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Miscellaneous Types

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PAGEAlso on pageSoloCat or Solofont NameAlias AnalysisMatchDover CD BookComments
190Bellery CondensedNo
Carolus MediumNo
Carolus Roman(ImageClub), Carla (BayAnimation), Carleton (Corel/Bitstream), Caremtol OR Cactum (Prima'), MF C653 Deco (Softmaker). California 2 & 5 (Cambridge Fontworks) are clones, as is a widely available anonymous Carolus Roman.Yes
Conway(Solotype), Twitty Bird (Nick Curtis), Showboat (CanadaType).YesSCR
23Coral Inline = Delight No. 2 on page 23pepinot (Claude Pelletier - no attribution in font)Yes
Cupola(George Williams); Cupid (Agfa, Panache).Yes
Extra Condensed Title No.12Appears to be equivalent to Barnhart Bros-Spindler 1900 catalog "Gothic Compressed Title No. 8". No digitized version yet found.No
Greeting Monotone(Monotype/Agfa/Miles), Grasshopper (Nick Curtis), Greetings (Rick Mueller), Argonaut (SWFTE), Dekros (Bill Wolfer), Ganelon (Scriptorium- upper case only), Cannolot (SSI/SSK)Yes
Headletter No.2 Keystone1900 Keystone Catalog. ALmost identical to BarnhartBros&Spindler Headletter No. 2No
Jason No.2No
Marla(Ortiz-Lopez - has SC, a lower case, and othr varieties); Marlboro (Dieter Steffmann - thicker than Marla, has LC)Yes
Paris BoldParis ND (Neufville)Yes
Paris LightNebiolo Foundry. (?)Yes
PrivatCanada Type Quiller.Yes
RobardsHFF Quick DrawYes
ShadowArcher (Solotype)Yes
Showboat(David Rakowski, Dieter Steffmann, Brian Prince) , WSI Boutique Display Caps (WSI).YesThe Rakowski version is A-Z. Steffman's adds accented characters. Prince's has small caps. WSI's Boutique has hundreds of empty glyphs.
Trio (Castle - Caps only), Cameo Thinline (RR)Yes
University Roman(Adobe, Bitstream, DTC, Letraset, Linotype,) and others. Sunshine (Silver Graphics). Also many with different names.Yes
191Albatross (5 weights)Opti Acton (only one weight has been found). Yes
BadgerRed Rooster offers 5 variants of this design by this name.Yes
122Baker Signet(Corel / Bitstream). Barrett (Bay Animation/ComputerSupport) Keeple (Novel), Persuasion (SoftKey), Keene (Opti), CgSignature (Agfa/Compugraphics)Yes
Brittany (multiple weights)Brittany (Font Company), Burghley (Panache), BBevis (Opti-only bold versions)Yes
Callorte (multiple weights)Cartel (URW), Rochester (B&P Graphics), Rillo(FontBank - Heavy=ExtraBold)Yes
CasablancaCasablanca family (ITF/RedRooster by Adrian Williams, TheFontCompany/URW++). CASSIUS (Brendel); CinCin (Novel); Civet Light(Opti); Clarksville (Prima). There's also an ITF/Red Rooster version by Adrian Williams.YesOriginal design (c. 1940) by Carlos Winkow for the Spanish foundry, "Nacional".
