yes
Ehmke (Carleton)Ehmcke (HoeflerTypeFoundry), Carlton Std (ITC)YesSolo catalog has Ehmcke misspelled as Ehmke
ExeterNoCatalog Index shows Exeter on page 197 as well. It isn't there. There is n Opti font named Exeter, but it is like Expressa from E&F and Brendel.
FeniceDigital versions include Adobe's and Corel's by the original name, A&L's Feline; ClickArt's Feline; Opti's Floro; SoftKey SSi's Compendium; SoftMaker's Ferrara; and Swfte's Felicia. The lighter weight resembles Favrile, but the heavier wts do not.Yes
Forum Titling(Red Rooster) LTC Forum Titling ( Lanston Type)Yes
Graybar BookSolofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book + CD pack.YesADC
Hadriano(Adobe, Agfa/Monotype, Lanston Type)Yes
Hess PenletterNo
Metropolis (Bold)(Agfa, Spiece Graphics, Opti. Brendel, SoftMaker); Megaton (Novel)l Tatio (Softkey/SSI), M691Deco (SoftMaker)Yes
PoliphilusMonotype.YesNot shown in catalog. Included here only because it's the basis for Poliphilus Titling.
Poliphilus Titling(TheFontCompany)YesThis is not currently among URW's collection of inherited TFC fonts.
Royal RomanFilmotype Royal, Opti RoyalYesThe FilmotypeRoyal ifamily has five variants. Original design by Charles Gibbons, 1962.
143Ruth RomanNo
Typo RomanTypo Roman (Miles, OPTI)YesAdded matches
129Announcement ItalicNo
Announcement RomanOdette (Canada Type - withseparate ALT font), Society Page NF (NicksFonts), Garton (David Rackowski-3 wts), AnnouncementRomanHMK (Hallmark), Fanciful (Arts&Letters), Montaign (Brendel), Walters (SWFTE), Bauderie Script (SSI/SSK/Softkey), Announcement Roman (OPTI)YesOriginal; Morris Benton, 1928
Antikva Margaret(Adobe, Image Club Graphics), Olde Magret NF (NickCurtis/Nicksfonts)Yes
Colwell HandletterColwell (Fleisch/ApostrophicLabs, HPLHS)Yes
Colwell Handletter ItalicColwell Italic (HPLHS)Yes
Michaelangelo TitlingBrendel Monalisa; Novel Micheline; Opti Michael Angelo; Prima Milesburg. Also a Font Bureau version.Yes
Michaelangelo BoldAs this design is quite square, you may be able to make the regular weight artificially bolder (let word processor overstrike) without quite as gruesome a result as that method can and often does produce.Yes
Palatino(Linotype, Adobe), Book antiqua (MT), A&L's Manuscript (ML); Zapf Calligraphic (Bitstream), Marathon (Brendel), Book Antiqua (MT) , Palatine (Anon), QTPalatine (Qualitype), Palermo (WSI), , Parlament (ScanGraphic), Palton (DTC), Palm Springs (Corel),and moreYesNo digitization of Palatino Swash Caps or Swash Initials has been found.
Series 18 ItalicNo
Signwriter's RomanNo
Verona HumanisticNo
Zebra AceNo
130Century Bold, Bold Condensed(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, URW, and more)Yes
Century Expanded, Century Expanded Italic(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, URW, and more). Yes
Century Schoolbook, Italic, Bold, Black, and Bold Extended(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, URW, and more). SoftMaker Modern Century.YesAlso, New Century Schoolbook families from multiple vendors
Horizon (4 styles)Opti has a light and medium wt for this family.Yes
Perpetua (5 styles)Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Rap. Perpetua BQ Black by Berthold matches Perpetua Super. Perpetua BG Bold by Berthold matches Perpetua BlackYes
RushmoreArtworld (Mecanorma)Yes
WillowNoNatali Script (Paratype) is similar
131Baskerville (5 variants)(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype, Monotype, many more). YesSoftmaker has a large family of variants.
Baskerville SwashJohnBaskerville (StormType)Yes
Goudy (many styles)Many of these are available from such foundries as Linotype.Most are not (yet?) listed individually here.Yes
Goudy CatalogCorel/Bitstream spell their version Goudy Catalogue. Agfa offers an original. FontBank look-alike is called Goldenstar. Prima's is GOC1. Yes
Goudy CursiveOpti Goudy Cursive, LTC Gourdy Oldstyle Cursive (LanstonType)Yes
Goudy FlairNo
Goudy Handtooled(Scangraphics, Elsner & Flake, Softmaker), Opti's Goudy Handtooled; SoftKey SSi's Goudy; YesThe two varieties of Goudy Handtooled are based on Goudy Catalog.
Goudy Handtooled RecutGoudy Handtooled (Agfa,/Monotype, Bitstream)Yes
Goudy Old Style(Adobe, Corel/Bitstream); OFLGoudyStm (Barry Schwartz). Also one distributed with ClickArt, name unknown.Yes
Kennerly(Lanston, Berthold), Goudy Bookletter 1911 (Barry Schwartz), Opti (Kite)Yes
132AmericanaAgfa & Corel/Bitstream under orig name. Also A&L and ClickArt Amery (BA); Fontbank Amhamba; Softkey SSi Countryside; SoftMaker Almeria; Swfte Jade, & WSI Amphion 5.Yes
Americana XBSee under main record.Yes
Baker DanmarkDanmark T(URW), Oktave (Brendel), Danton (Novel), Danley (Opti), Danville (Primafonts)Yes
Bernase RomanImage Club released as an ITC face; then it was withdrawn. ITC claims no record of it! Never could find out what happened. There is a freeware Bernase which matches the design.Yes
Hawthorne (Rg & Extd)(Elsner & Flake)YesAldus lists reg & Italic look-alikes by or named Weird Autofrog?
Romana (7 variants)URW++ carries several weights of this by the original name.Yes
Trooper Roman (5 variants)Troover (Paratype), Talon (FontBank), Scream (FontHouse), Trooper (FontHouse - Scream renamed by Aldus)Yes
133BemboMany genuine & look-alikes. Adobe has it by orig name. Corel / Bits Aldine 401; Brendel Bamberg; ClickArt Nadine; Fontbank Bemsario; Opti Bilko; Prima BAO; SoftKey SSi Kuriakos; SoftMaker Bamberg.Yes
BerlingDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Revive (Yes
Bravour BoldBravado NF (Nicks Fonts)Yes
BulmerAdobe offers an original family, and Corel/Bitstream has 2 variants.Yes
ConcordeDigital versions include Corel/Bitstream's Dutch 809; SoftKey SSi's Informatics; and SoftMaker's C791 Roman and Concept.Yes
44Excelsior (Display Serif)Solofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book + CD pack. Records suggest it may have previously been known as Excellent.YesANV
Garamond (Outline & Bold)See main records for Garamond. There are some horrendous outline versions by Softmaker.Some
Garamond OldstylePrima GAB; SoftMaker Garamond Standard.Yes
Garamond, ITCDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name,; Corel Gatineau; Corel/Bitstream's Garamond, ITC; Opti's Garamond Phone?; Prima's GAI; SoftMaker's Garamond Nova; and Swfte's Garamand.Yes
Pontile Border No. 2No
Tiffany (4 variants)(Adobe, ITC, E&F, Bitstream)Yes
134Book, ITC (4 variants)The Roman looks rather like ITC Bookman, though that may not qualify as a real "match."Yes
Cooper Old Style(Berthold,FontCompany/URW), C793 Roman (SoftMaker)Yes
Hess Old StyleLanston, Monotype, Red Rooster.Yes
Janson (Rg & It)(Adobe, Berthold, Linotype, Monotype), Kis (Bitstream/Corel), Janson (Paratype, SoftkeySSI), Bliss (Bay Animation).Yes
Largo BoldLagoonBold (Opti), Largo Medium (Font Company) Lagune Bold, Extra Bold (Brendel) YesDavid Smith said that there is/was a Largo Medium by Berthold that matches. It is not currently (Nov '12) able to be acquired.
Liberta XBNo
137Light Litho Roman (Rg& It)No
Stone BoldRolling Stone Bold (Font Bureau-maybe)Yes
Stone RomanRolling Stone Roman (Unattributed - may be Font Bureau)YesDavid Smith says that these are matches. I haven't been able to find any FB fonts with those names.