Continental(URW++ - several weights)Yes
Corinthian Bold(Letraset, E&F, FontCompany), Cordoba Bold (SoftMaker), GST has 3 wts of poor quality.Yes
Corinthian Bold Condensed(Letraset), Corolla Bold Condensed 5 (Opti), Yes
Corinthian Extra Bold(Letraset, E&F, FontCompany), Patras (Brendel), Corolla Extra Bold (Opti)Yes
Corinthian Light(Letraset, E&F, FontCompany), Readers Light (Brendel), Corolla Light (Opti), Cordoba Reg (Softmaker).Yes
Corinthian Medium(Letraset, E&F, FontCompany), Brendel Graveur and Opti Corolla Med.Yes
CrilleeMost foundries have a version. ATCrillee (Agfa), Also.Biathlon (Brendel), Trekker (WSI), Cristeta (Brendel), Cruiser (SWFTE). Crisium (URW). Yes
Crillee Light Italicper Font Expert, many foundries carry: E&F, URW; BS; Agfa; LS. URW ++ Crisium.Yes
Crillee XB ItalicBrendel Stettin. others as above.Yes
CursilloWhatThe Font could not identifyNo
57Dynamo (3 weights/styles)Digital versions include Brendel's Dynamo and LOKOMOTIVE; an original Agfa included in the Print Artist bundle; Opti's Dynamo and Duke 5; Prima's Dyersburg; SoftMaker's D891 Deco; and WSI's NOUGAT. There's also a Nougat by Dieter Steffmann.Yes
192Delta(Adobe, Berthold); Del Ton (Opti)YesA subtly stylish sans.
Erbar (5 weights)(Agfa/Monotype, Linotype, FontCompany, URW)Yes
Eurocrat(Monotype Imaging, ClubType)Yes
Express (4 weights)Tried w/ what the fontNoShown as "Express No. 2" in catalog index
Gill Sans BlackWSI Giligan.Yes
GlasgowGlasgow from Brendel or SoftMaker. Red Rooster also has a version.Yes
Gotwick SansNo match yetNo
173Granby (8 variants between the two pages)(Berthold, Opti, Elsner and Flake, Bulldog-27 artificial variations), Gra Reg (Prima)Yes
Guinness (2 weights)No match yetNo
JocundaNo match yetNoMay be the Monotype metal font withdrawn in 1967
Johnston NoveauP22 London Underground, New Johnston (Red Rooster)Yes
LiteraDigital versions include Brendel's Litera; Fontbank's Lissen; Opti's Libya; SoftKey SSi's Sabor Display; SoftMaker's Litera; and WSI's LITHE.Yes
193MontrealBrendel and SoftMaker offer versions by this name. Opti has Montana. Not an exact match, but almost all glyphs very similar to MT Century Gothic. Either could readily sub for the other.Yes
193192MontrealBrendel and SoftMaker offer versions by this name. Opti has Montana. Not an exact match, but almost all glyphs very similar to MT Century Gothic. Either could readily sub for the other.Yes
OptykosOn Stage family (Softmaker, URW/Softmaker) YesThis is a 'solid' version of Revue/ReviewGothic
Pinto (3 weights)Treid with WhatTheFontNo
PlacardMS Home Publisher includes a version of Placard Condensed. SoftMaker has P760 Sans.Yes
Placard Bold CondensedBrendel Cupido; Novel Pillsdon; Opti Pilsen Bold Condensed; Prima Pineriver.Yes
Poppl LaudatioAdobe by original name; Berthold; SoftMaker Poem Lavish; WSI Rynders.Yes
Rivington (5 weights)Souvenir Gothic (URW), Sunset Gothic (Softmaker). Both have small differencesYes
164Ronda (3 weights)Digital versions include A&L's Rondo; Brendel's POPPEA; Novel's Rondalo; Opti's Rhoda; SoftKey SSi's Serius; and SoftMaker's R791 Deco, Rochelle Roman (The Type Heritage Project - Alan J. Prescott)Yes
Roslyn Gothic Bold(Mecanorma, Panache, LetterPerfect), Venus Gothic Bold (Brendel),Chapell (Novel), Opti Chartes Gothic, Charley (Prima)Yes
Roslyn Gothic Medium(Mecanorma, Panache)Yes
Sally Mae (4 weights)Bernhardt (Agfa/Miles- Light, Medium, Bold)Yes