Zapf (serf)(8 variants)Zapf Book; SoftMaker Zabriskie Book.Yes
135AsterDutch 823 (Corel/Bitstream), (Mecanorma), Austin (SoftMaker)Yes
ClearfaceDigital versions include Brendel's Clearface; Opti's Clearface; Prima's CLI 8; SoftKey SSi's Clearface; SoftMaker's Clearface and Old Style; Swfte's Oxford; and WSI's Styled Roman.Yes
Dartmouth (Rg & It)No
New Times Roman SBTimes NRMT Std-Medium (Adobe)YesDesign is by monotype
Times Roman (7 variants)Times Roman is the Linotype design;Yes
136Andrich MinervaImage Club Yes
Bauer Bodoni (5 variants)Digital versions include Corel/Bitstream's Bauer Bodoni-9; Opti's Bauer Bodoni; SoftKey SSi's Bodoni Recut-14; SoftMaker's Bodoni 16 MF included Bodoni Display; and Swfte's Sweez.
Note the footed downstroke on LC p,q.
Bodoni (7 variants)Some form readily available. Most major vendors have some form of Bodoni on offer; some have many. Check Bitstream, URW++, etc.Yes
Bodoni, BauerSee Bauer BodoniYes
Louvaine Bold(Bulldog - also italic)Yes
Louvaine Eclair(Bulldog - also italic))Yes
Louvaine LightNo
Louvaine MediumNo
137Bernhard Modern(Adobe, Agfa, Berthold, Bitstream, DTC, URW, more), Bernhart (Bay Animation), Metro (MicroLogic) Yes
Craw Modern (3 variants)Opti Craw Modern (3)Yes
140DidoniSee Didoni Bold, page 140, but they're not the same ..YesThis entry needs to be revisited.
EgmontBrendel Xenon; Opti Elsen.Yes
Firmin Didot(Linotype, HiHRetro, FontCo, Opti)Yes
Firmin Didot Bold(Linotype, HiHRetro, Font Co.)Yes
134Light Litho RomanNo
Modern # 20 (Rg & It)(Bitstream), Modern No. 2 (Opti)Yes
Roman Compressed (3 variants)(Dennis Oriz-Lopez, Opti) both match No 3 only. Yes
Torino Industrial 736 (Bitstream), Torino Modern (BobAlonso), Torino family (Agfa, Panache) YesThe Agfa and Panache families vary somewhat in condensattion,and some details, such as the 'g', may differ slightly.
Torino ItalicTorino Display Italic JF (JawFonts/Jukebox)Yes
Torino Swash ItalicTorinoDisplaySwashItalicJF (JawFonts)Yes
138Corvenus BoldSkyline Black (Font Bureau)Yes
Corvenus Bold ItalicNoInteresting that there are no digitizations of italic varieties. It may be that Solo obliqued them optically on-the-fly.
Corvenus CondensedMercator Condensed (Brendel); Cortege (Novel), Cortland (Prima Fonts)YesThere is no Corvenus Condensed in the catalog. There are so many name and weight variations of Corvenus/Corvinus that it is difficult, if not impossible to associate them appropriately.
Corvenus MediumLTC Glamour(LanstonType), Mercator (Brendel), Corvenus Lt. (Opti), Cortland Reg (Primafont), C794 Roman (SoftMaker).YesSolo catalog spells this family Corvenus. Original was spelled Corvinus.
Corvenus Medium ItalicCorvinus Medium Italic (Opti)Yes
Corvenus SkylineSkyline (Font Bureau), Corvinus Skyline (Letraset, ICG, Opti), Corvinus and Corvinus Bold (Ortiz-Lopez)Yes
Corvenus Skyline ItalicNo
Dominante (3 variants)Opti Driver familyYes
Eden (Regular, Bold, and Light)(Solo, CastleType,RedRooster)YesADCRed Rooster also has Medium and Extra Bold
Eden Bold TitlingNo
Melior and Melior Bold(Adobe, Berthold, Linotype, more). Marseille (Brendel, B&P) , Broccus and Broccus Display (SSI/SSK)Yes
Melior BoldSee main record; also Brendel Marseille and SoftKey SSi Broccus Display.Yes
Menlo and Menlo OutlineNo
139Domino(Opti), Idle Fancy (NicksFonts), Sarajevo (Brendel), Doughboy (Novel), Articula (SoftkeySSiSSK)Yesaka Dowdy (?)