Salzburg Serial (7 weights)( E&F, Red Rooster, QuickBrownFox, Brendel, Softmaker[14vars]) , Castle (URW-4); Sunflower (Opti-14vars); Yes
Treacle (3 weights)Tried with WhatTheFontNoColumbia Serial (Softmaker) has extremely minor differences (e.g., slant of the e's crossbar)
194Aachen MediumWdely available, so list must be partial. There should be no difficulty finding several. Digital versions include Arts & Letters Arche (BA) & Heidelberg;Yes
147Aachen BoldWidely available, so list must be partial. Aardvark Bold (Gerard Bernor). There should be no difficulty finding several. Digital versions include Arts & Letters Arche (BA) & HeidelbergYes
AccoladeDigital versions under the original name available from Agfa; Brendel; and SoftMaker. Also Opti Acheron and SoftKey SSi Conso Display.Yes
Andgear (3 weights)Agenda (Alphabet Innovations)a work-alike.Yes
Appleyard(Red Rooster) full familyYes
Argonaut (Other weights)No
Argonaut BoldOptiiAlthea-Two Bold (Opti)Yes
85Artcraft (4 weights)Novel Artista, Opti Artcraft Light, & SoftMaker Aspen. URW ++ has it by original name. Artcraft Pro by Acender (only one weight)Yes
Augustea SerifAugustea BQ (Berthold)Yes
113Aurelio (8 variants on 2 pgs.)Arturo by Hackberry includes most of the weights.Partial
BarcelonaNovel BarstonYes
Bauer Text (multiple weights)StempelSchneidler (Adobe, Linotype, Monotype, URW), BauerText (OPTI - may have been copies of StempelSchneidler)Yes
Bell RomanMonotype Bell. Origs fr. Adobe, Monotype, et al. Also B694 Roman & Baltimore from SoftMaker.Yes
BelliniRed Rooster offers ten variants of this face by this name.Yes
184Kobe OpenNo
195Bramley LightNovel Barber, Opti Bari, and SoftMaker Bravo. E&F offers a 4-weight same-named family.Yes
Bridger(Red Rooster). Briggs (Opti)YesNot sure where this info came from Can't find a Bridger by RR. Briggs was shown in the printed catalog "OptiFont - The Encyclopedia of Postscript Typefaces Vol. 2"
BrightonLinotype sells 3 weights of the ITC Birghton family.Yes
BritanniaNo digital version located yet.No
British (Bold, Demibold, Extrabold)NoLife (Linotype) is similar, but not the same.
British LightArgentineOpti-One (OPTI)YesOriginal design "Argentina" by Baker
British MediumArgentineOpti-Two (OPTI), Life (Linotype)Yes
CandidaDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel/Bitstream's Candida; SoftKey SSi's Matique; SoftMaker's Canyon and Quantity (included stencil).Yes
CaxtonDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Clayton (BA); Corel/Bitstream's Caxton; ClickArt's Clayton (BA); and SoftKey SSi's Grammateus. Also original versions by Letraset and EMS Electric Alphabet.Yes
124Centaur (four weights)Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, A&L's Viviene (BA ); Corel/Bitstream's Venetian 301; Brendel's ARMAND and Marcel; ClickArt's Viviene (BA); and Opti's Centaur and Cuba Libre. Also Lanston Metropolitan.Yes
Claridge (multiple weights)(Monotype Imaging), Celeste (FontFont)YesThe Monotype fonts are a re-issue of what were originally CGClaridge from Compugraphics.
196149ClarendonMany look-alikes. Digital versions include A&L's CYes
Clarion (Five weights)No
Cochin (5 varieties)(Adobe, Agfa), LeCochin BQ (Berthold), Engravers Oldstyle 205 (Bitstream), Cochin 61 (Bitstream), Collage (Miles, Inc.)YesMoveable type also known as Sonderdruck. Note that this has no relationship with "NicholasCochin" on page 84.
Congress (semislab)Digital versions include Brendel's Congress; Opti's Congress, Counsel, or Counsil; SoftMaker's Congress; and WSI's SENATE.Yes
DenbyTried WhatTheFontNo
DeRoos BoldDeRoos Semi-Bold (OPTI) and other weightsYesCanada Type makes 'Roos'. It comes in many weights, but unfortunately not Bold.
Detroit (3 weights)Opti Danville.Yes
DevinneDevinneWood (Wooden Type / Jordan Davies), Denver (Softmaker/B&P/Brendel), Tedlo Roman NF (Nick's Fonts)Yes
Diethelm CursiveNo
Eagle (Serif) (4 weights)No
Edwardian (Serif Text)(Elsner + Flake), Edwallian (Opti) - Light, Light Italic, Medium, Bold, and Extra Bold)Yes
EhrhardtDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name and SoftMaker's E720 Roman.Yes
197ElizabethanSee Belwe (Page 124)YesThese are additional weights of Belwe (p. 124
197196Elizabethan CDSee Belwe (Page 124)Yes
ElmontOPTI has an extra bold wt.Yes
EmbrionicEmbrionic85 (Claude Pellettier), Agostina (YouWorkForThem)YesCressida NF (NicksFonts) is a tri-line version.
Erasmus Extra Bold(Red Rooster) - full family Yes
ExeterTried WhatTheFontNo
FalstaffThe sample from Solocat 197 is not the same face as Monotype's same-named face. No match yet.No
FlamencoCorel Flamenco & SoftMaker Fuego. Available as E+F Flamenco. Available from URW as Flammanion and URW++ Flamenco D.Yes
FournierDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name,;Brendel's PEER GYNT; and Opti's Forquet.Yes
Fry's Baskerville(Bitstream)Yes
Galliard(Adobe, Bitstream, Carter & Cone) and moreYes
Galliard BoldBrendel Capitol.Yes
Gargoyle and Gargoyle ItalicRed Rooster offers a version. Opti has both Opti Gargoyle and Opti Gargoyle Italic.Yes
Garth GraphicDigital versions include Adobe's and Agfa's by the original name, SoftKey SSi's Axiomatic; and WSI's Steward.Yes
Goudy ItalianBoth Brendel and SoftMaker offer 5 variants of Goudita; and Opti offers Goudy Italien.Yes
Goudy Lavenham Bold'Gascogne Medium' by B&P is very close. Caps appear to be exact, but lower case are not quite as wide as the sample.Partial
198Goudy SuperNoGoudy Bold (URW) is a slightly lighter version
Graphis Extra BoldBeckenham Extra Bold (Red Rooster), Wordsworth (URW)YesDesigner: Leslie Usherwood of Typesettra Ltd.
Grassmere (4 weights)TriedWhatTheFontNo
Hadfield(Linotype, ITC, Monotype, Letraset, URW++ ), Hasmin (Opti), College (Brendel)Yes
Henrietta (3 variants)TriedWhatTheFontNo
Horley Oldstyle(Monotype, Berthold, Linotype). Hastings (Softmaker)Yes
HotspurThere's a free digital look-aolike for the light version called "All Hooked Up" by Darren Rigby at FontRiver.Yes
ImprintBerthold & Monotype offer digital original-name versions. The Bitstream look-alike is Dutch 766. SoftMaker's look-alike is 1771 Roman.Yes
Italian Old StyleDigital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Opti's Italian Oldstyle; SoftMaker's I832 Slab. Also Lanston and Monotype.Yes
Jaeger AntiquaBerthold.Yes
Jersey (Roman) (4 weights)(Berthold)yes
Joanna (Roman) (5 weights/styles)Joanna MT(Adobe), Jessica or Josie(Brendel/B&PGraphics/Softmaker); Joan (Fontbank),Purloin (WSI).Yes
Lavenum Goudy (3 weights)Goudy 38 (Red Rooster). Goudy Old Style (URW, ElseWare, Bitstream) could be used, too.Yes