Eightball Dirigent (Brendel), Egbert (Novel), Barracon Display (SSI/SSK - someone [aldus?] posted a copy renamed to Eighth Ball). Orotund (Canada Type)Yes
182, 183Eightball OutlineNo
Encore (Rg & CD)No
Grouch(ICG), ITC Grouch (ICG, Bitstream), Grouch BT (Bitstream)YesThe Bitstream/Corel version hasn't been oficially available since ITC terminated its licensing agreement with Bitstream.
Grouch SwashNo
Harrington(Solo-with alternates, FontBureau, Sam Wang), Boquet (Brendel) Parisian (ComputerSupport/Arts&Letters-multiple varieties), Hermosa (Opti, Beatty, WSI), Rossetti (Scriptorium), YesANV
Howland (Rg & Op)Opti Howland and Jenson Bold Condensed (Ortiz-Lopez).Yes
Ibarra( Two older, free, unattributed variants can be obtained here.YesMicrosoft's Ibarra Real is quite different, as is Intellecta's Gans Ibarra family.
John AldenJohn Alden NF (Nick Curtis/Nicks Fonts)Yes
KompaktRick Mueller drew a free same-named version.Yes
LudgateScriptorium's "Titania" is a match to this font. (It does not match Solocat's Titania.)Yes
PrimusNoOpti offered seven wts of Primus but not the weight shown in the Sototype catalog. Softmaker and Brendel versions (called 'Priamos') also lack the heavy/wide weight. The version in the catalog is by VGC.
Sphinx(RedRooster, Keystrokes/CreativeAlliance)Yes
Sphinx ItalicNo
VandenhoughtenDutch Treat (Solotype)YesAlso known as Vanden Houten
Venezia KeystoneNoHad been erroneously matched to Venezia from Brendel
140Didi(ImageClubGraphics, FontCompany, FontHaus)Yes
137DidoniDidi (ImageClubGraphics, FontCompany, FontHaus)Yes
Didoni Bold(FontCompany, URW), K22 Didoni(Toto), EloquentJF(Jukebox)YesSwash versions K22 Didoni Swash, EloquentJFSwash
NormandeA&L Norway; Corel/Bitstream Normande; Clickart Norway; and SoftMaker N790 Modern.Yes
NubianBrendel Casting; Fontbank Noble; Opti Nubian Foundry; SoftKey SSi Makar. Dieter Steffmann offers a free same-named version.Yes
Pistilli Roman (Claude Pelletier), Eloquent (Jukebox), Pirogi-Roman (OPTI)Yes
Pistilli Roman Bold SlopeNo
Pistilli Roman Extra HeavyNo
Pistilli Roman OutlineNo
Pistilli Roman SwashEloquent Swash (Jukebox)Yes
Reef(Rick Mueller, Filmotype)Yes
TroyNoSee comments for Tailor (p.93)
141Bodoni Bold Condensed(Adobe, Bitstream, Linotype), SoftmakerYes
Bodoni CampanileBodoni Campanile Five (Opti), Modern 735 (Bitstream)Yes
FatFace, ITCFat Face (Image Club Graphics, URW), ITC Fat Face (Paratype), PudgyPussNF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
Firenze(Brendel), ITCFirenze (Anon.), Floral (Bay Animation), Florence (Corel)Yes
OnyxSee Onyx, page 6Yes
178Thorne Shaded(Dieter Steffmann)YesDesign by Robert Thorne, 1810
Thorowgood Italic(E&F, URW, Linotype)Yes
Thorowgood Modern SwashNo
Thorowgood Roman(E&F, URW, Linotype, Creative Alliance)Yes
Tom's RomanTomsRomanBT (Bitstream(Yes
Ultra BodoniBodoni Ultra FLF (Casady & Greene), Bodoni Ultra (Scangraphic)Yes
Ultra Bodoni Extra CondensedBodoni Ultra FLF Condensed (Casady & Greene/Richard Ware)Yes
Ultra Bodoni ItalicBodoni Ultra FLF-Italic (Casady & Greene)Yes
142Caslon 224Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name; Corel/Bitstream's Caslon 224, ITC; and SoftMaker's C790 Roman 8 and Caslon 18.Yes
Caslon 3 & 540Adobe sells this pair as a family; Corel/Bitstream offer a version; Agfa has an original in the Print Artist bundle; and SoftMaker provides Caslon Elegant.Yes
Caslon 471FE suggests Headliners Caslon Display Bold will do as a near-look-alike until a better match comes along. (Note to self: what Caslon is that in the illustration? I used it to get the match. The Solosample had some much finer lines in it.)Yes
Caslon 471 Italic SwashCaslon Pro Italic (Adobe - full alphabet, UC swashes only), Caslon Initials (unattributed, uppercase only, some alternates), AUCaslonSwash (Auras-many swash alternates), Amercan Caslon Italic with Swash (Opti) includes swash 'v' and 'w' with some upper case swash letters. CaslonFiveSwash (Opti) adds 'z' and more alternate swashes. Caslon Alternate Italic (SSI/SSK) has only swash 'v' and 'w' and a few ligatures.Yes
Caslon 540 (Rg & It)Adobe, Agfa, Bitstream, Corel all offer a version under original name. SoftMaker offers Caslon Elegant.Yes
Caslon Ad BoldCasad (Brendel - 6 variants), Dendros (Softkey/SSi - Extra Bold), GT=CaslonAdBold (Abdul)Yes
Caslon Bold CondensedFont Bureau offers a version by Jill Pichotta under the original name.Yes
Caslon NOC (4 variants)No?