LeamingtonBrendel and SoftMaker offer versions under original name; Novel Lionel; SoftKey SSi Mezzo Display; and Opti Leroy. Solo version? E+F? aka Landsbury?Yes
199Lectura(Berthold), London (OPTI)YesAlso Letraset dry transfer
Lothario (5 weights)OPTILothario-Medium (Castcraft)Yes
Lynton LightOPTILuciusAd (3 weights, Castcraft)Yes
Madison AntiquaDigital versions include Corel/Bitstream's Century 725; Brendel's Valencia; Opti's Madison; Prima's Mad Reg; SoftMaker's Madeira, Magazine,and Valencia. aka Volcano per Opti catalog.Yes
MinsterMinister (Agfa, Adobe, URW), Cleric (Softkey). Administer (Agfa, Opti, RedRooster) have differences, but are similar, as are Ammonite (Novel) and Pilgrim (SWFTE).Yes
Monkton (5 weights/styles)(ClubType, published by Monotype)Yes
NevadaOriginal name digital versions from Brendel & SoftMaker. Also Opti Nelia.Yes
PackhardDigital versions include Brendel's TRIPOLI; Novel's Paliard and Packard from the Expressiv Photolettering Collection; Opti's Packard C; Prima's Pachuca; and SoftMaker's P691 Deco.Yesz
Paddington (display)Letraset, E+F, and URW. SoftMaker Pickering.Yes
200Pilgrimaka Bunyan. Digital versions include Brendel Palermo; Opti Porque; SoftKey SSi Prorenata Display; and SoftMaker Palermo.Yes
Plantin 110(Adobe, Berthold, Castle, Font Company, Linotype, Monotype), Nadine (Bay Animation); Aldine 721 (Corel/Bitstream), Francisco (Brendel/Softmaker), Planet (Opti), Terminus (SoftKey SSI.SSK), P761 Roman, and Placid.YesMost of these fonts include multiple variations.
Plantin Bold CondensedMonotype Plantin 2 Bold Condensed; Linotype Plantin Bold Condensed.Yes
PontecorvoAldo Novarese's Portobello re-drawn by Steve Jackaman at Red Rooster in 1992. If not an exact match, it still much resembles and can sub for Solocat's Pontecorvo.Yes
Poppl Laudatio Bold CondensedAvailable from Adobe / Berthold.Yes
Poppl College(Berthold), Pocket One (OPTI)Yes
Poppl College 2(Berthold), Pocket Two (OPTI)Yes
Poppl PontifexSoftMaker Poem Popular; Berthold.Yes
ProteusURW, Letraset, E+F. SoftMaker Pollock.Yes
Quadriga (multiple weights)(Berthold) SoftMaker Q650 Roman.YesAntiqua?
150Raleigh (6 weights)(Adobe, Bitstream, Brendel); Rally (BA, Opti); Recognita and Karoa Black (Softkey); R651 Roman and Raleigh (Softmaker).Yes
Range SolidTriedWhatTheFontNo
Rio GrandePanache, FontHaus, Agfa.Yes
201Rockwellaka Slate. Digital versions include Adobe's by the original name, Corel/Bitstream's Geomtrc SlaYes
Salisbury BoldNo match identified. Seems to be in the extended Souvenir or Seagull families.No
Saxon SolidNo match identified.No
Schneidler Old Styleaka Schneidler Mediaeval. Digital versions include A&L Schroeder BA; and originals from FTN; URW, E+F, and Compugraphic.Yes
SeagullA&L & ClickArt offer Beach (BA) (12,20 respectively); Bitstream & Corel offer Seagull; Brendel offers Seagull; Novel has Saren; Opti has Sunset; SoftMaker offers Seagull.Yes
SenecaSoftMaker S691 Roman (7); Opti Seneca.Yes
ShelleyNot the similarly-named penscripts., sort of a rounded slab text. Letraset; E+F; and Linotype offer same-named versions; and SoftMaker sells the look-alike Sheffield.Yes
Sherborne (3 weights)No
Sterling LightRed Rooster Stirling Light [sic]nearly matches the Solocat sample in both name and general style, but it has a different lower case e and g. Near match makes a fine work-alike.Yes
StratfordBrendel & SoftMaker offer 5 vars in orig. name. Opti Sabado.Yes
Tempo BlackThe Tempo Black member of this family closely matches E&F Hearaldus, Berthold Flyer, and Futura Extra Bold. While none of these may be the exact match, any would serve as a work-alike.Yes
Tempo Black CondensedFlorida by B&PYes
Tempo Heavy CondensedNovel Tempest; SoftKey SSi Arche Black CD; SoftMaker Tremolo. Linotype offers a "Tempo Heavy Condensed" with Italic. Florida by B&PYes
Titus Light(Elsner & Flake, URW, Linotype)YesDesigned by David Quay, 1984, for Letraset
Titus MediumNo
Vendome3 Agfa versions came with Print Artist bundle; also Novel Ventura; both Prima Ven Med and Veracruz; & SoftMaker V691 Roman (6 vars). Also Dieter Steffmann's free Ventura Bold.Yes
Vendome (6 variants)Berthold and URW++ offer original-name members of this family, URW in its TypeWorks 2 series.. Prima had a matching Ven series.Yes
ColumnColumn Book (ClubType/Monotype Imaging), Clois Old Style (Scangraphic, Elsner & Flake), Yes
Comenius (Antiqua)(Berthold, Adobe), SoftMaker C792 Roman.YesOriginal by Herman Zapf 1980
Gatting (three weights)NoA reworking of Palatino
84JugenstilNoFontana found a match ... but the entry was deleted
KnightsbridgeElsner + Flake offers a pair of fonts, one basic, one adding the alternate lowercase letters illustrated on Solocat pg. 202..Yes
Latimer TitlingOrdinary-looking, but No match yet.No
LeprecaunShamus Pro (Red Rooster)Yes
Obliq (two weights)Oblique Text (Harold Lohner - three weights)YesLetraset dry transfer. Unknown if there's a digitized version by them.
Rialto (roman)(URW/TheFontCompany, Elsner&Flake), Roskell (Novell), Rossano (Opti), Roswell (Primafont), Rimini (SoftMaker), Signora.(Brendel)YesNote that this is a completely different "Rialto" from the one on page 55.
SpringfieldAgfa ver incl w/ Print Artist bundle; SoftMaker Simpson. Also Letraset, URW, and E+F.Yes
Springfield BoldMannesmann Scangraphic offers same-named digital version. Appears in 1993 FontShop FontBook page S-26.Yes
Verona (4 weights/styles)(Opti) plain onlyYes
Veroneseaka Canterbury. Digital versions include Brendel & SoftMaker Veracruz (14); Opti Veronese.Yes
Veronese XBaka Helios II. These digital faces may not be exact matches: Brendel Granada Hvy; Novel Vernique; SoftKey SSi Agonic Display; Opti Galaga Hvy.Yes
Walbaum13 variants from SoftMaker under orig. name. SoftKey SSi also has a Walbaum.Yes
Wandsworth (Reg, Bold, Bold Cond)Beckenham (Red Rooster, multiple wts. but no condensed).Yes
Warlock (three wieghts)(Panache)Yes
WeissachSintesi (FS Design - very minor differences)Yes
WestinNational Gothic (OPTI); Washington (Brendel) (Note: Opti also has a font named Westin, but it doesn't match this one.)YesOriginally a corporate font designed for Westinghouse
Williams Sans MedNo
Worcester Round (Reg, B, I, BI)(URW++ ), Worcester (The Font Company) Both have all four varieties.YesDifferent than Worcester (p.147)
232 to 238Index - Illustrated InitialsCartoon Characters Vol. 1 (Celebrity Fontz)PartialAbout 8 of the cuts used for each starting letter in the Solotype Catalog are in this font. The others are a similar style.

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