Caslon OldfaceOpti Caslon Old FaceYes
Caslon Open Face(Bitstream, Linotype, Adobe)Yes
Caslon ShadedNo"Creative Review", April, 2010, says that they used Caslon Shaded and that "more faces would be available in the future". But no digitized font reference had been found.
MilanMilano Roman (Image Club Graphic is a bit ighter than the catalog sample)YesDesign by Tom Carnase (1970)
New Caslon(Berthold), Opti listed only the swash variant in their catalog, but the sample was NOT the swash variant! It DID match the "New Caslon Black" sample in the SoloCat. The OPTI versions were very likely pirated from the Jason Walcott/Jukebox/JAWfonts versions.Yes
New Caslon BlackCabernetJF (Jukebox)Yes
New Caslon Black SwashCabernetJF Swash (Jukebox); does not have full lower case, has additional alternate chars, bad naming.Yes
New Caslon ItalicNo
143DonnaNoBodoni Campanile (Red Rooster, Letraset/Esselte), Bodoni Campanile Five (Opti) are almost identical except for variations in a very few letters.
Racer RomanRacer (Font Company, Opti)Yes
Racine RomanNo
Radar RomanOptiRadar, Radar(SoftUnion-with cyrillics)Yes
8Rainbow RomanBordeaux (Letraset, URW, Linotype, E&F)YesCalled Rainbow on page 8
Ranger RomanNo
Rapid RomanNo
Raven RomanNo
Realm RomanNo
Regal RomanNo
Regeant RomanNo
Rex RomanNo
Rich RomanNo
Riviera RomanNo
Robin RomanNo
Rodgers RomanNo
Whale RomanNo
Zenith Roman InlineNo
144Bluto SwashGoudy Fancy by Three Steps Ahead is a free DL at MyFonts as of June, 2008. Aka Goudy Black Elongated Swash in version from Nick Curtis. Used on Solocat displays on pages 56, 65, 79, 87, 107, 144, and 188.Yes
Cabaret (Robur Decorated)(ICG, Solo) Solofont digital version included in Dover/Solofont Art Deco book/CD. Cayenne (Softmaker), CheersFive (Opti), PT Chocolate Dip (Kinghorn Company)YesADCMyFonts offers a Solofont named Cabaret, but it is a different design than this.
Cooper Blackaka Poster Black. Widely availYes
Goudy Heavyface (or XB)Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel/Bitstream's Goudy Heavyface; Agfa's original included in the Print Artist bundle;SoftKey SSi's Goudy; and SoftMaker's Goudy Heavyface.Yes
Hinkle BlackNo
Robur Black(CanadaType), Dutch Oldstyle (Opti)Yes
Robur Black CondensedNo
Robur Black Condensed InlineNo
Robur Black Condensed ItalicNo
Robur Black InlineNo
Robur Black Italic(Canada Type)Yes
Robur Decorated (Cabaret)See entry for Cabaret, this page.Yes
Robur WoodgrainNo
Stephania (Bold & B Outl)No
Super CooperNo

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